Featured Spearfishing Video May, 2016

Harlem Ratapu – ‘the Main Purpose’ Spearfishing Video of the Month

This is a new but long time coming addition to Noob Spearo. Every month or so we plan to feature a spearfishing video from someone in our community that showcases the spearfishing lifestyle. Harlem’s video that is filmed off his hometown Gisborne, New Zealand is a great example of this. With a healthy catch of Paua (Abalone) and Crayfish as well as a few fish along the way, and captured in idyllic kiwi conditions, this is an enjoyable watch with a great soundtrack. Awesome job Harlem! Here is the video followed by some more information about Harlem and his spearfishing experience so far. Enjoy!

I asked him a few questions to help explain a bit about himself and spearfishing in Gisborne, New Zealand. Here is what he said.

My name is Harlem Ratapu, I was born and raised on the east coast of New Zealand here in Gisborne. I am 25 and work as a beekeeper.
I’ve had a love for the ocean for as long as I can remember, but I only started freediving for Kina, Paua, and Crayfish about 2 years ago.

Harlem Ratapu, Gisborne Spearfishing. Featured Spearfishing Video May

Harlem at home spearfishing in Gisborne

Christmas day 2015 I received the best gift I could have ever asked for. A SPEARGUN!. Since then I’ve been heading out each and every chance I get. I’ve learned so much along the way, like the different characteristics of different fish! Some are shy, some bold, some fast and some slow. Some are delicious and some well…not so good… ?

Ive learned to take a more controlled and relaxed breath-hold dive, rather than just a quick burst down to the bottom to grab a couple of kinas and shooting back to the top. I do a bit of hunting on land and spearfishing is exactly the same. You identify your target, stalk your prey and wait for the perfect opportunity. Finally with patience, you take the shot!

Harlem Ratapu, Spearfishing Video Of the Month

Harlem Ratapu (left), the spearfishing Bee-Keeper!

It’s been an amazing experience so far and I would recommend spearfishing to anyone who is looking to be more connected to our natural world. And you get a feed while doing it! After all the main reason why we fish is to provide food for not only ourselves but others also!

It’s a way of giving without expecting to receive and it keeps you humble and appreciative of this life we live.

Thanks for reading – Harlem

If you would like to submit your spearfishing video and a little story about you and spearfishing in your area, then drop me an email [email protected] Also get on and subscribe to Harlem on Youtube and let him know what you thought of his vid in the comments!

Written by Shrek


Shrek is a Brisbane based Spearo, Podcast Co-Host and Blogger. Initially experiencing the underwater world through scuba diving, the hunter gatherer orientation quickly became apparent along with the enjoyment of breath-hold diving.

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