Interview with Ole Johannes Duerlolimi and Gil Orr

Arctic Spearfishing Norway

‘Big laughs, huge Halibut and ginormous tips for coldwater spearfishing’ pretty much sums up this interview. Gil and Ole from Arctic Spearfishing were a tonne of fun and I really enjoyed this chat. The couple live in the North of Norway and dive pristine waters chasing amazing critters like Lumpsucker, King Crabs and Wolf-Fish. Subscribe to the Podcast on your app and get the latest Noob Spearo Podcast episodes as soon as they release:) Enjoy!

Special Shoutouts: Ole Axel Schuller is the guy I started spearing with and he’s also the most active person in the Arctic Spearfishing business. As well as him, Sebastian Siwam Wada and Joel Burman are also a critical part of the crew.”

Arctic spearfishing Norway. Interview with Ole Johannes Duerlolimi and Gil Orr

Gil Orr | Arctic Spearfishing Halibut

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Interview Time Stamps

00:00 Intro: Mentioned;

06:42 Welcome to Gil and Ole (shoutout to Rachel from Brisbane Bullsharks)

20:00 How to stay warm spearfishing in cold climates (mentioned Dan Manns video tips to stay warm spearfishing)

24:00 Arctic Spearfishing Norway | Target Species

Arctic spearfishing Norway. Interview with Ole Johannes Duerlolimi and Gil Orr

Ole Johannes Duerlolimi and Gil Orr with huge Halibut

35:00 Hunting techniques for different species

44:00 Ole’s background and passion for the ocean

48:00 Toughest situation speafishing | Zodiac love

69:00 Gill’s best Halibut story

74:00 Ole’s best Halibut story (Full world record Halibut video here)

82:00 Spearo Q&A

  • Single best piece of spearfishing advice
  • If you had to start spearfishing all over again, what would you do differently?
  • Who is the best person to go spearfishing with and why?

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Arctic spearfishing Norway. Ole Johannes Duerlolimi with huge Halibut

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