Interview with Glyn Sadler

Today’s interview is with Glyn Sadler! He is part of a group of friends that decided to row across the Atlantic ocean! We chat all about preparing for a massive trip like this, spearfishing off a row boat and how his time in the military has helped his spearfishing. Mental health is a huge talking point, rowing for weeks on end with 3 other men in a tiny boat is going to push you to a place you probably haven’t been before, Glyn has some great thoughts on how to overcome some mental challenges. We also talk about using the bathroom out on the sea and some of the hilarious stories that come with that!

A special Happy Birthday to Glyn’s son Harry and his wife Sarah!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:25 Welcome Glyn!
  • 06:35 Your military background, spearfishing and ocean rowing
  • 12:00 Mental health
  • 14:40 Useless people
  • 18:00 Resilience and the reality of rowing across the ocean
  • 30:05 Great struggle brings great victory
  • 33:40 A hard reset for your mental health
  • 39:00 How did the bathroom work?

  • 42:10 Spearfishing and ocean rowing
  • 45:05 Tell us about your boat!
  • 52:15 Tell us about this race and the sponsors!
  • 01:00:55 @Adventures_Per_Mare – rowing and spearfishing the UK coast
  • 01:08:40 Fitness
  • 01:12:15 Australian visitor out on the Atlantic
  • 01:20:40 Spearfishing in Northern Wales
  • 01:25:20 4.4lb Mullet

  • 01:28:20 Spider crabs in the shallows and diving with your kids
  • 01:33:50 99 Spearo Recipes and harvesting food from the ocean
  • 01:41:45 Thanks for joining us Glyn!
  • 01:42:40 Outro

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