Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book Review

Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book Review

Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book Review


Here is my review of a spearfishing classic. I’ll let you in on a secret, my Last of the Blue Water Hunters book review is extremely biased. I loved reading it and I hope that after you’ve read my review you understand why.


Who is this book for?


Spearo’s everywhere at every level.



  • Incredible stories on everything from spearfishing’s pioneers to hunting on long subsistence trips reliant on spearfishing
  • Hard won insights into our ocean, its inhabitants and ecosystems
  • The composite stories, wisdom, knowledge and mind-set of a prolific ocean explorer
  • The writer connects with reader’s who understand the spearfishing experience in its purest form
  • Timeless


  • Not a technical “how to” spearfishing book
  • A dangerous technique (hyperventilating) is talked about and employed by the Author – the books pretty old!
  • No digital version available

Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book Review and Quote



“Upon my entry into the ocean, it fills my spirit, cleanses my soul and repairs my tattered heart”

Carlos certainly waxes poetic at times and its part of what makes this book so special. With lines like this he appeals frankly to those of us with kindred spirits.

“I’ve long ceased taking full credit for the fish the ocean provides. The ocean is too vast, rich and powerful an entity for me to assume that in any way i have conquered it. At best the effort is cooperative, with nature supplying the sustenance and I the means to capture it.”

When Carlos describes some of the ocean situations he finds himself in, it gives every reader an inkling of how ‘in the moment’ spearo’s can be. From memory he is able to describe all the details of the reef, the rate of current, bait fish, position of the sun, visibility and more. This illustrates why many of us find the spearfishing experience so exhilarating.


What others say


5 Stars – Jason S. C. Darton Writes;
 “This book gets at exactly what spearfishing is all about: the deeply spiritual connection and interplay between ocean, fish, and hunter.”
5 Stars – on Writes;

“A must read for all ocean hunters and divers. 

I’m an avid free diver and spear fisherman. Read this book. For me it gives incredible stories, perspective on the state of the ocean, insightful history of scuba/free diving/spearfishing and a proper mind-set for any ocean explorer.

This book connected with me in a profound way. it’s a smooth read, like Carlos is talking to you personally – imparting hard-won ocean-life advice through great personal stories and first-hand experience. He knows what he’s talking about and I’m grateful he shared his stories and adventures.”


Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book Review

I took pages of notes from this book and really want to get Carlos Eyles on the Noob Spearo Podcast!

Overall Verdict


Buy it! If you truly have the bug that is spearfishing and you can read, just buy it.

Awesome, this is one of my favorite books – ever:) – Shrek


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Written by Shrek


Shrek is a Brisbane based Spearo, Podcast Co-Host and Blogger. Initially experiencing the underwater world through scuba diving, the hunter gatherer orientation quickly became apparent along with the enjoyment of breath-hold diving.



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