Interview with Chris Coatesman

How to upgrade your speargun and miss less fish! Today’s episode is with the Coatesman, Chris Coates! He and Shrek talk about accurizing, it is a word, the process of making your speargun accurate. They go through common speargun problems, shooting line, choice of brand, aiming techniques and much more. We rely heavily on our gear when spearfishing, this episode is all about making sure your hardware is working as best as it can. Roller guns vs traditional spearguns, barbs, bent shafts, mono vs dyneema and everything you need to know to upgrade your speargun, aim better and miss less fish!

Interested in roller guns? He has been the authority on roller’s for a while now and has released a great video series on Youtube and his website called Unrolling The Roller, it’s everything you need to know about roller guns!

Coatesman Youtube 8 tips

What accuracy issues have you experienced? How did you solve them? Let us know in the comments!

Important times:

  • 00:14 Welcome to the show
  • 05:15 Welcome back Chris Coatesman!
  • 06:09 Spearfishing equipment cannot come back through the door
  • 08:28 Every spearo has accuracy issues
  • 09:53 The difference between weekend warriors and competitive spearos
  • 11:02 First place to look, is your shaft straight?
  • 12:15 I dive with at least 2 guns

chris and a tuna

  • 14:20 Using the correct shaft
  • 16:39 Why I use Rob Allen gear
  • 19:08 Bro science vs engineering, practicality trumps the science
  • 24:15 When buying a gun, make sure the shaft is aligned
  • 25:11 I don’t make shafts and I don’t have handles
  • 27:10 The downsides of homemade gear, don’t just make things cheaper, make them better
  • 30:57 Next thing to look at is tuning your barb

Chris and a fwahoo

  • 33:20 There is a reason you work through troubleshooting in a specific order
  • 35:30 Wishbones and shooting line, dyneema vs mono
  • 44:42 Keep your guns the same
  • 46:39 You can’t compare speargun prices to other sports. A speargun will last you 10 years if you do it right
  • 48:27 Remove all doubt, have gear you can rely on. Carry spare parts
  • 53:20 Fail fast and move on. Know where the issue is
  • 55:22 Aiming tips and techniques

Chris and a fish 1

  • 57:10 “Bad spearfishing shoot small fish”
  • 58:19 Barret Harvey has a great aiming video 
  • 01:00:34 What aiming style do you use?
  • 01:05:22 Different techniques for different situations
  • 01:07:44 Pool shooting for confidence

chris and a kob

  • 01:01:32 Don’t wait for your gear to fail for you to take maintenance seriously
  • 01:16:38 Thank you for being on the show Chris!
  • 01:19:43 Outro and final thoughts


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