Spearfishing in Scotland? Pneumatic Spearguns?

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Thats right! Listen into this interview with Grant Laidlaw, a proper kilt wearing, Mcewan’s lager drinking Scottish Spearo


In this episode we make a call to Scotland to learn about Scottish spearfishing and hear about Grant Laidlaw’s personal spearfishing journey.  Overcoming different challenges he has faced is a huge theme for the chat.

One highlight of the interview is the story Grant shares about changing from a conventional banded speargun to a pneumatic or air-powered speargun. He was able to walk us through this challenge and how he eventually overcame the learning curve.

Big sections of the interview are like this and follow a useful formula. Generally its challenge, personal story, tips and hard won knowledge and then how you can apply it in your own spearfishing. If your challenge is overcoming cold water, buoyancy, breath hold, hunting, changing spearguns or something like night diving then you will find this interview useful.

Also if you love a broad Scottish accent and listening to spearfishing stories then you’ll thoroughly enjoy this;)

Grant Laidlaw with a Pollock caught spearfishing off a kayak in Scotland

Grant Laidlaw with a wee beastie (Pollock) taken spearfishing off the kayak

Fast Times – Interview Navigation with Grant Laidlaw

3:00 Getting started spearfishing story

6:00 Ebay wetsuits, finding people to go with, freezing water and a host of other issues getting started spearfishing

8:00 Most memorable Fish: Weed line hunting and a big Pollock

10:00 General chat about spearfishing in Scotland. Conditions, species, records and more.

15:00 Lobster hunting in Scotland.

16:00 Spearfishing Hunting Technique: Aspettos. A good tip about weighting correctly for the aspettos technique.

Winter Spearfishing Scotland with Grant Laidlaw

19:00 Night time spearfishing. Benefits and some tips to do it safely.

23:00 Scary Moment. Night Diving and a wee bit ah poo. Bull seal encounter (250kg or 550lb).

31:00 Veterans Vault: Learning about Marine Zones in Scotland and the UK

Grant plays an active part (volunteer) in the management of one of the oldest marine parks in the U.K. Listen into the interview to learn about why and how you might like to get involved in Citizen Science initiatives or your own marine parks.

Learn more about St. Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve here. This is where Grant serves as a Trustee and Treasurer. In the link above you can find information on the marine reserve and ranger led activities.

SeaSearch (link here) is a project any UK based divers can get involved in. The main aim is to map out the various types of sea bed found in the near-shore zone around the whole of the Britain and Ireland. Divers are also asked to record what lives in each area and note any problems or issues. This helps them to decide which sites need protection. If you have an interest in being part of a proactive activity to sustain and improve your local fishery and the environment then check it out.

Capturing Our Coast (UK) is a  project where people can log specific marine life sightings and participate in data collection etc. Volunteers receive training and support and are actively involved in the gathering of information for scientists. Learn more here.

The PickUp3 project (more info here)  Pick up 3 Pieces is a really simple idea – just bring 3 pieces of litter back with you every time you visit a beach. Their site has more information but its an easy one to join in on.

Neptune Islands Great White Shark Research Crowdfunding campaign mentioned [learn more here]

the Hobbit! Scotland Spearfishing with Grant Laidlaw

the Hobbit!

Pneumatic Spearguns – Q & A

  • How do they work?
  • What are the main components?
  • What pressure do you charge the speargun to?
  • Biggest challenge was learning to aim (lots of missed fish when he transitioned to pneumatics)
  • Aiming tips and tricks
  • Is there any recoil? Sporasub 1ES
  • How do you load them? What are the other techniques? How long does it take to reload them?
  • Are they noisey when you fire them?
  • How can you minimize the noise? (Dry Barrel kits)
  • Pay attention to the trigger when you purchase a pneumatic
  • Do you lose power when you fire the pneumatic spearguns at depth

This is a really good conversation about spearguns in general and learning to adapt to a different style of speargun.

59:00 Funniest Moments. Night diving in a military area with LED torch’s + scaring the crap out of a bloke line fishing at night.

63:00 Whats in your divebag?

Whats in your divebag? Scotland Spearfishing Equipment With Grant Laidlaw

Grants Spearfishing Equipment for spearfishing in Scotland

  • Pathos full carbon dive fins.
  • Spider 5mm dive socks
  • LAS made to measure wetsuits
  • Omer Zero Mask + Dive Torch (Mini Q LED4xAAA batteries)
  • Beauchat Guardian Float
  • Weightbelt and a harness to spread the weight
  • Dive Watch
  • GoPro 5 Black here
  • Pneumatic Spearguns mentioned

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Fast 5 Facts for Noobs

  1. Get your equipment priorities right. Wetsuit matters, spend the money.
  2. Learn to relax, slow down and move slowly.
  3. Get your weighting right for the depths you’re hunting.
  4. Get to know a specific area really well.
  5. Treat your catch very well because its all about the eating quality at the end of the day.

Check out Grant Laidlaws YouTube channel here to see videos of the Scottish Spearfishing experience


– Google Citizen Science and you will find activities in your area to get involved in.

Australia Site here

Here is a live Project in Australia about Oyster Gardening – Bribe Island

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