NSP:243 Longnose Emperor Hunting & Bluewater Trip Prep (training, diet & gear) | Jerry Guerra | Neptonics

NSP:243 Longnose Emperor Hunting & Bluewater Trip Prep (training, diet & gear) | Jerry Guerra | Neptonics

Interview with Jerry Guerra

Todays interview is with Jerry Guerra from Neptonics! A veteran, spearo business owner and an absolute frothing spearo, he is a wealth of knowledge and expertise on spearfishing. We chat about some of his new gear on sale at Neptonics.com, hunting Longnose Emperors, doing massive spearfishing trips to Africa, training and so much more! Get the inside scoop on the flasher with built in fish caller and the mighty chum dinger! Don’t forget to use the code NOOB10 for 10% off at Neptonics.com!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:55 Welcome Jerry!
  • 07:10 Being a veteran, PTSD, mental health and spearfishing
  • 10:50 Quiet days and closed seasons
  • 12:50 Longnose Emperor hunting tips
  • 18:10 Neptonics, African spearfishing and new gear
  • 21:00 Preparing for a Latham trip

  • 30:05 Gear! Travel bag spearfishing gear
  • 40:30 Fish caller, flashers and shooting sailfish
  • 46:00 The chum dinger! 
  • 52:10 Dry training, wet training and gym

  • 54:25 A word of warning on dry training: expansion injuries
  • 01:04:45 Neptonics Epoxy Kit: build your own speargun!
  • 01:12:10 Bad ads & teaching courses
  • 01:16:42 Improving your diving
  • 01:20:35 Thank you for joining us Jerry!
  • 01:23:20 Outro

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NSP:181 Travel Spearfishing Tips | with Jerry Guerra

NSP:181 Travel Spearfishing Tips | with Jerry Guerra

Interview about Travel Spearfishing with Jerry Guerra

Today’s interview is with Jerry Guerra and it’s all about travel spearfishing. Ever watch a Daniel Mann video and think to yourself: “I want to travel to other countries and spearfish”? Maybe you’ve seen films like David Ochoa makes about his trips around the world filming the fish up close and personal. Or maybe you just listened to the previous episode about Palapas Ventana, traveling and spearfishing were made to go together! Doing your first big trip can be a logistical and planning exercise in patience, you don’t want to get to your dream destination and not have your fins or speargun! Jerry gives some great Noob tips on doing spearfishing trips, advice for international travel, navigating airports with spearguns, packing, charters and so much more!

What big trips have you done to go spearfishing?

Neptonics Spearfishing and Freediving – Use the code NOOB10 to save 10% off anything store-wide. Free Shipping on USA orders over $99

Jerry and tuna

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:40 Welcome back Jerry! Spearos are natural travelers – why is that?
  • 08:25 You’ve just come back from Africa?
  • 09:45 Guides and charters
  • 15:55 Sportube
  • 17:30 Neptonics Speargun Travel Bag
  • 22:00 Zips
  • 23:30 Traveling with a “SPEAR-GUN” is a bad idea
  • 25:15 Weightbelt and carry on
  • 27:25 Fins as carry on
  • 31:15 Travel fins
  • 36:38 Surf bag

Jerry and GT

  • 37:25 Issues with security in Russia
  • 39:05 Marine reserves and local laws
  • 41:10 Packing tips
  • 42:10 Have extra wetsuits
  • 43:12 Phone your guide or charter just before you leave
  • 43:30 Checklist for all your gear
  • 46:15 Lost luggage
  • 47:35 Spare parts
  • 49:45 Electrolytes and hydration
  • 54:30 Countries where spearfishing is illegal
  • 57:20 Convincing your spouse

Jerry and grouper

  • 59:00 Finding dive buddies in new countries
  • 01:03:21 Local laws and catch limits
  • 01:05:20 Shorter blades
  • 01:06:35 TSA lock and locking your bags
  • 01:07:20 Choice of airline
  • 01:10:50 Pool testing blue water spearguns
  • 01:15:10 Parting tips
  • 01:17:45 Where do you want to travel?
  • 01:18:50 First aid
  • 01:19:25 Neptonics Bleed Stopper
  • 01:20:00 Good fillet knife
  • 01:20:50 How can people follow you?

NSP181 insta

Podchaser - Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
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NSP:136 Spearfishing Gear Q&A with Jerry Guerra

NSP:136 Spearfishing Gear Q&A with Jerry Guerra

Spearfishing Equipment Community Q&A with Jerry Guerra

Massive community generated spearfishing equipment chat with Neptonics Madman Jerry Guerra. GoPro Mounts, Speargun Ballistics, Rigline Management, Innovative Spearfishing Equipment and even an idea there for young spearos wanting to generate cash for themselves. Listen in!

Important Times | Spearfishing Gear Q&A

00:00 Big welcome to Neptonics:) 10% off for listeners with the code NOOB10

06:00 GoPro MOUNTS: Bob “Bloody go pro mounts that don’t get in the way. I have a Salvimar 125 carbon gun. And cant mount a GoPro anywhere suitable that doesn’t get in the way.”

JP Freediving “I love it mounted on the gun. I can’t see where the cameras pointing properly when its on my head. I lose good shots of what I’m shooting and with the gun unloaded after shooting a fish its good to hold it like a selfie stick with the catch. Also when swimming up the camera moves on my Hollis goggles. I tighten it up more and it snaps the mounts when I’m swimming.”

Bob  “Yeah. But the way the gun is designed is a pain. A good clamp on mounting option near the trigger on the bottom of the handle would be amazing. That way its out of the way of everything.”

Different MOUNTING options – Discussion

14:00 RIGLINE MANAGEMENT | Reducing knots, tangles and crossups

JP Freediving “At the beginning (of my spearfishing) it was the floatlines or reel lines. After some time you read the current etc, but only after turning yourself in a knot bag🤣”

Crossups and getting tangled. Reducing catch points in the water. Materials, lengths, drop weights with reels etc

29:30 How to develop a brand new spearfishing product. From concept to creation.

34:00 INNOVATION IDEA Bob “What id love to see developed are pull cord floats. Same inflation system like life jackets. Attack it to your belt and when you attach it to the gun weather its 1, 2 or 10 when the gun gets ripped away they pull off the belt and auto inflate. You can adjust the amount of floats you think you will need just before shooting by clipping them on or not. Replace the cartridges once used and go again.”

Chad Mathis identified this Carter Inflatable Float on the market and I notice Neptonics has a similar inflatable float. Can you fill me in on their uses?



  • “What diameter/length for the spear, how do you compromise between precision and power?”
  • “Does the material of the spear impact the flight behavior of the spear?”
  • “What goes far, what goes through a big fish…?”
  • “The basics of the Ballistic side of things for beginners.”

“Sorry for my English I hope it was clear enough.”

Chad “We all know that gun length as in band stretch has everything to do with power. That has everything to do with how long the band has to accelerate the shaft and that is why a longer gun even at the same amount of pull on the bands will shoot harder/farther than a shorter gun. On the human side of it we are only so strong. Here’s the point I’m trying to get to. Using the strongest bands I can cock a 16mm will have to be longer than a 14mm. So the 14mm will actually have the longer band stretch and that will give it a longer acceleration time on the shaft. In the real world I don’t believe a multi rubber gun with 14mm rubbers gives up much to the same gun with 16mm rubbers because of the difference in band stretch with the more rubbers the less advantage the bigger rubbers have. Taking into account the maximum force I am capable of or want to be pulling. What do you and your experts think about that?”

@mathieu_daiku “Roller guns shooting low!! Almost all rollers I have used while hunting and tested in the pool shoot low! Many theories have been developed like inertia of the bands flipping up the muzzle but no definite solutions have been found. Please unravel this mystery!!!!💪🤙🌊”

Chad  “Consistency! being able to hear with my spearguns some days I can’t miss and some days I cannot hit. It seems the harder I try the worse I get and I understand that I need to just trust my instinct but it still happens.”

@Crisalbi “Straight shaft! Even new one from time to time aren’t straight.”

@Tommy_dozz “Power to weight ratio for rubbers and shafts per gun lengths. Is there any kind of rule to be followed?”

Shorter spear = lighter spear = quicker spear. Without having to reduce diameter and increase flex. HOWEVER overhang is not really a ballistics issue is it? We have the same overhang from a hunter aiming POV don’t we?

@the_spearfactor “The perfect combo of bands to shaft size. Also, wt of gun per # bands and size of shaft.”

Jason Harris mentioned the Coatesman Test Vid in the Rob Allen Dive Factory: Basically they setup a test rig involving a load cell with a digital readout and they ramp up the pressure on a variety of line and know setups. The results were different than I expected.

  • Stainless 1.8mm line with a crimp failed at 195kg. The line failed not the crimp. Remove the plastic sheath and one crimp is enough
  • 2mm Mono with Crimp failed at 103kg on the crimp
  • 1.8mm dyneema with standard core and outer sheath. Failed 100kg on the knot
  • 1.8mm 100% dyneema unable to be finger trapped. 124kg break at the knot
  • 1.8mm single braid, hollow core, spliced with brummel lock and finger trap. Broke at 290kg

@Tazyarns from Yarns with Az and Taz Podcast says “All the systems to reload are time consuming, as you can tell, I miss a lot 😂”

Jay Galloway “I’d like to hear a convo on mono vs dyneema vs spectra shooting line.”

@Killshot_spearguns “Dyneema versus Mono for shooting line…pros and cons of each.”

@Shannon.lewis.1023 Rubber replacement, make your own or buy from the shop.

@Onebreathonedeath “Most reels can and will jam.”

@Sinkphase: “Fins! I hate having to buy fins before kicking them to test them out.”

NEXT EPISODE WITH JERRY | Hunting from Shore | Hunting from a boat

Find all links mentioned at noobspearo.com/jerry2

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NSP:125 Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Gear

NSP:125 Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Gear

Interview with Jerry Guerra

In this interview with Neptonics madman Jerry Guerra we get right into equipment. We chat speargun components, rigging FO-Pars & points of difference, proprietary Neptonics gear and more. But it’s not limited to equipment. Jerry has a very effective style for explaining core hunting strategies and ideas and I learned a sh#t tonne. This interview is killer. Listen in and Subscribe!

Neptonics is a brand well know for high quality spearfishing equipment. They specialize in high grade speargun components and have their own patented and unique equipment. Jerry Guerra’s journey started with his own shop in 2004 and eventually he joined forces with Neptonics and became an owner of the business. Learn more at neptonics.com

Download this episode on your iOS or Android APP here

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. King Mackerel

Jerry Guerra with King Mackerel

Important Times

3:00 Jerry Guerra Introduction and Background. The Old Man & the Sea and Boy Scouts of America

9:50 Starting to spearfish deep. How it all started

12:00 Spearfishing equipment preparation

17:00 The spearfishing hunting journey to mastery

  • The cone of death. Dropping within a 30ft span of your target fish or structure.
  • Reducing profile. Less intimidation for fish, increased hydrodynamic efficiency
  • Increasing deeper diving accuracy and economy
  • The rock bottom hunting technique. Allowing the fish to relax and return

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. Grouper

30:00 Boating reconnaissance and building skills for finding new ground

34:00 Memorable Fish | Black Grouper Behemoth

39:00 Blackout Story | How he survived and what he learned

46:30 Geeking out on Spearfishing Equipment

“No one will take care of your gear like you will” – Jerry Guerra

  • Different style Mechs | pros and cons
  • Are there some common issues people have with DIY speargun upgrades?
  • Triggers and handles. Pulling shot issues
  • Safety | Do or Do not have
  • Shafts | preferences
  • Tom asks “A question that I spent a lot of time researching was how to eliminate points of failure, what kind of knots, bungee connected to gun or float, what gauge shark clips, better options for shooting line bungee, basically how do you make connections as fail safe as possible?”
  • Dyneema vs Mono shaft to speargun line aka shooting line pros and cons
  • Muffling noise, parts and accessories?
  • Spectra, dyneema, monofilament, stainless wire. Uses and application
  • Essential 3-4 knots every spearo should learn. Where to learn and where and when to use them
  • Floatline material | PVC, Vinyl, (+spectra fusion – Riffe float lines), thermoplastic, poly lines. Application for each
  • Reels? How and what application should they have?
  • Breakaway setups | Key adjustments to make and changes to your hunting
  • Shark Clips vs D-Shackles
  • What setup did you use to capture a 280+lb fish?
  • Floatline Clutch | Utility

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. African Pompano

90:00 Planning and preparing for international spearfishing trips

  • Spearfishing Equipment checklist for trips by Jerry Guerra from Neptonics
  • Chlorophyll
  • Warm water plumes and Wahoo behaviour
  • Wahoo hunting technique | racing the fish to mimic the competition drive for bait

99:30 Funniest Moment out Spearfishing | Hunting MahiMahi naked

101:20 Spearo Q&A

  • What is the single biggest lesson youve learned
  • Who is your fav person to go diving with and why?
  • What is something you do a little different than everyone else?

Connect with Jerry Guerra @

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NSP:200 | Community Special: Where are they now?

NSP:200 | Community Special: Where are they now?

Episode 200 Special

Today we celebrate a huge milestone: episode 200! We contacted a bunch of old guests to see where they were now and how their spearfishing has progressed, what they’ve learned since and what’s new in their lives since they were on the show. Who would have guessed a small spearfishing podcast would have reached this point –  over a million downloads, thousands of followers and a huge vibrant community of like minded people who all love spearfishing! Here’s to keeping the stoke alive for the next 200 episodes and beyond!

From Shrek, Brandon, Pat and Livia –  a HUGE thank you to everyone that listens and supports the podcast! Here is Captain Dan’s episode #92

NSP200 Insta

Important times:

NSP200 Special 17NSP200 Special 18 NSP200 Special 16 NSP200 Special 15 NSP200 Special 14 NSP200 Special 13

NSP200 Special 11

NSP200 Special 12

NSP200 Special 10 NSP200 Special 9 NSP200 Special 8 NSP200 Special 7 NSP200 Special 6 NSP200 Special 5 NSP200 Special 4 NSP200 Special 3

NSP200 Special 2

NSP200 Special 1

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