Interview with Catherine Sayce

Catherine Sayce is a Kiwi airline attendant/insta speara star renown for her sharp sense of humour and self-deprecating wit. She’s also New Zealand most disqualified female spearo – and we talk about how to avoid this in the Veterans Vault and have some good laughs along the way. Listen out for some great info on hunting Wahoo. Download this episode on your app of choice and find 116 similar episodes right here.

Catherine Sayce Spearfisherwoman

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Catherine Sayce Spearfisherwoman Interview Guide + time stamps

08:00 Catherine meet and greet. Background and banter

11:30 Introduction to spearfishing. “Grabbing my fear by the balls” – Catherine Sayce

Catherine Sayce Spearfisherwoman. Making the best of it - Spearfishing

Making the best of it – Catherine Sayce

15:00 Awesome dive buddies

15:40 International spearfishing trips | Forrest Gallante

24:00 Most Memorable Fish Capture | Wahoo – get closer!

“(With Wahoo) Don’t make eye contact with the fish but check out all the detail in the fish’s eye (to make sure you are close enough to shoot)” – Catherine Sayce

Catherine Sayce Spearfisherwoman. Wahoo Spearfishing

Catherine Sayce Wahoo

32:00 “What does THOT mean?” Duncan Henderson

34:20 What is the toughest situation you’ve had out spearfishing?

44:00 Veterans Vault: Avoiding Disqualification in Spearfishing Competitions

  • Paying attention at briefing
  • Monitoring times (particularly time back at ramp, time at briefing)
  • Time management (wear a dive watch)
  • Read the competition rules

51:00 Fish Identification | Learning the species, the rules and regulations governing their capture. Also how to identify in water and spend the time to correctly identify the fish before squeezing the trigger

55:00 Shark Controversy Discussion

62:00 Funniest Moment Spearfishing | Poo Rock and Prizes

65:00 What’s in your spearfishing dive bag?

68:00 Spearo Q&A

  • Who have been the most influential people in your spearfishing?
  • What is your next fish goal?

72:00 Concluding remarks and wisdom:)

Catherine Sayce Spearfisherwoman. New Zealand Snapper Spearfishing

Catherine Sayce with New Zealand Snapper (Pagrus auratus)

Connect with Catherine on Instagram @cattrin_

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