Interview with Barret Harvey | African Spearfishing Diaries

This interview with Barret Harvey starts off with the background behind several recent videos on the ‘African Spearfishing Diaries’ YouTube Channel. I was curious as I had seen the 2-3 of his latest videos and they are froth-makers. He has continued to pump out a new 8-12 minute spearfishing vid every week. We also chat about locations and species with plenty of practical tips and ideas along the way. At the 59 minute mark we get right into the skillset required to become a spearfishing videographer. Listen in and subscribe.

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Barret Harvey African Spearfishing Diaries in the water

A Bit About Barret Harvey

Barret Harvey is a South African spearo probably best well know as the creator of African Spearfishing Diaries. He started Spearfishing at 15 years of age when he moved from Johannesburg to Durban on the east coast of South Africa. He has been spearing for 29 years. Barret first filmed himself and others spearing when he was 21. So he has been filming Spearfishing for around 25 years. He’s married and now lives and dives in Qatar in the Middle East. He works on a live broadcast team as the specialist Drone pilot but works on both drone and camera for most sports.

Important Moments

04:18 Barret Harvey Introduction

07:00 All About African Spearfishing Diaries

12:00 Spearfishing French Polynesia

37:00 Favorite Spearfishing Hunting Technique

41:30 Shot placement discusion

47:50 What has been your toughest moment in the water?

Barret Harvey African Spearfishing Diaries. IIfafa Point Daga 38Kg

Barret Harvey with IIfafa Point Daga 38Kg

59:00 How to Make a Living as a Spearfishing Photographer

  1. Diving Competence
  2. Camera Equipment and Application within the Spearfishing environment.
  3. Production Skills
  4. Customer Skills and Safety | Building Trust
  5. Defining Roles
  6. Working with Professional Guides
  7. Ultimate Goals and Longevity
  8. Passion and Belief

Equipment Bag

98:00 Funniest Moment out Spearfishing

103:00 What’s in your Divebag?

105:00 Spearo Q&A

Connect With Barret Harvey African Spearfishing Diaries

Interview with Barret Harvey | African Spearfishing Diaries

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