Interview with Bret Whitman | Dirty Vis Diving

Massive thoughts about hunting Dogtooth and other Bluewater species, Southern California Diving, Dirty Water Diving and more….all with the host of the SpearFactor Podcast, Bret Whitman. We have a good old time in this episode. Listen in!

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Dirty Vis Diving. Dirty Water Spearfishing. Bret Whitman Interview

Important Times

03:30 Bret Whitman introduction and the SpearFactor Podcast and local Southern California diving

18:00 Massive Conversation on Fish Identification

23:00 Dogtooth Tuna Story and Tips

42:40 Tuna Vortex Story

55:00 Veterans Vault | Dirty Vis Diving | How to Spearfish in Poo Water

  • Equipment planning and preparation
  • Understanding and planning for hunting depths
  • Being quiet when you hit bottom
  • Adapting finning technique
  • Slowing down more!
  • Speargun Size
  • Ditching the Double Wrap
  • Mid-handle speargun?
  • How to search for stuff in dirty water
  • Triangle of Access | positioning your dive knife
  • Duncan Henderson “obvious question from me, guns, what size and what type? I think a midhandle could be of use.”
Dirty Vis Diving. Dirty Water Spearfishing. Bret Whitman Interview | Dogtooth Tuna

📷 Michael Orr. Bret Whitman with Dogtooth Tuna taken Spearfishing

82:50 Funniest Moment out spearfishing | Carpel Tunnel?

84:30 Spearo Q&A | Sean Vigue Yoga on YouTube

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