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“Turbo and I have both encountered lots of obstacles getting started spearfishing and so we created the Noob Spearo to help other people overcome their own hurdles” Shrek

The Noob Spearo provides ego-free, fun and practical content for our community to help overcome these obstacles.

Our Vision

1. We aim to help reduce spearfishing deaths

2. We aim to help in the development of the next generation of environmentally aware spearo’s

3. We aim to help spearfishing grow as a lifestyle sport, by developing community and relationships with spearo’s all over the world.

4. We aim to help our readers shoot more fish and have fun

If you are just starting spearfishing this post here links in many of our most relevant articles and podcast episodes

Noob Spearo Podcast

The Noob Spearo Podcast features world-class spearos who share their hard-won wisdom and experiences with us. These interviews are available for free!

Interviewing these spearfishing experts, authorities and characters on the show is about more than just helping people become better at spearfishing. It is our belief that the stories these spearos tell, have a powerful influence on the behavior of our listeners.

The Vault Spearfishing Blog

The Vault is home to our articles on everything from how to get started shore diving to how to hunt, shoot and land Spanish Mackerel. Guest contributors, feedback from our listeners and community + our own experiences fuel an ever growing catalog of tips, tricks, hacks, DIY guides and articles for the aspiring spearo. If you have an idea, let us know

Core Values

We don’t believe in big-noting and speaking to new or up and coming spearo’s like they are a new kind of bacteria. Forums and social media are full of spearo’s abusing and disrespecting one another, we don’t go for that here. We like to share a laugh, enjoy our spearfishing, tell real stories and share lessons learned, while inviting the next generation of divers into a healthy, safe and sustainable relationship with this epic sport – spearfishing.

Get involved

If you have a message to share with spearo’s or want to be part of our community, drop us a line and sign up to the Noob Spearo newsletter. Contributors are always welcome and some of our best content now comes from people with helpful information to share.

Thank you to our contributors and partners so far!!! If you would like to contribute to our spearfishing community find out more here

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