5 Spearfishing Tips to Shorten your Learning Curve


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This episode I chat with Luke Potts from Aquatic Rehab TV in New Zealand. Its our second live interview (the original Episode 9 Luke Potts here) and just like the first one we learn a tonne. In this episode we focus in on 5 spearfishing tips and techniques that can make the world of difference in your spearfishing. We learn why hydration is such an issue for spearos, how to make buddy diving uber practical, + body language hacks, breathing and relaxation tips as well as a couple of laughs along the way. Listen in to 5 actionable spearfishing tips and techniques.

As discussed in the interview here is a full review of the How To Spearfish series, links to the Vimeo channel and the Discount code:)

Luke has offered a discount to the Noob Spearo community!

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Episode Time Stamps

7:00 A bit about current New Zealand conditions and Luke’s recent diving.

8:00 Some of Luke’s background in spearfishing. Commercial diving, underwater filming and spearfishing.

9:00 Holding your breath. Common questions and issues + an idea about hyperventilation or over-breathing. Discussion about CO2 and how it works with our body. Full breath and relaxation chat with an explanation about a technique Luke employs to make sure hes relaxed.

17:00 The Grab A Spotter technique | A practical buddy technique that works.

20:00 Hydration | Perhaps the most underrated controllable variable on your diveday. This affects fatigue and equalization to a phenomenal extent. Luke explains why we dehydrate faster in the water due to the Mammalian Dive Reflex.

29:00 Spearfishing hunting techniques. Pay attention to tide and current – a good conversation about behavior and interaction between conditions and fish behavior.

34:00 Predatory body language. Why you want to remove it and what to look out for in your own behavior underwater.

To learn more about the How To Spearfish video series, check out my write-up here

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The Discount:)

Luke has offered a discount to the Noob Spearo community!

Use the code noobspearo to save 10% on any video here:)

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