Interview with Jerry Guerra

In this interview with Neptonics madman Jerry Guerra we get right into equipment. We chat speargun components, rigging FO-Pars & points of difference, proprietary Neptonics gear and more. But it’s not limited to equipment. Jerry has a very effective style for explaining core hunting strategies and ideas and I learned a sh#t tonne. This interview is killer. Listen in and Subscribe!

Neptonics is a brand well know for high quality spearfishing equipment. They specialize in high grade speargun components and have their own patented and unique equipment. Jerry Guerra’s journey started with his own shop in 2004 and eventually he joined forces with Neptonics and became an owner of the business. Learn more at neptonics.com

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Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. King Mackerel

Jerry Guerra with King Mackerel

Important Times

3:00 Jerry Guerra Introduction and Background. The Old Man & the Sea and Boy Scouts of America

9:50 Starting to spearfish deep. How it all started

12:00 Spearfishing equipment preparation

17:00 The spearfishing hunting journey to mastery

  • The cone of death. Dropping within a 30ft span of your target fish or structure.
  • Reducing profile. Less intimidation for fish, increased hydrodynamic efficiency
  • Increasing deeper diving accuracy and economy
  • The rock bottom hunting technique. Allowing the fish to relax and return

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. Grouper

30:00 Boating reconnaissance and building skills for finding new ground

34:00 Memorable Fish | Black Grouper Behemoth

39:00 Blackout Story | How he survived and what he learned

46:30 Geeking out on Spearfishing Equipment

“No one will take care of your gear like you will” – Jerry Guerra

  • Different style Mechs | pros and cons
  • Are there some common issues people have with DIY speargun upgrades?
  • Triggers and handles. Pulling shot issues
  • Safety | Do or Do not have
  • Shafts | preferences
  • Tom asks “A question that I spent a lot of time researching was how to eliminate points of failure, what kind of knots, bungee connected to gun or float, what gauge shark clips, better options for shooting line bungee, basically how do you make connections as fail safe as possible?”
  • Dyneema vs Mono shaft to speargun line aka shooting line pros and cons
  • Muffling noise, parts and accessories?
  • Spectra, dyneema, monofilament, stainless wire. Uses and application
  • Essential 3-4 knots every spearo should learn. Where to learn and where and when to use them
  • Floatline material | PVC, Vinyl, (+spectra fusion – Riffe float lines), thermoplastic, poly lines. Application for each
  • Reels? How and what application should they have?
  • Breakaway setups | Key adjustments to make and changes to your hunting
  • Shark Clips vs D-Shackles
  • What setup did you use to capture a 280+lb fish?
  • Floatline Clutch | Utility

Jerry Guerra Neptonics Madman | Geeking out on Spearfishing Gear. African Pompano

90:00 Planning and preparing for international spearfishing trips

  • Spearfishing Equipment checklist for trips by Jerry Guerra from Neptonics
  • Chlorophyll
  • Warm water plumes and Wahoo behaviour
  • Wahoo hunting technique | racing the fish to mimic the competition drive for bait

99:30 Funniest Moment out Spearfishing | Hunting MahiMahi naked

101:20 Spearo Q&A

  • What is the single biggest lesson youve learned
  • Who is your fav person to go diving with and why?
  • What is something you do a little different than everyone else?

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