Interview with Rachel Thomson and Larissa Zip

Today’s episode is with two ladies on the WA coast who have started a really cool initiative: Life’s Short, Stay Moist! Old Man Blue suggested Rachel and Larissa for the show and we are glad they did! These ladies are both great divers, have a passion for getting other women into the sea! We had a great time chatting about their own journey’s into spearfishing, using load assists, the talks they give at Adreno and the trips and events they run. If you’d like to find out more, have a listen to this interview and check out their Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you both for being on the show this week!

Join the next talk at Adreno! August 19th at Adreno Perth!

Women in spearfishing camp and dive trip


Larissa left and Rachel right

Important times:

  • 00:12 Life’s short, stay moist!
  • 04:25 Welcome Rachel and Larissa! You’ve just finished a trip?
  • 06:14 You both surf too
  • 06:56 Edmonton, Alberta spearfishing club – that’s where I’m from!
  • 08:01 Larissa, where did you get into the water?
  • 09:54 A complimentary backup sport
  • 10:29 Rachel, how did you get into the water?
  • 14:13 Experiencing negative buoyancy
  • 15:15 What was your first fish?

Rachel's first fish

  • 17:13 A good first experience and a good mindset
  • 17:50 Swimming with a bleeding fish in Great White country
  • 19:00 Larissa, what was your first fish?
  • 23:11 Funny story with a Baldchin Groper

Baldchin gropers

  • 24:25 The value of being comfortable with your gear
  • 25:55 Load assists and learning to load a gun
  • 28:26 What do you use?
  • 29:18 What other struggles did you have? How LSSM started
  • 30:55 Talks at Adreno

Adreno talk night

  • 31:54 Target practice in the swell

Target practice

  • 33:28 Dry land speargun excercises
  • 35:31 A spearing course or some formal education for spearing is really valuable
  • 37:50 Do you need to dampen expectations a bit with regards top shooting fish? Going to progressively more challenging dive spots
  • 41:31 Spearfishing friends
  • 41:58 Where did the name Life’s Short Stay Moist come from?
  • 42:47 What’s next for you two?
  • 43:45 Tell us about the charter trips you run



  • 44:44 The dangers of undercatering
  • 46:07 Rachel, tell us about spearing in Exmouth
  • 48:25 What do you do for work, dive buddies, boat or shore diving?
  • 50:05 Have you got a good dive crew?
  • 51:04 And Larissa, what does your spearing look like now?
  • 52:15 What are your personal spearing goals?
  • 55:42 Hunters can be the ultimate conservationists
  • 57:36 Tough and scary situations
  • 59:07 Bull sharks in Exmouth and dealing with them
  • 01:02:12 Funny stories
  • 01:07:39 What’s in your dive bags?
  • 01:10:00 How thick are your wetsuits?
  • 01:13:22 Spearo Q&A
    • Fish of a lifetime
    • Bucket list location
    • Most influential person
    • What advice would you give yourself if you started over?
    • What does the spearfishing experience mean to you?
  • 01:18:04 Thank you for being on the show! Closing announcements
  • 01:20:23 Noober Stories: Captain Cory James from Panama

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