Interview with Jose Debasa

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Renown spearfishing photographer and videographer

Jose Debasa’s photography has been inspiring me for ages. He has a unique style that really puts you in the perspective of the underwater hunter (check out some examples here). In this episode we dial in on Jose’s experience and progression filming and editing  spearfishing videos. To see some of the videos spoken about during the interview you can peruse the SpearHeads YouTube channel here.

Jose Debasa Underwater Photography

About Jose Debasa

Jose’s photography journey started in his teens capturing the wildlife of the greater Florida area. His spearfishing experience soon demanded that he partner the two passions and after some hefty purchases he was good to go. Years later Jose now collaborates with some talented guys from the South East of the USA in something they call SpearHeads. Their films have developed significantly over the years with new experience, equipment and the development of systems to improve everything from capturing the action to producing the finished film. Jose is very much the family man residing in Miami, Florida with his wife and children. Check out some of his photography here.

Jose Debasa Interview. Noob Spearo Podcast

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About the Interview + Time Stamps

4:00 Jose’s background. Getting started spearfishing and photography. Cressi Pneumatic and his first Red Grouper, catching the bug. Spearboard and meeting Aaron Chasse and then Andrew Quincoses (two of the SpearHeads crew and both previous guests on the Noob Spearo Podcast).

9:00 SpearHeads and a bit about the latest Bahama’s video [view it here].

10:00 Early obstacles – equalizing and how he overcame it – if this is your issue listen into Ted Harts Interview here

13:00 Memorable Fish – 15lb Hogfish and a big Black Grouper

16:00 Hogfish hunting technique for the bigger, smarter ones anyway;)

20:00 Scariest moment and what he learned from it – a shallow water blackout/samba while hyperventilating hunting in shallow water. Jose describes his experience very clearly and for people who suspect they might have come close to a blackout before you might be able to relate.

He also talks about Tinnitus, one hazard of suffering trauma in your ears. Do not neglect good equalizing technique!

26:00 Editing Spearfishing Films and the evolution of SpearHeads

Starting with GoPro’s and moving into DSLR’s/Mirrorless camera’s.

Jose Debasa Noob Spearo Podcast interview. Spearfishing and Freediving Podcast

Planning a film.

Having a vision, developing a storyline and then capturing the necessary shots.

  • Move with the flow and think on your feet.
  • Getting the supporting footage right
  • Make the editors job easier by removing dud footage #Listen into 101 GoPro for more on this
  • Think in terms of shots (Jose changes camera angle every 3 seconds!)
  • Sync your film with the music
  • Where to find some more royalty free music
  • Favorite Effects in editing is adding powerful fonts and enhancing the images
  • Jose loves putting the finishing touch on films by animating font to move with the subject

“Put in the time to learn about your editing software, there are online forums and videos everywhere and you will not regret the time you spend learning” – Jose Debasa

Sony Vegas Pro is Jose’s Go-To for making films – check it out here!
VEGAS Creative Software VEGAS Pro

50:00 Funniest Moment – Jose tells us about how he earned his nickname ‘T.D’

54:00 Whats in T.D’s Dive Bucket? + whats in Jose’s Photography Bag

We do a quick Q&A about photography gear and Jose shares about what he likes and why

GlideCam for stabilizing your videos here

61:00 Fast 5 Facts for Noobs


  1. Get a GoPro (you can buy one here and find out how to use it here)
  2. Shoot 60fps minumum
  3. Dont use the red filter
  4. Practice manual if you are using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera
  5. Practice your manual shooting on dryland


  1. Get educated. Do a freediving course
  2. Dive with a buddy
  3. Pick a buddy you can rely on not someone
  4. Dont use a pneumatic speargun *After Grant Laidlaws interview I know about dry barrel kits now
  5. Get a mentor

Find Jose Debasa on;

  • Facebook here
  • Instagram here
  • SpearHeads on YouTube here
  • Jose’s website and photography portfolio here

If you enjoyed this interview and would like to learn more about Photography or Spearfishing check out this post that links to some of our best articles and podcasts.

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Interview with SpearHeads Photographer Jose Debasa. NSP

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