Interview with Addrianna Reitenbach

This interview with Addrianna Reitenbach comes from a recommendation from Eric Anderson.

“Hey Shrek! Wanted to connect you with Addrianna who is spearheading the up-and-coming dive community SoCal Dive Babes (IG: @socaldivebabes). This group is all about building a solid dive community and providing mentorship to women divers who want to get into spearfishing. We’ve been chatting a bit on spearing and watching their trips to Baja and local waters, fundraisers, beach events, underwater pumpkin target shooting, hanging out with Julie Riffe…I thought it would make a great interview. Always stoked to hear more stories in the spearing community and this sounds like a good one. You know I’m a fan of the Pcast, so keep it coming brotha!” – Eric Anderson

Some of the highlights are; ‘trash fish’ chat, Southern California species and conditions, women in spearfishing, body language for hunting and more! Listen and subscribe!

NSP:151 Addrianna Reitenbach SoCal Dive Babes

Addrianna Reitenbach SoCal Dive Babes with Yellowtail

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Important Times

05:00 Addrianna Introduction, Welcome and Early Spearfishing Obstacles

12:00 Women in Spearfishing | Unique Barriers to Entry | Discussion and SoCal Dive Babes

22:00 Mentors and Influential People in Addrianna’s spearfishing life

31:30 Guiding Beginner Spearos

33:30 ‘Trash Fish’ + what are the 4-5 species to start shooting in Southern Californian Waters?

39:00 What spearfishing hunting techniques do you use?

47:30 Scary Moments Spearfishing?

56:00 Veterans Vault | SoCal Dive Babes

  • Monthly Meetups with Topical Speakers
  • Competitions
  • Team Members
  • Needs of the group
  • How to get Involved

Addrianna Reitenbach SoCal Dive Babes with Yellowtail Kingfish Addrianna Reitenbach SoCal Dive Babes with Yellowtail Kingfish Addrianna Reitenbach SoCal Dive Babes with Yellowtail Kingfish

70:00 Funny Moment

79:00 One of Addrianna’s Driving Motivations

82:50 What’s in Addrianna’s Dive Bag?

89:00 Spearo Q&A

  • What is the best advice you have been given in spearfishing?
  • If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?
  • What’s been the single best resource in your spearfishing journey?
  • What does the spearfishing experience mean to you?
Addrianna Reitenbach SoCal Dive Babes with Yellowtail Kingfish

Nathan Minatta photoraphy

Important Links

  • SoCal Dive Babes Website
  • @socaldivebabes on Instagram
  • @addriannasf on Instagram
  • *Mentioned: Breath-Hold Academic Research
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    I have attached the poster and some basic information on the trial that ill be conducting.
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    Thanks, I really appreciate it.

breathing techniques that may improve breath hold performance in divers

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