NSP:125 Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Gear

NSP:125 Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Gear

Interview with Jerry Guerra

In this interview with Neptonics madman Jerry Guerra we get right into equipment. We chat speargun components, rigging FO-Pars & points of difference, proprietary Neptonics gear and more. But it’s not limited to equipment. Jerry has a very effective style for explaining core hunting strategies and ideas and I learned a sh#t tonne. This interview is killer. Listen in and Subscribe!

Neptonics is a brand well know for high quality spearfishing equipment. They specialize in high grade speargun components and have their own patented and unique equipment. Jerry Guerra’s journey started with his own shop in 2004 and eventually he joined forces with Neptonics and became an owner of the business. Learn more at neptonics.com

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Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. King Mackerel

Jerry Guerra with King Mackerel

Important Times

3:00 Jerry Guerra Introduction and Background. The Old Man & the Sea and Boy Scouts of America

9:50 Starting to spearfish deep. How it all started

12:00 Spearfishing equipment preparation

17:00 The spearfishing hunting journey to mastery

  • The cone of death. Dropping within a 30ft span of your target fish or structure.
  • Reducing profile. Less intimidation for fish, increased hydrodynamic efficiency
  • Increasing deeper diving accuracy and economy
  • The rock bottom hunting technique. Allowing the fish to relax and return

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. Grouper

30:00 Boating reconnaissance and building skills for finding new ground

34:00 Memorable Fish | Black Grouper Behemoth

39:00 Blackout Story | How he survived and what he learned

46:30 Geeking out on Spearfishing Equipment

“No one will take care of your gear like you will” – Jerry Guerra

  • Different style Mechs | pros and cons
  • Are there some common issues people have with DIY speargun upgrades?
  • Triggers and handles. Pulling shot issues
  • Safety | Do or Do not have
  • Shafts | preferences
  • Tom asks “A question that I spent a lot of time researching was how to eliminate points of failure, what kind of knots, bungee connected to gun or float, what gauge shark clips, better options for shooting line bungee, basically how do you make connections as fail safe as possible?”
  • Dyneema vs Mono shaft to speargun line aka shooting line pros and cons
  • Muffling noise, parts and accessories?
  • Spectra, dyneema, monofilament, stainless wire. Uses and application
  • Essential 3-4 knots every spearo should learn. Where to learn and where and when to use them
  • Floatline material | PVC, Vinyl, (+spectra fusion – Riffe float lines), thermoplastic, poly lines. Application for each
  • Reels? How and what application should they have?
  • Breakaway setups | Key adjustments to make and changes to your hunting
  • Shark Clips vs D-Shackles
  • What setup did you use to capture a 280+lb fish?
  • Floatline Clutch | Utility

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. African Pompano

90:00 Planning and preparing for international spearfishing trips

  • Spearfishing Equipment checklist for trips by Jerry Guerra from Neptonics
  • Chlorophyll
  • Warm water plumes and Wahoo behaviour
  • Wahoo hunting technique | racing the fish to mimic the competition drive for bait

99:30 Funniest Moment out Spearfishing | Hunting MahiMahi naked

101:20 Spearo Q&A

  • What is the single biggest lesson youve learned
  • Who is your fav person to go diving with and why?
  • What is something you do a little different than everyone else?

Connect with Jerry Guerra @

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NSP:124 Valentine Thomas Making a Living Spearfishing

NSP:124 Valentine Thomas Making a Living Spearfishing

NSP:124 Valentine Thomas Making a Living Spearfishing | Part 2

Second Interview with Valentine Thomas! This episode we cover what’s happened to her in the last 5 years including guesting on the Joe Rogan Podcast, attending international fishing symposiums, moving to Florida, shooting a huge Marlin and her very own cookbook. You know pretty much just your average person’s last 5 year story:) In addition, we review some safety issues, sustainability, and so much more. Listen in!

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Valentine Thomas Black Marlin taken spearfishing

Valentine Thomas with the Black Marlin mentioned in the interview

Important Interview Times

06:00 How her perspective and life has changed since our last podcast

  • What has changed? Events, discoveries along the way
  • International Symposium of Fisheries Sustainability, organized by the FAO of the United Nations in Rome.
  • New life in Florida | French Fish and Seafood Cookbook
  • How has that been reflected in her life, choices, and habits
  • Confronting attitudes and dealing with BS
  • Freediving and spearfishing progress. Marlin in Cabo, Baja
  • Fish handling | reducing fresh water to clean the fish before bagging or vacuum packing


Valentine Thomas spearfishing Marlin

19:00 Her work in fighting against certain commercial practices

  • RECENT INSTA POST: Markets and fishing | making better choices and influencing others. Perceived value
  • Seafood labeling and carbon monoxide
  • WASTE: Valentine POST on INSTA: Fisheries are discarding and wasting around 10 BILLIONS pounds every year (conservative estimate!). Why is that?
  • 1 – To comply with regulations. If they fish over their quotas or if they accidentally caught species they aren’t supposed to (by-catch)
  • 2 – The market value of the fish caught is too low
  • This is why varying our diet and why the variety of species we consume is so important. We create the demand, consequently the market
  • Nefarious practices | impinging on National waters, people smuggling
  • Inequality of fishing laws, fishing law enforcement and some countries inability to police their own waters
  • Traceability and Seafood Labeling | Ecolabels
  • Lionfish – Invasive Problem | Creating consumer demand, incentivizing restaurants and changing public perceptions
  • Also countries with very well managed fisheries now importing a huge percentage of their national seafood intake from poorer countries with less well managed fisheries
  • Aquaculture. Seems to be an amazing idea with lots of problems. Enclosed waterway nets of species like Yellowtail Kingfish cause damage with the volume of fecal matter and also seem to attract disease whereas open ocean fish farming seems to mean large nets can be broken off in storms and become ghost nets and lose their capital investment in the equipment.
  • Reduced Transport Footprints | Additionally, why do people in Australia demand fish from 1000’s of km away when they have amazing fish on their doorstep. Very short shelf life
  • Different forms of fishing and how they impact the environment. Harvesters (Oysters), purse seine, long-lining, trawling
  • Helping bleeding hearts understand the place and utility of commercial fishing and using quota to ensure stocks are maintained.
  • Using the whole fish | sharing the good stuff with others and promoting good practice

56:50 The Blackout Story from the SinkPhase crew


64:52 Captain Dan Walsh Speargun Story

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NSP:123 DIY Wooden Speargun 101 | Ed Martin

NSP:123 DIY Wooden Speargun 101 | Ed Martin

The Timber Speargun Build Episode

From concept to shooting fish with Ed Martin from Killshot Spearguns

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Important Times

03:30 Ed Martin from Killshot Spearguns Introduction and all about the Florida Keys (his store is in Islamorada).

  • Geography
  • Water Temps
  • Depths and bottom structure
  • Seasonal issues
  • Common species

DIY Timber Speargun. DIY woodie speargun. Ed Martin Killshot Spearguns with African Pompano

16:00 The rationale behind this Wooden Speargun DIY build episode + Ed Martins spearfishing background and the Killshot Speargun story

23:25 Errol “What are the pros/cons of Wood VS Pipe speargun in your mind?

Duncan Henderson also asks “Why do you choose to work with wooden guns? whats the advantages in your opinion?”

DIY Timber Speargun. DIY woodie speargun. Ed Martin Killshot Spearguns how to make your own speargun

27:50 CONCEPTING AND PLANNING | Making your first speargun advice!

  • What are the crucial decisions to make before you start?
  • SearchingForTheEdge on the spearfishing Subreddit advised prospective gun builders that the number one key is to build your gun around your spear. Don’t try to build a gun and then later try to find a spear for it. It’s much easier and faster to buy the spear and use it for all the measurements. Is this good advice?
  • Sven Franklin “what is the ideal shaft overhang length as this varies from company to company and personal opinion among spearos?”
  • Joe Pedro “Enclosed track vs open track, how to decide which is best for certain fish targeting setups?”
  • Can we borrow or steal some ideas from the best manufacturers?


  • Composite vs Solid one piece?
  • Wood types? Mahogany, Sepo, Teak etc
  • Glue? Resin? Sealant? Epoxy? What is the difference?
  • Making a test gun
  • What components should I buy rather than make myself? How do you make these choices? Where is a good place for buying components?
  • To safety or not to safety?
  • What tools do I require? What tools do I desire? Clamps, jigsaw, dropsaw, mitresaw, cordless drill, gloves, plastic, straight edge, file, masking tape, rubber for relieving clamping pressure, tape measure, belt sander, verniers, small chisel, router, drill press

DIY Timber Speargun. DIY woodie speargun. Ed Martin Killshot Spearguns how to make your own speargun

66:15 How much time does it take to make a speargun?

69:00 Buoyancy and ballast | How do we work this out?

74:40 Daniel Mann “Why is oil a terrible choice to finish a timber speargun?”

79:00 Care and maintenance

80:30 Duncan also asks “What are the common problems with people’s homemade wooden guns?”

92:00 Rubber Powerbands

  • How often do you replace them?
  • Wishbones – the horror of metal wishbones

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NSP:122 NZ Trip Part 3 | Pub Yarn + Debrief

NSP:122 NZ Trip Part 3 | Pub Yarn + Debrief

Interview with Rosie Sharman, Blair Herbert and James Beckman

In early March, 2020 I traveled to New Zealand with James Beckman to chase fish at the Three Kings Islands. I was invited by Nat a few years ago to head over and this year (thanks to Patron listeners) I was able to make it happen! This episode is a trip debrief after 4 days on the water…. and 5 hours driving…..and at least 3 beers each:) Needless to say, it required a wee bit of editing. Thanks Pat;)

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Important Times

04:00 Introductions and thoughts on the New Zealand Three Kings experience

10:30 Rosie Sharman’s spearfishing journey

15:00 First dive at the Three Kings. The weather, islands and conditions

Rosie Sharman Isaac Shrek Daly Catching Crayfish Lobster Freediving in New Zealand. Three Kings Islands

Rosie and Shrek, Three Kings Crayfish


29:00 Mokohinau Islands, Pink MaoMao. Porae and NZ Snapper

35:30 Bait and Spearfishing

51:30 Rosie’s Raw Fish with Three Kings Trevally | Boat Surprise


James Beckman 33.5kg (74lb) Yellowtail Kingfish at the Three Kings Islands

James Beckman 33.5kg (74lb) Yellowtail Kingfish at the Three Kings Islands


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NSP:121 Rochele Davey the Kiwi Speara | NZ Part 2

NSP:121 Rochele Davey the Kiwi Speara | NZ Part 2

Interview with Rochele Davey (Potter)

Rochele Davey (Potter) is a multiple spearfishing world (and NZ) record holder for many species. I was privileged to spend 4 days with her, Nat (her husband), Rosie and James for a dynamite spearfishing trip in New Zealand. Late on the second day after diving all day, I sat down with Rochele and had the privilege of listening to her spearfishing journey. From adapting a purchase system on roller spearguns to being dragged behind a 107lb Yellowtail Kingfish through a dangerous channel, this interview has plenty of awesome moments! Listen in:)

This episode was recorded on the back deck of Florence Nightingale IV, a 60 Crayfishing Boat at the Three Kings Islands, New Zealand in early March, 2020. Thanks to Patron Listeners who funded this (and every) Noob Spearo trip!

Download and listen to this podcast!

Important Times

05:00 Rochele Davey nee Potter introduction and greetings

11:40 A few of Rochele’s Spearfishing World Records. The story behind the 48.8KG (107 lb) Yellowtail Kingfish Battle

17:50 How the spearfishing journey began for Rochele

23:25 Beuchat Spearfishing Wetsuits | Orange Safety Spot feature

26:00 Rochele’s favourite species to hunt and how to hunt them effectively | New Zealand Snapper (Pagrus auratus)

30:00 Scariest Moments in the Ocean

36:15 Struggles learning to spearfish

  • Planning a hunt from the surface
  • Adopting a hunters finning technique
  • Working through speargun reloading and adopting a roller with a purchase system

49:45 Rochele’s Underwater Photography Journey

56:30 “Don’t feel you have to shoot the fish in the head. Just shoot it!”

Rochele Davey Roller Pulley Speargun | Massive Power, Easy Loading

Rochele Davey Roller Pulley System for easy to load, powerful spearguns

Rochele “Hey mate, couple of pics of my gun here. First one is in the loose position ready to load the bungy”

Roller Pulley System. Make speargun loading easy while still having massive power

“Loaded, so imagine the rubbers have been loaded onto the shaft and you’ve pulled the string through so the pulleys are close together. If you want less power because you’re shooting around reef just ease the cord a bit.” – Rochele

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NSP:120 New Zealand Trip | Part 1 Conservation, Social Media & Sharks

NSP:120 New Zealand Trip | Part 1 Conservation, Social Media & Sharks

Spearfishing Conservation with James, David , Etoile ‘ET’ and Blair | Conservation, Social Media & Sharks

This episode is an extremely wide ranging chat recorded on Blair Herbert’s Matakana porch. It was awesome to arrive in New Zealand and partake of Blair’s awesome hospitality and record this first interview at his place. The conversation focuses on Spearfishing Conservation and related topics but we digress…..a lot.

Blair is an avid spearo with a background is Fisheries Management. David Dupavillon is an experienced spearfishing guide and Splash Spearfishing Team Member. ET is knowledgeable and well researched in many facets of the worlds oceans and it’s inhabitants. She is currently completing a degree in Marine Biology and is a shark conservationist. James Beckman was my travel buddy and he’s also been a past guest on the show (listen here to learn more about him). Everyone loves spearfishing:)

I really enjoyed this chat and my entire trip to New Zealand in early March, 2020. Thank you to the PATRON listeners who made it happen!

Download and listen to this podcast!

NSP:120 New Zealand Trip | Part 1 Conservation, Social Media & Sharks

Important Times

05:25 Introductions and background information

19:44 About New Zealand Spearfishing. Species, Biomass and Variety

25:00 Kina aka Sea Urchin | Pest or Delicacy?

30:17 Social Media and Spearfishing | Are we converting people to a better way of life?

38:38 Great fisheries initiatives | Melbourne Crayfish Tagging

47:30 Exploitation of people as slave labour on International Fishing Vessels

52:30 Sharks and Fishing | Why can’t we hunt them?

62:30 Fisheries Management | How could it be done better?

76:40 The Wholefish Cookbook by Josh Niland

96:20 Words of Wisdom

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