Getting Started Spearfishing Video

Spearfishing Basics

Basic Rescue

Recovering A Spearo In Distress

Step 1 – Remove Gun from Spearo

Step 2 – Get the Diver to the Surface

Step 3 – Remove Their Mask

Step 4 – Tell them to Breathe, say their name

Step 5 – Go home, do not dive anymore that day

More Information about shallow water blackout

Relaxation with Anvar Mufazalov from Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia

Chest Loading your Speargun with Nautilus

Correct Breathing

DIY Gun Rubbers – Adreno

Mask De-Fog – Nautilus

Speargun Bands How To – Mako

Target Practice with Rob Allen

Wetsuits with Nautilus

1. Lubrication is essential when putting on your suit. Spearos often use – Conditioner, sex lubricant, baby oil, wetsuit purpose made lubricant or everybody’s favorite cold seawater on its own. (Often in winter spearos take a 1.5 litre bottle with warm water and lube of choice in).

2. Dont Fold the Suit – Hang it up on friendly gentle hanger at home. When traveling fold the suit following the seams.

3. Dont let it dry inside out after washing.

4. Insides of open cell suits are super soft be careful with fingernails and sunlight.

5. Wash with fresh water after use everytime and if you want to use a detergent use a neoprene friendly product.


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