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‘Must have for anyone that wants seafood’

Bought the hard cover of this book. Its outstanding in both layout and content. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

– Seth


Just got the book for Christmas and had a good read and there are so many fish recipes in here of fish I would usually use for bait or not even consider eating. It’s a great book for alternative recipes to just frying the fish in flour and oil and to make the most of your catch.
Highly recommend it!

– Jack

Duncan recommends Noob Spearo

“I’ve been diving for about 7 years now and listening to these podcasts has taught me so much. I’m about to head to Tahiti for work for a few months diving most days so to learn about the best techniques for hunting Wahoo, Doggys and Spanish makes me feel prepared. Even with years of experience you realise that sometimes you miss even the most basic things. Love listening to you guys, keep up the good work”

– Duncan Henderson

What Pirate Pete says...

“ After getting into the Noob Spearo Podcast I bought the 99 Actionable Tips book and have been down here in the sea of Cortez doing some hunting. My bottom times have been way up and I shot my first Pargo! Thanks for the awesome tips and support from down under!!”

Pete Denton


“They make the time out of the water well spent! Absolute legends helping so many spearos myself included learn to be more effective and safer hunters! Not to mention giving us a good laugh! Cheers boys! Keep em coming! 🤙🏼🤙🏼”

– Sam Clothier from Wet Mammal

99 Tips Testimonial

“(99 Tips is) a really good collection of tips for spearfishing. I am new to spearfishing and this book has a lot of information that will help me improve. I have also been working my way through the noobspearo podcast that the authors run, and although it is not necessary to understand the book, I would recommend readers also listen to the podcasts; mainly because they are good both in an informative and entertaining manner. Strongly recommend for all spearfishing enthusiasts particularly for those that are newer to the sport.

– NJ McKeon

Noob Spearo Podcast Review

I have learned so much from this podcast as a travelling noob spearo. The content is gold and Shrek and Turbo have very funny banter as you’d expect from a kiwi and an Aussie team. It’s an easy listen and the tips are highly actionable.

– Mal Galway

A Bottomless Pit of Information...

“A bottomless pit of spearfishing information and profiles of the people who make this sport great (check the ones on Kimi Werner, Tim McDonald, Pat Swanson and Jim Russell to name a few). Always look forward to their episodes. If you are a speara/spearo do youself a favor and tune in.”

– Josh Humbert

Tons of Knowledge

Over the last few years I had been curious about getting into spearing but I didn’t know how to get started, finding like minded people seemed quite difficult. I had a friend recommended that I give Noob Spearo podcasts a listen as Isaac and guests frequently share tons of knowledge. After listening to a few episodes It was set in stone that I would step out of my comfort zone and join Brisbane Bullsharks Free-diving club. I ventured down to my local Adreno and purchased a set of gear, soon after I was at the local pool struggling to swim 25m on one breath. 6 months later my PB in the pool is 136m and I have dived to 20m+ depths. I’ve met an awesome bunch of guys that are all like minded and safety conscious, learned heaps of techniques and I’m starting to get more confident in the water. Without Noob Spearo I’m sure this would have all just been another thought that I never actioned. Highly recommend noob spearo and all its affiliations as they have really helped me fast track my progression.

– Daniel


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