Interview with Alistair Cooke

Central Coast Veteran Spearo Alistair (Alby) Cooke lays out some diamonds in this chat. We talk hunting techniques for bluewater, attitudes to equipment (+ saving money on some items), getting lost at sea and the worst octopus ever cooked by a spearo. This ones got plenty of nuggets throughout! Listen in.

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A bit more about Alby (from a CCS member);

  • Former Club President of the Central Coast Sealions (CCS)
  • Coffs Harbour Blue Water Classic Winner (2016 or 2017??)
  • Competitive spearo, freedive competitor and instructor
  • Well-traveled spearo who has dived all over the world from the USA, Mexico, NZ, Coral Sea and all over Oz
  • He also makes an incredible effort for the Juniors in the Club and often sacrifices his own ability to get good fish in a comp to chaperone new divers and juniors around to teach them safely how to dive

Alistair Cooke The Art of Taking Noobs Spearfishing. Huge Abalone

Quick Interview Times Guide

03:45 Alby Introduction. Spearfishing background and the Central Coast Sealions

09:30 Early Obstacles | Equipment and Prioritizing the Important Stuff

15:00 Finding good ground for spearfishing

19:20 From humble beginnings to winning competitions: The Secret!

  • Flashers
  • Burley (Chum)
  • Body Language

35:00 Most Memorable Fish Taken

43:30 What is one of the toughest situations you have had out on the ocean and what did you learn from it?

Alistair Cooke The Art of Taking Noobs Spearfishing. Blackspot Tuskfish

54:00 Veterans Vault: How to Take Noobs Diving

72:50 Funniest Moment

77:00 Alistair Cooke Divebag | Deluxe chat on Spearfishing Equipment

87:00 Spearo Q&A

Central Coast Sealions Club (find more spearfishing clubs here)

  • Name of club: Central Coast Sealions Club
  • Location: Breakers Country Club, Dover Road Wamberal (Meetings 4th Thursday of every Month at 7:30pm)
  • Contact details: Facebook
  • Size: 30-40 Active Members
  • Summary of club activity: The Sealions are a very sociable club and participate is a large range of fun and social activities with about 30-40 active members.  Whether you are new to Spearfishing or snorkelling we would be happy to show you how to dive and spearfish safely. We also host one of the oldest spearfishing competitions in Australia, the Annual Canada Cup out of Terrigal every February as well as monthly Club competitions. We offer Social Memberships for those who are more interested in the social aspect of diving.

Alistair Cooke The Art of Taking Noobs Spearfishing. Spanish Mackerel

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