Interview with Trevor Ketchion

Trevor Ketchion from Submerged Psychos and Shrek team up to present a guide to spearfishing Southern Queensland including the Gold Coast, Northern NSW coastline, Sunny Coast and the lack of Brisbane shore-based spearfishing locations. Beforehand Shrek unveils 5-6 accessories crucial for GoPro users:)

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If I missed anything or you have alt suggestions, chuck em in the comments!

Queensland Spearfishing Topics Include;

🐟 5-6 species to target in Queensland waters when starting out;

  • Luderick Species | Drummer
  • Flathead
  • Bream and Tarwhine
  • Parrot
  • Tuskfish
  • Surgeonfish
  • Morwong

Grants Guide to Fish Book!

🌏 Popular locations (legal)

  • Sunshine Coast: Point Arkwright
  • Gold Coast/ Northern NSW: Kingscliff
  • Brisbane | Offshore Moreton and North Stradbroke Island

How to find spearfishing spots (blogpost)

💁 Where to find more information

🌞 Good weather and conditions for spearfishing

  • Less than 1m swell
  • High Tide (an hour or two before until 30 minutes past will generally hold the cleanest water)
  • Avoid prolonged Easterly and Northerly winds as these make the water dirty
  • Apps and Websites | BOM | Willyweather | SeaBreeze |

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