Interview with international spearfishing ambassador Kimi Werner

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Kimi Werner is perhaps the worlds most easily recognizable spearfishing personality. Her video Variables has been viewed nearly one million times and for good reason, its sensational.  In this interview we explore some of her experiences traveling the world spearfishing. From diving in the frigid waters of the Arctic to taking down an 84lb Wahoo miles off the Texan coastline. Her stories are compelling and her enthusiasm is contagious. After watching Kimis’s TedX talk and some videos from her YouTube channel, I was still unprepared for many of her stories and practical tips. Listen into a person who passionately shares about reconnecting with our food sources and encouraging people to develop an awareness of the environment’s in which we live.

Kimi Werner. Image Perrin James

Kimi Werner. Image Perrin James

For Fast Reference through our interview with Kimi Werner

3:00 Kimi’s background, all about spearfishing in Hawaii. Following her Dad around in the ocean and observing the art and craft of harvesting food from the ocean.

4:00 Octopus hunting

9:00 Kalai Fernandez and Wei Hayashi were both mentors for Kimi

14:00 First Memorable Fish – Bluefin Trevally with a Pranger + a Texas Wahoo 84lb  (Ono)

23:00 Favourite Spearfishing Hunting Technique. Observation before selecting a technique. Kimi talks about mimicking the environment. Not showing interest for the fish and she uses a very funny analogy:)

27:00 Scariest moment. 5 Meter+ Great White Shark in Mexico. Kimi talks about dealing with fear and not responding to your first reaction.

Here are links to the videos mentioned – Variables, TedX talk and her Youtube channel

She also shares a second dangerous story about dealing with dangerous current – a near miss

40:00 Veterans Vault: Spearfishing Travel; Norway and Northern Canada. Diving the Arctic – Kimi talks about the experience and how she overcame some of her fears and reservations.

We also ask questions about;

  • Rhode Island and competition spearfishing.
  • Motivation behind traveling and spearfishing.
  • Africa and Japan

Mentioned was a hard Case Sport Tube for traveling spearo’s (Here is a nice one from Adreno – use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $20)

Carry on Fins for the airport and starting conversations about spearfishing with the public

61:00 Funniest Moment: Cheeky Octopus

63:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs – Kimi Werner’s Spearfishing Tips!

  1. Start with a pole spear
  2. Pole Spear tip, you dont have to load it on the surface before you dive. Load up on the bottom
  3. New Mask treatment – get rid of the film! toothpaste
  4. When you feel the need to speed up, slow down
  5. Be resourceful – waste nothing!
Kimi Werner. Image Justin Turkowski

Kimi Werner. Image Justin Turkowski

72:00 Whats in your dive bag?

  1. Riffe Bag
  2. Riffe Suit
  3. Riffe PoleSpear or a cheaper option
  4. Riffe Speargun
  5. Riffe Mask and snorkel

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75:00 We ask about her plans for the future

How to connect with Kimi

  • Kimi’s website here
  • Kimi on Instagram here

Here is Kimi’s ceviche recipe I want to try

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