Spearfishing Northern California

Spearfishing California – Ling Cod

Spearfishing Ling Cod In North California Ling cod (Ophiodon elongatus) are one of the primary targets in Northern California for line anglers and spear fishermen alike. They are one of the biggest fish in Northern California and have great eating qualities. They are described as being dragon like with large predatory teeth. They are easily accessible from the shore making them a fantastic fish to hunt for beginners and experienced spearos alike. Any hole or crevice along any rocky point, or reef could hold a Ling cod. The state record for Ling cod is 37lbs taken in Mendocino by Dan Siviera in 2012. However the angling record is 56lbs taken by a lure in Del Norte in 1992. Ling cod Behaviour Ling Cod can be found …

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Spearfishing Green Jobfish

Here’s a quick run down on spearfishing Green Jobfish. These are a few of the Tips that Tim McDonald shared with us recently in episode 70 of the Noob Spearo Podcast. When speaking with Tim it’s clear how much time and effort he has put into deciphering these fish. Tim targets Green Jobfish in Southeast Queensland, probably the southern most extent of the species range on the East Coast of Australia. He says they exhibit some different and peculiar traits to their Northern counterparts. “I’ve never seen Jobfish eat burley here, which is weird because if you go to the Coral Sea and drop a bit of burley over the side you’ve got fifteen Jobfish eating it” Due to this difference in behaviour Tim says …

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how to catch Pearl Perch

5 tips for Spearfishing Pearl Perch with Tim McDonald

Pearl Perch are a fisho’s delight. They’re easy to catch and they taste great. For most spearo’s they’re a little out of reach and generally considered a deep water fish. Tim McDonald and co have made Spearfishing Pearl Perch their own. During our interview with Tim he told us how the rest of us can improve our chances of shooting one of these fish. 1. Find the school first Like a good fisherman Tim will look for a school of Pearl Perch with the Sounder first before getting in. Tim stresses that finding the fish first is the best way to go. “we find them on the sounder before we even jump in the water” 2. Small Ground Tim says that big structure isn’t needed …

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Spearfishing Barramundi with Tim McDonald

“if you’re a QLD diver and you want to shoot a Barramundi, head north in winter and that’s your best chance to shoot a barra in water that’s clean enough to dive” Spearfishing Barramundi can be a challenging prospect. These fish inhabit tropical and subtropical estuaries. The problem with that is inshore waters in the northern parts of Australia typically have poor visibility and also house saltwater crocodiles. Typically the visibility of inshore water along the QLD coast improves during winter giving spearos a window of opportunity to spear a prized Barramundi. “a metre long Barramundi will die from a 5 degree temperature shift in a couple of hours” According to Tim McDonald big Barramundi can’t survive temperature changes. During winter the temperature in the …

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Hunting Striped Sea Bass with David Hochman

Hunting Striped Sea Bass with David Hochman

David Hochman is a veteran Striped Sea Bass hunter and hold’s both the Striped Sea Bass world record at 68.5lb and the pole spear world record at 54lb. He’s been spearfishing the area for 40 years and now takes great joy in running his spearfishing charter business Spear-it Charters (learn more) where he hunts the grounds around Block Island. He is considered the Oracle of hunting striped sea bass and after reading this you’ll understand why. He shares with us some of his most important advice for hunting these incredible fish.   Striped Sea Bass Terrain David is located in mainland Rhode Island but hunts the waters around Block Island, particularly the Southern sea exposed side of the island. The Island is about 13miles from …

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Hunting, Wahoo, Dogtooth and Yellowfin Tuna in North Queensland

Travis Hogan holds a passion for hunting big pelagic species like Dogtooth Tuna, wahoo and yellowfin Tuna on the Great Barrier Reef. Travis is the owner of Aimrite Australia and we spoke to Travis about his passion for Bluewater hunting in North Queensland and what it takes to have success chasing these powerful fighting fish. Travis explained to us that bluewater hunting on the GBR is seasonal, generally September through to January. I must admit this came to some surprise to me as I thought the warm tropical waters were always productive for pelagic species. The current runs from North to South and is essential for finding dogtooth tuna and other pelagic fish. Travis firmly believes that the front edge of the reef where the …

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Spearfishing deep with Brandon Hendrickson

Spearfishing Deep

Brandon Hendrickson is known throughout the spearfishing world for his expeditions and the big fish he shoots on these expeditions. What many people don’t know is his ability and passion for spearfishing deep and just how quickly he improved his ability for spearfishing deep. In fact Brandon is now a world title freediver as well as a spearfishing world record holder. In this article we look at how Brandon has become so successful at spearfishing deep. 1.Spend money on improving yourself “Rather than spending a thousand dollars on another trip to be unsuccessful. I spent a thousand dollars on a training camp. Knowing that my next trip is going to be more probable of being a success was worth it.” Brandon is a big believer …

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black spot tusk fish larry gray

Targeting Black Spot Tusk Fish

Hunting blackspot tuskfish is whole lot of fun. Tusk fish are tasty, good fighters and look great both underwater and in photos. In this article I’ll explain how I learnt to hunt these epic reef fish and finally shoot a big one (10kg). A few years back on an inshore dive off the Bundaberg coast. I flat out, point blank missed a whopping black spot tusk fish (tusky). Finning along with bleary eyes early in the morning after a late night I noticed something on the bottom and as I duck dived I realised it was a big tusky. I couldn’t believe it, the first one I’d ever seen. He politely paused and rolled over on his side to check me out with his big eye. …

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spearfishing book

Our books going hard copy and We Need Your Help!

  99 tips to get better at spearfishing is going to print! That’s right we are making a fully illustrated version of our book and we are giving you a chance to be a part of it. What we need are great photos to go in the book on a range of topics. All you have to do is check the list below, go through your archives or get creative and email me, [email protected] with your pics. In return if your pics are selected to go in the book you’ll be featured in the book with full photo credit, go on our “thankyou page” and score yourself a free copy hot off the press. So here’s the list and don’t be afraid to get creative! NZ …

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choosing a mask and snorkel

Spearfishing Mask and Snorkel

Selecting the right mask and snorkel for spearfishing   The spearfishing mask gives you the ability to see underwater which is vital for spearfishing but not all spearfishing masks are created equal and what is considered desirable by SCUBA divers is not desirable for the Spearo. When choosing a mask look for a small internal volume, soft black silicone skirt and most importantly a water-tight fit. A spearo’s dive mask has a smaller internal volume than Scuba diving masks. This is because the air in the mask compresses as the spearo descends forcing the mask onto the face. The spearo, therefore must use their precious air resources to equalise it. Therefore it requires less of the spearos air to equalise the mask if the internal volume of the mask is smaller. A …

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best spearfishing fins

Spearfishing Gear, Spearfishing Fins

Spearfishing Fins A good pair of spearfishing fins need to be tough, reactive and comfortable. Spearo’s don’t do a single P.B dive for the day in a controlled environment and call it quits for the day like freedivers do. They dive all day in amongst the reef and rubble, in the swell and the rocks searching for the next feed of fish. The following article is for those looking to understand what makes a good pair of spearfishing fins and how to choose the best pair for them.  Overview Spearo’s generally use specialised spearfishing fins that are longer and narrower than scuba fins. They are designed to give maximum efficiency from the energy that the diver expends on kicking, thus reducing oxygen consumption and improving the …

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spearfishing buddy protocol

Spearfishing Buddy Protocol

Adopting an Effective Spearfishing Buddy Protocol Unfortunately we are losing too many spearo’s to shallow water blackout. Fortunately it is a problem easily rectified by good spearfishing buddy protocol. Here are my tips for being a good buddy. One up,  one down – cornerstone of spearfishing buddy protocol One up, one down is the cornerstone of good buddy diving. When one diver is on the bottom, the other is on the surface watching their buddy. Watching your buddy on their ascent is crucial. This is where the dreaded shallow water blackout can occur. Look for any unusual signs in their behaviour, particularly poor coordination. Being on the surface also means you are on the surface to provide a second shot should they need it after they surface safely. …

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Preparing for a Spearfishing trip, 4 things I wouldn’t normally do.

  Preparing for a Spearfishing trip, 4 things I wouldn’t normally do. My preparation for this trip was a little different to my others due to the nature of the preceding months. Firstly I had just recovered from ciguatera poisoning and I had only been diving twice in about 5 months. I was down on weight (65kg) and I had bugger all strength, breath hold or any dive fitness therefore I needed to focus on getting my body right as best I could in my short lead up time. I didn’t focus too much on spending money on gear though I did buy a Roller Power Head conversion kit. I ‘m of the mindset that there’s a lot of personal improvement to be done to get the …

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how to make a manny sub roller power head speargun

DIY Roller Speargun – Fitting a Roller Power Head

 DIY Roller Speargun. Guide to converting your Gun. #Video of the entire DIY Roller Speargun conversion process at the bottom                           So, there you have it, a converted 1.2m Rob Allen Tuna. Now a 1.1m Manny Sub Roller Power Head. It’s a simple process and the plans are very clear but it’s important to read the whole document before you start. Here is the entire Roller Speargun conversion video guide Also for more information, tips and techniques read roller speargun Part 1 or Part 2 Roller Spearguns here If you are interested in looking more at the MannySub Roller Speargun conversion kit head here to Adreno and save $20 by using the NOOBSPEARO discount code …

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ciguatera fish poisoning

Ciguatera Poisoning, Staying positive

Ciguatera, Staying positive throughout the experience Hi all, I just wanted to share an update of my experience with ciguatera poisoning. I contracted ciguatera in January 2016 so I’m about six months from contraction date. I’m symptom free and have been so for at least a couple of months. I am drinking coffee again and I’ve taken up alcohol with no side effects. I have even eaten small doses of fish, crayfish and calamari from tropical waters with no side effects. I have even managed to take up exercise and work and I’ve even put on weight. If you would like to hear my ciguatera poisoning story you can listen to my podcast episode on it right here. I wanted to share this positive news …

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manny sub roller power head

Manny Sub Roller Power Head Conversion First Impressions Part 2

  So I thought I’d add a part two to my Roller Power Head conversion post. In the first article I covered what’s in the box when you buy the Manny Sub Roller Power Head conversion kit. And yes I was extremely impressed with the design and quality of everything that came but I hadn’t had a chance to really let loose on some fish and use the gun repetitively. Since writing that post I have returned from the Coral sea where I was able to test the Roller Power Head setup in some of the best spearfishing grounds in the world and I wanted to share the main points I learnt, both good and bad. No.1 Learn how to load them My setup as …

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manny sub roller power head conversion

Manny Sub Roller Power Head conversion first Impressions. Part 1

  Manny Sub Roller Power Head conversion first impressions So I’ve finally done it, I’ve gone roller. After interviewing Emmanuel Bova from Manny Sub and shooting my mate Champ’s roller gun it was time to give it a go. So here are my first impressions after unboxing, fitting and one dive with the Roller Power Head Conversion. What I ordered Roller Power head conversion Pre made 18mm rubber 16mm clip on assist rubber 7.5mm stainless steel spear with triple loading fins (two of) 8mm stainless steel spear with triple loading fins First and foremost I want to start with the ordering process. What I like about the Manny Sub process is that the kit is customisable. You choose the length of your gun or desired …

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Spearfishing with Crocodiles, Near misses and lessons learnt

‘Spearfishing with crocodiles? You must be crazy!’   That’s what I thought when I received a question from a listener inquiring about tips for spearfishing with crocodiles. Dane who recently moved to East Timor asked me if I had any advice for spearfishing in Crocodile infested waters. To be honest there was just radio silence in-between my ears on this one as I’ve never dived around Crocodiles or even contemplated it. Dane told me that the local Timorese do it all the time and according to their local beliefs, the crocodile represents the grandfather spirit of their creation and as long as one has a “pure heart” grandfather will not attack. Unfortunately I’m about as pure as Fukushima harbour, so I wouldn’t expect too much discretion from the local …

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Penetrator Noob Spearo Giveaway

Penetrator Fins & Noob Spearo Giveaway – Now Finished! Noob Spearo and Penetrator Fins have teamed up to create some custom fin blades available in both Carbon Fiber and Composite. You can check them out here. To celebrate we are giving away a set of these composite blades to one lucky Instagrammer. Simply follow Penetrator & NoobSpearo on Instagram to enter Noob Spearo Penetrator Giveaway [easy-image-collage id=2149]

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the best way to kill a fish

Iki Jime- How you should be killing your fish

Iki Jime – the most effective spearfishing kill technique   About the Ike Jime Method and its Origin   Iki Jime is a method of humanely killing fish that originated in Japan. It is the method by which a spike is inserted into the brain of the fish usually behind and above the eye causing instant death. The fishes fins will flare then relax letting you know you’ve hit the spot. Not only is Ike Jime humane but it greatly improves the eating quality of the fish as well. Instantly killing the fish stops reflex action like kicking and thrashing which prevents a build up of lactic acid that sours the flavour of the fish. In addition the blood in the flesh retracts to the gut cavity producing …

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spanish mackerel complete spearfishing guide

Spearfishing Beginner Tips – How to fight and land a Spanish Mackerel

How to fight and land a Spanish Mackerel – Spearfishing Guide At a rough guess I would say the second Spanish Mackerel I ever shot would have put me in the 30kg club or close to it. Not bad for a shore dive in ten metres of water for a guy who had only shot Flathead and Morwong previously. But alas the Flathead I had been practicing on weren’t in the same league and I just didn’t know how to handle the beast of a fish. I was completely underprepared and overwhelmed and consequently lost the fish. I have learned a lot from that fish and since that day I’ve picked up my game and learned the skills I need to handle these exciting mid …

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Spearfishing Beginner tips- How to hunt Spanish Mackerel

How to hunt Spanish Mackerel – A Spearfishing Guide Spanish Mackerel or Scomboromorus Commerson is a highly targeted blue water species. They get big, they run hard and they taste good. What more could a spear fisherman ask for? Add to this  Spanish Mackerel can be accessed from the shore and nothing feels better than emerging from the ocean with a large pelagic fish draped over your shoulder as you make your way back to your car in front of stunned onlookers who will never judge your choice of camouflaged wetsuit again. But the best thing for the novice is Spanish Mackerel are not that difficult to shoot once you get a few basics under control and you don’t need a thousand dollar blue water cannon either.  So …

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Spanish Mackerel spearfishing record still holds after 11years

Spanish Mackerel Spearfishing Record Somborumorus Commerson Narrow Barred Spanish (King) Mackerel records Above is a picture of Greg Pickering with largest recorded Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel speared in the world. Greg shot this fish back in the early nineties at a time when the record for this fish would change hands six times in four years ultimately leading to Greg holding the title to this date. At the turn of the century the Mackerel were going off not just in Australia but in South Africa as well. It was in July 2000 that Kevin Daly in the Natal Coast of South Africa started this epic battle of the records by landing a whopping 36.8kg monster. Kevin shot this fish with a 1.2m gun whilst shore …

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Essential spearfishing beginner tips – Six things you can’t pack

Essential spearfishing beginner tips – Six things you can’t pack When starting spearfishing as a beginner often the first thing you focus on is gear and it’s true spearfishing is difficult without a speargun and some basic equipment. Below is my list of things that are often overlooked. They maybe aren’t as cool but I think they are essential to the developing spearfishing noob. 1. Freediving course To shoot a fish it helps to be able to freedive properly and freediving is a bit more than just holding your breath. There are many reputable freediving schools and some that even teach spearfishing skills as well. This is a sure fire way to ensure you get the most out of your diving and make you a safe diver. …

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Moroccan Kingfish Recipe

Moroccan Kingfish Recipe   I’ve got bulk kingfish in the freezer and it’s all too easy to have another fry up. Not only that but Shrek’s on another 12 week challenge so the deep fryer has been parked in the shed. This one’s a simple one pot that’s healthy with stacks of flavour and it requires bugger all preparation or culinary skills. Hook in and try Turbo’s Moroccan Kingfish Recipe Ingredients   ✽ 0.5 – 1kg of kingfish spear removed and cubed ✽ 2 red capsicums (sliced) ✽ 6 cloves of garlic (chopped finely) ✽ Bunch of coriander (cilantro) chopped ✽ 1 Chilli sliced across or the dried stuff or the powdered stuff (what ev’s) ✽ 1 tbs of tumeric ✽ 2 tbs of sweet paprika ✽ …

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How to stop being seasick spearfishing

10 Tips To Prevent Seasickness

10 Tips on how to Prevent Seasickness How to avoid becoming a one-man chunder cannon This article started with Shrek suggesting we write a couple of articles about topics we know about and are qualified to write on. “That seems logical,” I say to myself. I start thinking about hunting techniques for pelagics, gun choices, basically all the cool stuff in the world of spearfishing. He then say’s “why don’t you write about sea sickness” Thanks mate… so anyway here are my tips to prevent seasickness. As you might have already guessed that I’m not a doctor, but I am an expert at throwing my stomach contents over the side of a boat in as little as 10 knots. Many a time I’ve sat on the back of …

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Big Fish, Deep Dives, Unseen Territory, Azores Spearfishing

Inhale – The Azores in one breath Have you heard of the AZORES? Me either until now and I’m stoked I learnt about it. Shrek sent me a link to a short film a couple of days ago shot in the Azores by a bunch of very talented videographers and Spearo’s hitting big depths and punishing some big fish. Inhale – The Azores in one breath was shot in a little known Archipelago 850km west of Portugal. The Azores and consists of nine islands with incredible structure and fish life. The teaser is spectacular but these guys need our help. “Inhale is a 90 minute, 12 chapter journey through the Azores archipelagos. Its aim is to introduce people to the sport of spearfishing as the most sustainable way to bring healthy food to …

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The Free Freedivers and the long trip home with Luke SurgoWalker

Moreton Island Spearfishing Adventure The Free Freedivers and the long trip home with Luke SurgoWalker, by Turbo Last weekend with a glamour forecast Shrek and I headed out of North Moreton Bay with the usual suspects (and I do mean suspect) J-Low (Jamie Lough our skipper) and Steve Djumisic (champ), to our usual stomping grounds around Cape Moreton. We were also accompanied by my partner Ines and her friend Nicole and Jaime’s mate Luke who has never been spearfishing before let alone shot a fish. We made our first mistake early on this trip by leaving at 5:00 am only to arrive at our first spot with the sun already over the horizon. Summer’s on it’s way and unfortunately I think it’s time to get out …

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