Interview with Rob Tratt

This interview is about Matt Tratt, the man who was tragically bitten by a shark off Indian Head at Frazer Island. Rob Tratt was with him spearfishing when a shark (likely a Bullshark) attacked. Matt and Rob were in relatively shallow water when the shark bit him and opened an arterial wound in his leg. Matt Tratt was a much loved Father, Husband and Brother and Spearo. This episode is a tribute to him and the full story of what actually happened.

NSP:130 Matt Tratt Tribute with Rob Tratt | Frazer Island Shark Attack Tragedy

Important Times

03:30 Rob Tratt Introduction and a bit about how we connected

16:00 How important was the spearfishing lifestyle to Matt?

21:40 How would Matt’s mates describe him?

40:40 Background behind the Frazer Island Trip

58:40 Sharks at Frazer Island? Spearfishing at Indian Head

68:20 The shark attack story | What happened to Matt Tratt


Matt Tratt Family GoFundMe campaign link

97:00 Second Call | The G-Fish

101:45 Did the shark come in once only?

102:45 Did the shark hit the femoral artery when it bit?

108:00 Terrible reporting of the shark attack in the news

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