Episode 51 Improve Bottom Time

Improve Bottom Time with 6 Actionable Tips Who wants to have have more time on the bottom to chase fish? The Green Jobfish holds off in the distance just out of range…..teasing you with your puny lungs and weak oxygen demanding body. Often in this situation we are tempted to push ourselves to get the fish.  We are competitive and want to win but the fish is not worth risking your life for. You don’t have to turn blue or be William Trubridge to get close to these fish but you do need to improve bottom time and you can do this by using some better freediving techniques. These 6 tips are not overly complicated but they do take time and persistence to implement properly.

Episode 50 Peter Saunders

Interview with Peter Saunders The Benefits of Spearfishing Clubs Peter Saunders has been in spearfishing clubs for years and he understands well the problems that confront spearfishing in our modern day. In Australian local, state and federal government, minority groups often try to lobby change that can severely restrict or eliminate spearfishing (and other forms of recreational fishing) from Australian waters. To spearos this can sound ridiculous as most of us understand and practice very selective spearfishing. That said spearfishing clubs lobby all spearo’s to play a part in standing up for our rights to fish. While Peter is Australia based and the focus is on Australian spearfishing there is lots of general information about the benefits of spearfishing clubs for spearos from everywhere. In …

Episode 49 Sebastian Kramer

Interview with Sebastian Kramer Travelling to remote spearfishing locations This interview follows on nicely from Dan Byrnes interview where we covered spearfishing the world on a budget. This episode with Sebastian Kramer, a freediving instructor from New Zealand is more about travelling to remote spearfishing locations. We discuss the planning, execution, safety and other considerations for getting “off spearfishing’s beaten path”. Sebastian’s no stranger to off the map spearfishing trips. He has been to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tonga and even further afield. Here are some questions we ask him about travelling to remote spearfishing locations; How do you choose a location? How do you research/find out about an areas potential? What equipment do you use and how do you get to remote locations with overweight …

Episode 48 Daniel Byrne

Interview with Daniel Byrne DIY Spearfishing world travel guide This episode we catch up with a serial spearfishing traveler in Dan ‘Adventure-man’ Byrne. Having conducted long term spearfishing trips in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai and both coastlines of the USA, Dan shares lots of practical advice about DIY spearfishing world travel. Here are just a few of the questions we ask about traveling the world spearfishing; What equipment do you travel with and what do you replace when you get there? How do you take your speargun and longer items? What are the good and bad airlines? How and what equipment do you declare when going through airports? How did you go about networking with spearos in different countries? How do you budget …

Episode 47 Spearfishing Safety Protocol

101 Spearfishing Safety Protocol   Simon Trippe “The only piece of safety equipment you have while spearfishing is your buddy”   Spearfishing safety protocol, sounds boring but its not. Its bloody important and as usual we make this episode a fun, actionable chat where we lay out an easy road map to follow. Most of us know we should have a spearfishing buddy but the reality is that when we hit the water, good intentions are left on the boat. This episode is to help spearos get past this by providing an easy method that makes it easy to stay together. Listen into this episode and apply the info to stay together in the water and therefore be safer, while putting more fish in the …

Episode 46 Jose Debasa

Interview with Jose Debasa This episode has a focus on creating spearfishing video. Jose is the editing wizard behind the SpearHeads Videos and over a few years their video quality has exploded. They now have one of the most popular spearfishing YouTube video channels so check them out. Jose’s Q&A: Creating spearfishing video 1. Have a vision 2. Develop a storyline 3. Capture the necessary shots. What are some helpful characteristics to have for making films? What is B-Roll footage and why is it important? How can we make the editing job easier? What is a shot and why is this important? How do you make the film work with the soundtrack? What software do you use and why? “Put in the time to learn …

Episode 45 Grant Laidlaw

Interview with Grant Laidlaw In this interview with Scottish spearfishing legend Grant Laidlaw we get down and dirty about pneumatic spearguns. Turbo and I both knew bugger all about them before the interview, so this episode has a good 10 minute section on pneumatic spearguns. This Scottish spearfishing episode has some great discussion about several issues that confront cold water divers including; Spearfishing in cold water Buoyancy with thick wetsuits Breath hold, Hunting Scottish species Changing spearguns Night diving If you have issues around any of these topics then this episode will be your cup of tea. Grant is also a top bloke and so we have a great chat and share some funny stories.

Episode 44 GoPro for Spearfishing

How To Use a GoPro for Spearfishing This episode is an in depth guide to using a GoPro for spearfishing. A GoPro is a highly portable underwater camera and video camera that performs reliably for users with relatively little expertise. These cameras capture high resolution video in low light with increasingly larger frame rates per second. In short GoPro’s are the go-to for spearo’s who want to start capturing their spearfishing experiences to share with others. Common Issues using a GoPro for spearfishing are; Capturing shaky footage Capturing enough footage to use! Condensation in the housing Water drops on the lens Using incorrect settings Choosing the wrong accessories Using Copyright music and having your spearfishing videos banned or removed from YouTube and Vimeo Choosing the incorrect …

Episode 43 Drones for Spearfishing

How To Use Drones For Spearfishing This episode is a basic guide to understanding how to use drones for spearfishing. Many spearo’s are now harnessing the power of third person shots in their spearfishing videos in order to share their spearfishing stories in a more compelling fashion. It makes sense too. Drones are portable, relatively easy to use and the cost of purchase has dropped considerably. Their are a lot of pitfalls however. In this two expert episode we discuss some of the accidents and mishaps that both have experienced. Added to the potential risk of injury to others and the cost of losing a drone, is the increasing amount of legislation that is being created to effectively manage drones for public safety. This audio …

Episode 42 Ted Harty

Interview with Ted Harty Immersion Freediving Instructor Ted Harty joins us to share about his freediving and spearfishing story. In this episode we explore common equalization issues that spearo’s face and how to overcome them. Ted’s also got a great sense of humor and shares a story about being matched up against William Trubridge in a dynamic freediving pool competition. While its not a race the commentary of the event makes retelling of the story hilarious. Also covered is a simple buddy protocol that could save you and your spearfishing buddies a lot of arguments! its gold. Listen in to the full interview here.  

Episode 41 101 Seasickness Prevention

101 Seasickness Prevention 101’s are a deep-dive into a specific area of interest for spearo’s. This episode we dig into a particular area of Turbo’s expertise – seasickness prevention. To learn more about preventing seasickness  read this article Turbo put together or listen to this episode. In this chat we discuss academic research around seasickness, anecdotal tips and wisdom from a diverse range of waterman + the lessons we’ve learned along the way. If you suffer from seasickness then listen into this episode as it might just save you from another empty stomach. Check out this book out from former guest Dr Douglas Peterson. It’s a technique Doug developed himself for the alleviation of seasickness symptoms.  

Episode 40 Vasilis Koroneos

Interview with Vasilis Koroneos Deepex Video Finalist Vasilis Koroneos joins us from Greece to talk about his spearfishing journey. One highlight of the interview is an epic showdown Vasilis shares about a 40kg Amberjack (Reef Donkey) that he encounters over multiple dives. Deepex is one of the most prestigious spearfishing video competitions in the world and Vasilis’s entries always finish well. ‘My Blue Mind’ has been viewed thousands of times and his video editing skills are sensational. Listen into our full interview with Vasilis Koroneos here. Penetrator Fins – Proud partners of the Noob Spearo Podcast USE the discount code NOOBSPEARO at checkout to save $20:) $25 International shipping on blades Full international warranty penetratorfins.com

Episode 39 Kimi Werner

Interview with Kimi Werner Kimi Werner joins us from her native Hawaii to share her story and give us some insights and tips into planning our own spearfishing trips. We learn about freediving in the Arctic, biting Octopus in the head, Great White Shark body language and more. Kimi’s ability to transfer life lessons from ocean encounters to everyday life make this an interesting interview all on their own. Listen in to our chat with Kimi Werner here.  

Episode 38 101 Spearfishing: Caring For Your Catch

101 Spearfishing: Caring For Your Catch 101 Episodes are in-depth chats covering specific areas of interest in spearfishing. This episode turbo and I talk about spearfishing: caring for your catch from the ocean to your dinner table. In this episode we cover Ike Jime (more info on Ike Jime here), securing, bleeding and gutting your fish. Then onto ice, bagging, labeling and getting your fish home then its onto scaling, filleting and possible freezing your fish for best results. Listen into Spearfishing: Caring for your catch here

Episode 37 Rick Trippe

Interview with Rick Trippe Darwin’s Dirty Water Diving…Dolphin? That’s right Rick Trippe dives dirty water every chance he gets. Picking opportune times amongst the huge tides, filthy water and copious wrecks Rick hunts the infamous black Jewfish. He’s also a Dolphin… a Darwin Dolphin that is. A founding member of the sister club to Sydney’s San Souci Dolphins Rick is a Darwin spearfishing veteran. Check out this interview to learn more.

Episode 36 Travis Corken

Interview with Travis Corken Travis Corken the owner/operator of Neptonics Australia drops in to chat with us all about bluewater spearfishing equipment. From Neptonics patented floatline clutch to removing points of failure this interview will not disappoint the aspiring bluewater hunter. Check out the full interview here.

Episode 35 Manny Bova

Interview with Manny Bova This interview with Manny Bova covers a wide range of spearfishing equipment and maintenance. Manny has several patents around roller speargun technology and is credited with introducing the roller speargun to many parts of the world. His knowledge and opinions about spearfishing equipment, spearfishing at depth and diving competitions is phenomenal and he is a very interesting guy. Listen into Manny’s full interview here

Episode 34 101 Freediving for Spearfishing

Interview with howtofreedive.com instructor Pete Ryder about holding your breath for spearfishing. This interview is a very good introduction into freediving and breath hold spearfishing. Check out the full interview here.

Episode 33 Rob Gates

Rob Gates Featured interview Beginning his spearfishing journey many years ago in the fresh waters of Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba gave us ample excuse to dub Rob Gates, the ‘Freshwater Assassin’. This interview with Rob opened both Turbo’s and my eyes to the often misunderstood nature of freshwater spearfishing. Being snobby Australian and Kiwi spearo’s respectively we thought that freshwater spearfishing lacked in both challenge and an array of tasty species to chase – we discovered (as quite often is the case) that we were both wrong. From Crocodile attacks to Electric species and over 100 potential species in Lake Kariba alone, this chat with Rob was a memorable and enjoyable interview. Tune in and have your perspective changed and learn what skills are transferable, from fresh to salt …

Episode 32 Dwayne Herbert

Dwayne Herbert Featured Interview Episode 32 with a kiwi spearfishing champion. Dwayne Herbert is in a lot of ways your stereo-typically laid back New Zealand spearo despite having numerous national spearfishing championship titles. We chat to Dwayne in this wide ranging interview about everything from encountering a great white shark in his back yard (lower part of the South Island) to a real life whale rider experience. In his Veterans Vault section we dig in and ask him about how he goes about finding and mastering specific species for spearfishing. Part of the reason for taking this line of questioning with Dwayne, is that he has dived successfully chasing a limited number of species in the cold and dark waters of the South Island and then come over …

Episode 31 101 Spearfishing Beginner Setup

101 Spearfishing Beginner Setup Everything from your Speargun to your float (buoy). In this episode Turbo and I discuss the basic rig you need for your first few years in most spearfishing conditions. This is a right back to basics tutorial about basic equipment and why 90% of veterans would recommend something very similar. Different types of floats and flags are identified with advantages and disadvantages, floatline materials – types and lengths, clips, speed spikes and more as well a discussion around basic spearguns for different conditions. If you are brand new to spearfishing then this episode might very well be for you. Listen in here

Episode 30 Ian Puckeridge

Ian Puckeridge Featured Interview Great White Shark encounters, diving to retrieve Casino Chips for the Sydney Water Police, the lowdown on Australian Spearfishing Comps and some of the accumulated wisdom from 40 years spent in the ocean make for a riveting interview. A multiple Australian and one time kiwi spearfishing champion Pucko is a well known and highly respected Sydney spearo. If you would like to learn more about competition spearfishing in Australia and New Zealand then this is the interview for you. We ask him about strategy, planning and maximizing chances of success and Pucko gives away lot of tips, hints and information to help you improve your chances for success. Listen to the full interview here.

Episode 29 Aaron Chasse Speared Apparel & SpearHeads – GoPro Special

Aaron Chasse Featured Interview If you want to learn more about GoPro use for spearfishing then look no further! In this interview with SpearHeads TV collaborator Aaron Chasse we cover settings, mounts, tips and tricks and how to capture the action effectively. Aaron is the founder of Speared Apparel a premium Spearfishing lifestyle brand making some of the best T-Shirts and clothing for spearo’s. As usual we get the low down on our guests favorite spearfishing technique and Aaron gives some good insights into learning the Aspetto technique. To listen to the full interview go here

Episode 28 101, Spearfishing With Crocodiles

101 Spearfishing With Crocodiles Turbo was approached by a U.S listener of the show who is now working and spearfishing in Timor. Trying not to get eaten motivated him to email in and ask the question, “how can I dive safely around crocs?”. The short answer is by not diving at all in areas where croc’s are however this is not an option for a frothing at the mouth, keen as Murican spearo so here is a big episode with stories and lessons from 3 spearo’s + some boiled down and distilled practical advice for those spearfishing with crocodiles. Listen to these stories and tips here   By the way you can download these audio interviews by subscribing easily on your phone, learn how here

Episode 27 Pete Morris

Pete Morris Featured Interview + 10 Tips to Become A Better Spearo Something a little different this episode, this time we chat to a long time fan of the show – 16 y/0 Pete Morris a rock hopper from the Southern Coast of NSW, Australia. Pete shares his personal experiences shore dive spearfishing the rocky surf coastlines of NSW including a story where he gets a pranger pole spear stuck in his leg and gets a nice ride in an ambulance for his troubles. We also cover off 10 tips to become a better spearo which will be available in a neat PDF for subscribers to the Floater – Noob Spearos email newletter. Listen in as we cover off 10 things to get you spearfishing …

Episode 26 Sean Hartley

Sean Hartley Featured Interview This interview with Sean Hartley is a bloody cracker. We do a bid deep dive into underwater hockey and cover off the serious benefits that playing underwater hockey has for your Spearfishing. We talk about the fitness aspect and how it is effects your physiology more markedly than than altitude training. Sean is both a passionate spearo and underwater hockey player so he is intimately acquainted with the crossover value. In this funny interview sean talks about everything from his Mother holding him back from getting started spearfishing to being followed for a 100 yards  by a big saltwater crocodile. Listen to our usual banter and lots of information on everything underwater hockey. [Tweet “Underwater Hockey, a bloody good #spearfishing training tool!”] …

Episode 25 101 – Ciguatera

101 Series – Ciguatera Poisoning Levi has recently undergone a fairly severe case of ciguatera poisoning. With 3 weeks off work and recovery to full health taking longer his experience led him to research and share his experience with our community. Listen in to the interview to learn about; Signs and Symptoms Avoidance Areas of the world where Cig has been reported Symptomatic relief with drugs and natural remedies Support groups and future research If you or someone you know has had cig then this might be a really good interview to listen to. Please share your story with us in the comments. Interview Here  

Episode 24 Ben Choi

Ben Choi Featured Interview In this interview we talk in depth about spearfishing around man-made structure, predominantly the old oil rigs that serve as huge artificial reef systems off the coast of Texas. We talk about where to find the fish on structure, what equipment is most effective, buddy systems and what hazards you should be aware of. Ben Choi also talks about a pole spear world record he recently held – a Jack Cravale and an interesting hunting technique they use over there called ‘waving’. Bens interview is chock full of good information and as usual we have a few laughs.   Interview Here

Episode 23 Louie Van Senden

Louie Van Senden Featured Interview Louie Van Senden talks about getting sucked out a narrow channel with tidal flush, shares tips about body position for approaching the hard to find (sometimes) Mulloway + much more. Louie is a widely published Australian Spearfishing writer and Western Australia based spearo. With a wealth of experience from diving for Abalone in South Australia to beginning his spearfishing journey in Sydney, listen into this interview with Louie. His Equipment Checklist is memorable and might help you to not leave that crucial piece of gear at home. Sink, weight belt See, mask and snorkel Swim, fins Shoot, speargun Stab, knife or knives Stay Warm, wetsuit, booties and gloves Survive, float (buoy) and floatline at a minimum Interview Here Learn more …

Episode 22 101 – Shore Diving

101 Series – Shore Diving Guide In these brand new 101 episodes, Turbo and I will be going into some depth about different facets of spearfishing. We start here with a spearfishing beginners guide to shore diving and refer listeners back to a 3 part series on shore diving that I wrote in 2015 with help from collaborators. If you want to know about how to begin spearfishing from shore then this interview covers lots of the basics such as; the importance of local knowledge and preferably an experienced buddy, clear dive planning particularly around entry and exit points, hunting techniques and rigging your gear up for entering through the surf zone. Listen in as Turbo puts the questions on me and we offer up …

Episode 21 Chris Coates

We chat in depth about effective burley use. From tools and tricks to the crucial part – technique. With over 30 years experience and time in the water with some of the worlds best, Chris shares about everything from DIY flashers to using noise to attract your preys interest and curiosity. Its not a secret that Turbo and I have been wanting to interview Chris since we started the show. Not only is he an authority in the spearfishing world but he’s also just a top bloke who you can share a laugh with no matter where you are at in your spearfishing journey.

Season 2 Noob Spearo Podcast

Season 2 Noob Spearo Podcast Season 2 Noob Spearo Podcast is upon us and we are excited. Big improvements have been made – you can check this post out for more details. We will have a couple of just dedicated information episodes also – our very own 101 series! Exciting guests like Clark McNulty, Chris Coates, Louis Van Senden, Sean Hartley, Ben Choi and more are booked as well. Listen in as we chat in this next season with guests about flashers, noise and burley, underwater hockey, finding and hunting the Australian Jewfish. As well as covering shorediving, ciguatera poisoning and freediving courses in our all new 101 series. If you love our show you can share  it with your mates or leave a review …

Episode 20 Andrew Quincoses

Andrew Quincoses Featured Interview Andrew Quincoses is a freediving instructor and the Miami based Nautilus spearfishing store owner. In this interview we go over the basics of freedive spearfishing safety. We talk about why you should seriously consider doing a freediving course especially when you are starting out. We also do a walk through of how to conduct a basic buddy rescue and chat about blackout, samba and some of the things you need to be aware of. Nautilus have some great tutorials up and available from basics like how to chest load a speargun to explainer vids on roller guns to wetsuit maintenance. Spearheads is also a Florida Keys based video collaboration crew between some talented guys check out Episode 9 here Interview Here

Episode 19 Jaga Crossingham

Jaga Crossingham Featured Interview Jaga Crossingham joins us over Skype from Fiji and shares some insight into planning and preparing for spearfishing charter trips. He also shares an awesome hunting technique for Wahoo as well as some good information for those hunting Dogtooth Tuna.  Jaga is a spearfishing guide and charter operator with Freedive Fiji who has been guiding successful spearfishing trips over there for over 6 years. You can follow Freedive Fiji on Facebook and see some of the fantastic fish they have caught. Proudly brought to you in partnership with Adreno,  for all you spearfishing equipment needs go to www.spearfishing.com.au or visit their stores in Brisbane and Sydney. Use the code NOOBSPEARO to take advantage of this exclusive special. You get $20 off every purchase …

Episode 18 Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach

Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach Featured Interview Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach co-founded Underwater Ally Productions, a media production company specializing in the underwater environment. From pre-production through to putting polished finished films together Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach together are a formidable media production force. They are also Riffe sponsored divers and have some good knowledge about what makes for effective spearfishing equipment. In this interview, Cripps and Taka share lots of tips and tricks specifically about underwater photography including lots of GoPro information. If you want to speed up your editing, take better footage and capture the action more effectively then tune in to NSP 018! Read More

Episode 17 Daniel Mann

Daniel Mann Featured Interview Daniel Mann has a wealth of spearfishing experience and knowledge which he shares freely in this interview. We talk Speargun Building DIY and some of the lessons he learned from constructing 50+ at his home. We also chat about Spearfishing Downunder Magazine where he regularly films and edits spearfishing film for their DVD’s. Veterans Vault has plenty of information for those who are considering their own speargun build. Dan also shares a story about their groups diveboat submerging 7km (4 miles) from shore and being lifted out by helicopter several hours later. Read More Use the code NOOBSPEARO to take advantage of a listener special put together by our partner Adreno. You get $20 off every purchase over $200 when you use …

Episode 16 Richard Pillans

Richard Pillans Featured interview Our Australian Mackerel hunting expert for Month of Mackerel, Richard Pillans is a devoted Mackerel hunting specialist who loves nothing more than seeing his reel emptied by a hard running Spaniard. He is a self confessed “cranky old bastard” that hates to see a school of Mackerel spooked by long shots and bad shooting. When Richard isn’t searching out Spaniards he works as a marine biologist who some would say is living the dream and is currently studying populations of tropical sawfish in North Queensland. In this episode Richard gives us his spanish mackerel tips on approaching mackerel, how to spook them and the setup you need to get shooting Mackerel. Read More

Episode 15 Rob Allen

Rob Allen Featured Interview Introducing Noob Spearo’s Month of Mackerel with our Rob Allen interview!! Direct from the dive factory in Durban, South Africa, Rob joins us fresh from working on some new machinery which is helping to produce some of the best spearfishing equipment in the world. If you would like to know more about Rob Allen and how he and his business partner developed one of the largest spearfishing equipment brands in the world then listen in. Hunting Mackerel and other Pelagic species is a special segment in this interview which is jam-packed with information, tips and tricks, from a man with 35+ years spent chasing fish. Look out regular Noob Spearo Podcast listeners we have another couple of surprises as well. [Tweet “My business partner and I spend …

Episode 14 Anvar Mufazalov

Anvar Mufazalov Featured Interview In this chat with Anvar Mufazalov we learn all about relaxation and developing a healthy spearfishing mindset. From ethics to relaxation, the spearo mindset is explored and discussed to help people discover their own spearo code. “What I try to do is not just give answers but try to motivate people to think for themselves. If we just tell people the answers the information goes in one ear and out the other. The point is to motivate people to want to find answers for themselves” Anvar Mufazalov in this spearfishing interview. Anvar is a freediving Instructor,  DeeperBlue.com Mediterranean specialist contributor and also the creator of the spearfishing YouTube series ‘Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia’. In this interview we talk about developing the mindset for …

Episode 13 Larry Gray

Larry Gray Featured Interview Larry Gray from Penetrator Fins on the Gold Coast gives us the lowdown on composite freediving fins and spearguns. He talks about what to look for when you purchase a set of fins. Foot pockets, materials, stiffness and after sales service are all covered. We also ask Larry about local spearfishing conditions in the Southern Queensland/Northern NSW area and he shares about his personal journey growing up spearfishing on the Gold Coast. Soft/Medium/Hard? What Foot Pockets should I use? these are the questions I wanted answered before purchasing a set of fins that normally retail over $500AUD – Get Larry’s answers in here. [Tweet “Soft/Medium/Hard? What Foot Pockets should I use? #spearfishing #wisdom”] Learn more about Larry Grat at Penetrator Jam packed with …

Episode 12 Valentine Thomas

Valentine Thomas Featured Interview Labeled by the Daily Caller as a hot spearfishing goddess, theChive call her a badass spearfisher, Valentine Thomas is our featured guest for this episode of Noob Spearo Podcast. Our number 12 guest and our first female spearo, we are excited to release this interview. Looking at Valentines pictures you could mistakenly believe that she is just a pinup girl, but as you will find in this interview she loves her spearfishing and  knows her stuff. With an unconventional start to spearfishing on Ascension Island (a dream spearfishing destination for many) Valentine’s first fish was a 12kg Black Jack! Valentine Thomas provides some good advice for people just getting started at blue water spearfishing. From dealing with sharks, having no point of reference and …

Episode 11 David Ochoa

David Ochoa Featured Interview David Ochoa provides us with his ideas for improving the image of spearfishing in the public perception. There are a number of reasons to do this. 1. Improving treatment from government bodies 2. Growing the sport in a healthy and sustainable way and 3. Communicating to the world the unique experience that only spearfishing provides. The Azores in One Breath – David Ochoa Spearfishing Documentary Davids documentary was crowdfunded successfully on Indiegogo (you can check it out here) for over €4,000EURO. Starring Andres Domingues and showcasing the Azores Archipelago, this is a documentary that Turbo and I were stoked to support. I am personally looking forward to seeing more work from David and his collaborators as he captures the spearfishing life admirably. His …

Episode 10 Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson a spearo and dentist started his career off after exchanging fillings for dive equipment. Doug has since helped many friends get started spearfishing and after someone mentioned to him that he should write a book about it, he took up the challenge , You can view his book on Amazon here Spearfishing: How to get started.

Episode 9 Luke Potts

Luke Potts Featured Interview Luke Potts gets the interview going by telling us his beginner spearfishing story in stubbies with a pig knife diving in the dirty waters off Auckland,  New Zealand. His Aquatic Rehab TV spearfishing films are what originally put Luke on the Noob Spearo radar. With copious amounts of Bronze Whaler sharks and his laid back down to earth commentary and ability to capture the action, Luke is distinguishing himself as a talented spearfishing cinematographer. We ask Luke about how he got past early equalisation problems, finding and hunting the elusive snapper, reel gun tips and he also talks about finding the right mask and not over complicating your equipment. You can check out his spearfishing video’s on his Youtube and Facebook channel Aquatic Rehab TV here   Read …

Episode 8 Tanc Sade

Tanc Sade is both an accomplished actor spearo and freediver. While he’s not on set Tanc is out hunting the elusive White Seabass or setting world records in the pool. In 2012 Tanc broke the Australian National Dynamic Freediving record by swimming 218m on a single breath.

Episode 7 Trevor Ketchion

Trevor has shot some awesome fish and continues to do so regularly while maintaining humility and the ability to have a laugh at himself. Trevor has shared his knowledge and experience with many up and coming guys and girls, that has helped them become more effective and safer spearo’s.

Episode 6 Beau Armstrong

Beau started out spearfishing about a year ago and while he’s been spearing, he’s also had a good crack at freediving. At the last freediving nationals competition held here locally by Brisbane Freedivers, he posted a 155m dynamic and a 116m no-fins.

Episode 5 Roman Castro

Roman Castro Featured Interview Roman Castro is the president of the San Diego Freediving Club which has over 160 members. He is also the  creator of SpearoBlog.com where he initially started sharing his spearfishing adventures with friends, but it soon grew  into a resource center for new divers. In this interview we talk about getting started in Hawaii and La Jolla and Roman shares about his experiences with everything from sharks to parrot fish. For his Veterans Vault Romans Call to Action is for all of us to be more active in defending out spearfishing rights in the community and developing an awareness of our actions politically. Read More

Episode 4 Cameron Kirkconnell

In this interview Cameron tells the story of his 219 Pound Yellowfin Tuna that he shoots with a pole spear. Not only has he shot some of the most highly sought after fish in the sea but he still cares about people starting out in the sport.

Episode 3 Richard Leonard

Richard ‘Snoek’ Leonard is fast becoming a globally renowned spearfishing personality, with his vast passion for spearfishing and exceptional spearfishing film’s, ‘Snoek’ is a Spearo on the go. Check out his latest film OneFish Legends.

Episode 2 Darren Shields

Darren Shields is a name synonymous with New Zealand Spearfishing. Darren is the managing director of Wettie – NZ’s premier spearfishing brand. He has featured in numerous spearfishing DVD’s and YouTube Video’s and has tonnes of spearfishing knowledge

Episode 1 Simon Trippe

Simon Trippe is a passionate and active Sydney Spearo, Australian Spearfishing Academy Instructor spearfishingacademy.com.au and Spearo Advocate all over Australia. San Souci Sydney is his home club and he is a regular columnist in Spearfishing Downunder Magazine spearfishingdownunder.com.au.

Noob Spearo Podcast

The Noob Spearo Podcast is where Shrek and Turbo interview spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from all over the world – To hear about our latest episode sign up to our mailing list below or subscribe to Noob Spearo Podcast on iTunes