Getting Started Spearfishing Video – Gear Guide

DIY Roller Powerhead Conversion Guide (Video Inside)

Fins with Darren Shields from Wettie TV.

Darren’s practical approach to gear means that the Wettie gear tutorials are a quality source of information particularly for people getting started.

Choosing a Dive Float.

Dive floats are a crucial item in your spearfishing kit. Benefits of using a float are; alerting boats and others that you are in the area provided the float has a diveflag, flotation aid when divers are tired, a place to have your fish keeper and when you shoot a fish you can let your gun go knowing that it is connected to the float on the surface.

Choosing a Dive Mask.

Another Darren Shields tutorial, masks are an in store purchase generally unless you know exactly what you want. Building a good relationship with your local spearfishing retailer is a great idea when you start spearfishing. The retailer can advise you on the best equipment, provide advice on local conditions and law and many other benefits if they are a quality outlet. Darrens store Wettie is based in Auckland, you can find out more about Wettie in our interview with Darren here.

The Lowdown on Snorkels


Weight Belts with Mako Speargiuns

Rob Allen Weightbelts

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