How To Use Drones for Spearfishing

Interviews with UAV Coach Alan Perlman and Adreno Drone Enthusiast Kahlee Andrews

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This Drones for spearfishing episode was inspired partially by watching Drone footage that uniquely captured a spearfishing adventure. The first guest in this episode, Adreno Manager Kahlee Andrews is a former womens spearfishing champion and has taken numerous videos of spearfishing drone footage. Kahlee has been using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional [link here] but she also talks about what she wants to purchase next. I ask Kahlee about her experience’s with drones and how Drones can be used effectively by spearo’s.

Drones for Spearfishing Guide. Pictured Kahlee Andrews

Kahlee pictured with DJI Phantom 3. Calibration time on a steel boat!

In the second part of the show I am joined by Alan Perlman, the founder of UAV Coach. UAV coach is an online drone pilot training center providing courses, free guides and more for aspiring Drone pilots (both commercial and amateur). Alan and Kahlee both answer a range of questions that I had after buying my own Drone and wanting to learn more about the higher end Amateur drones such as the DJI Mavick Pro (here) and the GoPro Karma both of which are yet to be officially released. If you are an adventure based videographer or photographer this is a good introduction into starting and using Drones.

Helpful Times Guide for this Drones for Spearfishing episode

Interview starts with shoutouts, whats coming next, news and updates and a preview of the episode.

Drongo with a Drone Video here

7:00 Kahlee Andrews and drones introduction

Questions I ask Kahlee

    • What are you using & what’s been your experience like so far? (check out the DJI Phantom 3 Professional here)
    • How have you seen them used well?
    • How can drones help people that go spearfishing?
    • What accidents have you had?
    • What is the law in Australia?
    • What Drone do you want to purchase next?
    • Where can people find some of your videos?

Kahlees Drone Video with a Haines Hunter boat group


Links mentioned

  1. Hitting a boat with $5000+ Drone Video here
  2. DJI how to videos here
  3. Join Kahlee on instagram here
  4. Kahlees Blogpost about drones here

If you want to have a go at Drones and learn the basics, check out the Cheerwing I am using here – its a bit of fun and I’ve learned a wee bit!

24:00 Alan Perlman from UAV Coach

We start off chatting about what inspired him to create UAV coach and he shares a story about his first serious Drone accident. I also talk a bit about my experience with the Cheerwing full manual FPV style Drone I started with (I bought this one of Amazon landed on my doorstep for less than $100).

Alan Perlman drones interview. Drones for spearfishing and adventure videography

Alan Perlman from UAV Coach

Questions I ask Alan

  • What are the main categories of Drones?
  • Guided vs Unguided flight controls?
  • UAV Coach guide to flying a drone here

Types of Drones for videography and photography:

    • What are the steps for someone who wants to use Drones for spearfishing films?
    • What are the best drones currently or soon to be available to us for photography/videography?
    • DJI Mavic vs the GoPro Karma

Legislation and what not to do

  • What are the laws that people need to be aware of in their countries?
  • What are the main areas of concern from a government’s/public safety point of view?
  • A cautionary tale or two about the dangers of drones along with some practical advice for avoiding trouble
  • Where can people find out about the law’s in their area?

Further Places to learn more about Drones

  • Join a flight club (like the AMA in the USA)
  • Create a self study program (UAV coach can help with that)
  • CASA sanctioned flight schools (link here)
  • Facebook Groups (like Qld FPV group here)

Tips to use Drones for Spearfishing Photography

  • Know your aircraft (you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest)
  • Learn the regulations in your area
  • Flying through a shot (thinking like a videographer)
  • Learning photography basics like light and composition. Planning what you want before you start filming.
  • Find 17 Tips for Drones Photography here and join the UAV forum here

Alan Perlman Drones for spearfishing interview

Further Links and Information on Drones

    • Join UAV coach on facebook here
    • If you would like to check out some of the drones basics course go here
    • If you are an aspiring commercial drones pilot check these courses out
    • Email Alan direct alan@uavcoach.com

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Tell us about your drone experiences in the comments and tune in for next weeks episode 101 GoPro for Spearfishing

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