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November 1, 2014

Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast Ground Zero

Here is the start of the Noob Spearo Podcast, an audio spearfishing podcast available for free on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart radio, GooglePlay and all popular podcasting apps. You can find out a bit more about us and the first 3 episodes of our show in this audio recording.

The Noob Spearo Podcast is where Shrek and Turbo interview Spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from all over the world.

Noob Spearo Podcast is for people who are;

  • Interested in spearfishing
  • About to get started spearfishing
  • Trying to get better at spearfishing
  • Interested in learning about Spearo’s and how they go spearfishing in different parts of the world.

Here is a sneak peek into our first 3 episodes,

Episode 001Simon Trippe, is a passionate and active Sydney Spearo, Australian Spearfishing Academy Instructor spearfishingacademy.com.au and Spearo Advocate all over Australia. San Souci Sydney is his home club and he is a regular columnist in Spearfishing Downunder Magazine spearfishingdownunder.com.au. Join us as Simon tells us about spearfishing with crocodiles up in North Queensland, a great spearfishing club culture and not being a dickhead when you get started spearfishing.

Episode 002Darren Shields, Darren Shields is a name synonymous with New Zealand Spearfishing. Darren is the managing director of Wettie – NZ’s premier spearfishing brand wettie.com . He has featured in numerous spearfishing DVD’s and YouTube Video’s and has tonnes of spearfishing knowledge, you can see some of his videos here at noobspearo.com. Enjoy the interview as Darren talks about his part in the TV show Fishy Business, the 2014 World Spearfishing Championships in Peru and what he is most passionate about. Also as usual getting started spearfishing questions, how to get better at spearfishing advice and tonnes of laughs.

Episode 003Richard ‘Snoek’ Leonard is fast becoming a globally renown spearfishing personality, with his vast passion for spearfishing and exceptional film making ability Snoek is a Spearo on the go. Check out his latest film OneFish Legends feat Dr Terry Maas (USA), Barry Paxman (Australia), Rob Allen (South Africa) and Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari (Qatar) in an epic 120 minute+ Spearfishing DVD. Check it out at spearodvd.com or find out more about Snoek here at  itz-productions.com.

To learn more about Noob Spearo check out the About Us Page here

Talking Spearfishing with Shrek and Turbo. Noob Spearo Podcast

Written by Shrek


Shrek is a Brisbane based Spearo, Podcast Co-Host and Blogger. Initially experiencing the underwater world through scuba diving, the hunter gatherer orientation quickly became apparent along with the enjoyment of breath-hold diving.



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