Coatesman interview!

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Chris Coates is a born and bred South African currently traveling all over the place with spearfishing and formerly commercial diving. When he’s at home in South Africa he lives on the Dolphin Coast of KwaZulu Natal. You can find out more about Chris at Coatemans Spearfishing Safaris, where he takes people on guided trips to take down some of the best fish in the world. He’s also collaborating with some of the planets best spearo’s to develop a small groups spearfishing course.

In this interview….

We chat in depth about effective burley use. From tools and tricks to the crucial part – technique. With over 30 years experience and time in the water with some of the worlds best, Chris shares about everything from DIY flashers (watch a video about them here) to using noise to attract your preys interest and curiosity. Its not a secret that Turbo and I have been wanting to interview Chris since we started the show. Not only is he an authority in the spearfishing world but he’s also just a top bloke who you can share a laugh with no matter where you are at in your spearfishing journey.

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Coatesman Spearfishing and Underwater Photography

As mentioned in the interview here is the link to one of the best spearfishing blogs around.

Coatesman’s Spearfishing Safaris look phenomenal. Check out his Ascension Island Spearfishing Trips write-up and information package here. After listening into this interview and hearing Chris share some of his stories and tips you can see why he is one of the worlds most sought after spearfishing guides.

Chris takes underwater photography seriously and likes to share his spearfishing adventures with his mates and clients. Check out his Instagram and say hello to him here

Coatesmans Yellowfin Tuna Ascension Island trip here (well worth a watch!)

Chris is also a partner with Richard Leonard a former guest on the show and one of the most genuine fellas you will ever meet. They are partners in a well known spearfishing film and media company called In The Zone productions. Their work includes One Fish Legends, Mozam Magic (which we mention in the show), One Fish Going East and more, you can check them out here

Chris Coates Weightbelt Setup for Spearfishing

On the left; note the belt reel – you can use this when you are in danger of running out of line on your main speargun reel. The black strap (im pretty sure) is used to stop the weight belt from raising up your stomach when duckdiving – you slip it under your bum and clip it in. On the right Chris mentioned his carabena setup and central and within easy reach is his dive knife.

For fast navigation through Chris Coates interview, here are some major moments…

3:00 The interview kicks off with us asking Chris about his latest adventures in winter-time Qatar chasing Amberjack

4:00 Early beginnings, chasing crays & stinkies

6:00 Early obstacles, getting stuck at a certain depth due to limited opportunities shore diving

11:00 Mozam Magic, Chris shares about the Marlin he took during the filming of Mozam Magic

15:00 Favourite Spearfishing Hunting Technique – Noise!

19:00 Scary Moment in Sodwana, diving deep, boats, Whale Shark, fulva? (golden trevally), and a short floatline

30:00 Veterans Vault, Burley – a definitive guide on effective use. 43:00 DIY flasher some guidelines and ideas. Also mentioned Rob Allen Catch Bag for use with burley

46:00 Whats in Chris Coates Divebag?

53:00 Fast Five Facts For Noobs

A few more pictures of Chris and some of his memorable captures!

Chris Coates Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel Spearfishing

Ascension Island Spearfishing Coatesmans Spearfishing Safaris

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