Interview with Forrest Galante

Today’s interview is with Forrest Galante! Explorer, TV personality, adventurer and spearo, Forest has a rather large resume when it comes to the outdoors, holding multiple spearfishing world records on speargun and pole spear! Having been on the Joe Rogan Podcast and besides his own podcast The Wild Times podcast, he is most well known for his TV shows where he travels to remote parts of the world in search of extinct and extremely rare animals. We are proud to say that his journey was hugely influenced by spearfishing, join us as we have a great chat about his connection to spearfishing and how that relates to the other work he does.

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:08 Welcome Forrest Galante!
  • 05:52 Wild Times Podcast
  • 07:25 Handling large sharks
  • 10:43 First Tiger shark interaction

  • 13:15 We are still learning about sharks
  • 15:10 You’re a HECS man and you’ve been on the Joe Rogan Podcast?
  • 16:24 Extinct or Alive
  • 18:25 Tell us about your adventures
  • 22:15 The reality of working a job like yours
  • 24:40 Your early work
  • 27:30 Opportunity cost

  • 29:30 You have 6 World Records, which stands out the most?
  • 35:30 You seem to like hunting Wahoo, how do you hunt them?
  • 40:00 Getting towed by a big fish
  • 43:25 Bull sharks and Mako’s
  • 48:10 California diving
  • 50:50 Do you hunt with the meal in mind?

  • 53:15 Spearfishing presents unique pressure on species
  • 55:55 What is in your gear bag? 62 inch Diablo Speargun, HECS and Waihana wetsuits, Omer Stingray Carbon 25’s, Riffe mask and snorkel
  • 01:01:45 What are the obstacles that you face and how do you overcome them?
  • 01:04:35 Thank you Forest!

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