Noob Spearo Spearfishing podcast

Interviews with spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from around the world.

Listen to legends sharing their stories, tips and advice to help you become a safer, more effective and more aware spearfisher.


The best spearfishing resource online for improving every facet of your spearfishing.

Check out DIY guides, and articles about freediving, hunting, finding buddies, breath-hold, equalizing, locating secret spearfishing spots, practical equipment reviews and more.


99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing is the ultimate guide to improving your spearfishing. Actionable tips from more than 50 of the best spearos on the planet.

 Spearo Log is a log book for capturing your dive data to replicate past success and learn more about your diving. 


One of the fastest ways to improve at spearfishing is to join a group of spearos who share their knowledge freely.

Join the Noob Spearo Facebook Community to ask questions in a group that steers clear of ego. Tap into collective knowledge from a great bunch of spearos

What people are saying...

“ After getting into the Noob Spearo Podcast I bought the 99 Actionable Tips book and have been down here in the sea of Cortez doing some hunting. My bottom times have been way up and I shot my first Pargo! Thanks for the awesome tips and support from down under!!”

Pete Denton

99 Tips Testimonial

“(99 Tips is) a really good collection of tips for spearfishing. I am new to spearfishing and this book has a lot of information that will help me improve. I have also been working my way through the noobspearo podcast that the authors run, and although it is not necessary to understand the book, I would recommend readers also listen to the podcasts; mainly because they are good both in an informative and entertaining manner. Strongly recommend for all spearfishing enthusiasts particularly for those that are newer to the sport.

– NJ McKeon

Noob Spearo Podcast Review

I have learned so much from this podcast as a travelling noob spearo. The content is gold and Shrek and Turbo have very funny banter as you’d expect from a kiwi and an Aussie team. It’s an easy listen and the tips are highly actionable.

– Mal Galway

NSP:121 Rochele Davey the Kiwi Speara | NZ Part 2

NSP:121 Rochele Davey the Kiwi Speara | NZ Part 2

Interview with Rochele Davey (Potter) Rochele Davey (Potter) is a multiple spearfishing world (and NZ) record holder for many species. I was privileged to spend 4 days with her, Nat (her husband), Rosie and James for a dynamite spearfishing trip in New Zealand. Late...

Spearfishing Trips and Travel | Ultimate Guide

Spearfishing Trips and Travel | Ultimate Guide

Spearfishing Travel and Trip Planning Improving Your Next Spearfishing Trip Preparing for Your Next Spearfishing Trip Preparing for a Spearfishing Charter [PODCAST] Interview with spearfishing guide and Freedive Fiji Charter operator Jaga Crossingham Kimi Werner, the...

Spearfishing Photography | Ultimate Guide

Spearfishing Photography | Ultimate Guide

Spearfishing Photography and Videography | Guide to the Best Blogs, Podcasts & Resources GoPro Masterclass with Aaron Chasse [PODCAST] Underwater Videographer Richard Leonard - Behind the lens with OneFish Legends Film Maker Underwater Photography Fundamentals +...

Targeting Specific Species Spearfishing | Ultimate Guide

Targeting Specific Species Spearfishing | Ultimate Guide

Targeting Specific Species Spearfishing Month of Mackerel Comprehensive Guide with interviews, articles and more. Learning and mastering a species in Spearfishing with 7x New Zealand champion Dwayne Herbert [PODCAST] Mulloway Masterclass, hunting the infamous...

Spearfishing Equipment | Ultimate Guide

Spearfishing Equipment | Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Spearfishing Equipment Spearfishing Fins. Turbos recommendations for spearfishing fins. Spearfishing Equipment Veterans Vault (ff to 46 minute mark). [PODCAST] Speargun rubber (reactive vs progressive), tuning a flopper, roller spearguns, dyneema vs...

99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing | Indiegogo Crowdfunding onDemand

The ultimate spearfishing book

Sourced from 3 years interviewing the worlds best spearos. This guide has one goal, to make you a better a spearo

Fully Illustrated with love by some of the worlds best spearfishing photographers as well as submission from the Noob Spearo community

99 Tips is jammed packed with tips, tricks and advice from spearfishing legends like Chris Coates (South Africa), Jim Russell (California), Darren Shields (New Zealand) and many more. This book will teach you something and improve your spearfishing.

  • Buy your own softcover copy on Amazon




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