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If you are looking for a spearfishing club in your area please look below to find one.

This Spearfishing Club Connections list will be updated periodically but we need your help and insights to help us create a reliable resource!

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  • Summary of club activity: (4-5 sentences or <)




  • Name of Club: San Souci Dolphins
  • Location: 
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Size: 60+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: Long list of experienced divers, welcomes new divers, regular competitions and meetings.

Coffs Harbour

  • Name of club: Coffs Harbour Bluewater Freedivers
  • Contact details:  Facebook
  • Size: Small group of dedicated spearos
  • Summary of club activity: Usually dive from boats although we do have some good rock-hopping options. Host the Australian Bluewater Classic Competition.


  • Name of club: West Australian Undersea Club (WAUC)
  • Location: Perth
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Size: 200+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: Oldest Spearfishing Club in Western Australia. Welcomes new divers, regular competitions and meetings


  • Name of club: Cairns Spearos / Cairns Underwater Association
  • Location: Cairns
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 60+active members
  • Summary of club activity: Annual spearfishing competition, recently hosted the Queensland spearfishing championship, monthly meets, tilapia days, social comps, meet and greets for people interested in finding out more about joining.


  • Name of club: Club Spearfish
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Contact details:
  • Facebook
  • Size: 60+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: We meet at ocean suits in Hallam on the first Thursday of every month. Free BBQ and get together, dive equipment raffles, talk about conditions, catches, trips and more. We discuss fishing regulations and changes in the area + organize club dives.




  • Name of Club: NorCal Underwater Hunters
  • Location: North Coast California
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Size: ??
  • Summary of club activity: Diving forum dedicated to the North Coast of California

Los Angeles

  • Name of club: Los Angeles Fathomiers
  • Location: Southern California
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 80+
  • Summary of club activity: The Los Angeles Fathomiers skindiving club is one of the oldest and most active competitive spearfishing clubs in California. It was organized in early 1957 as primarily a freediving club devoted to the art of spearfishing. The Fathomiers is a club that welcomes individual divers who enjoy learning the specialized skill of underwater hunting and the selective and conservative taking of game. The club name is widely known throughout the diving world. Underwater hunting with the emphasis on spearfishing, including hunting for white seabass, yellowtail, tuna, halibut, etc., together, with the selective taking of lobsters and abalone and just plain diving for fun are the fundamental activities of the club. A number of Fathomiers are widely renowned for their contributions to the sport, while others are holders of all time big game spearfishing records. Their reputations and incredible achievements speak for themselves. Looking at the all-time record holders for selected species of fish one will see a considerable number of Fathomiers names. We are widely recognized for our participation in organized competitive spearfishing events locally, nationally and internationally. The Fathomiers welcome divers of all levels of experience and hold a regular monthly membership meeting on the second Thursday evening of the month.