Your Spearfishing QUESTIONS Answered | Comprehensive Guide Right Here!

Your Spearfishing QUESTIONS Answered | Comprehensive Guide Right Here!

Comprehensive Spearfishing Guide

Improve Your Spearfishing Skills with our blog and podcast

If you want to;

  • Improve breath-hold
  • Learn spearfishing hunting techniques
  • Research better techniques for everything from finning to using burley (chum)
  • Have a go at using a GoPro for the first time or learn about underwater photography
  • Make improvements to your freediving techniques
  • Overcome common (and not so common) obstacles
  • Prepare better for your next big trip

Then this Get Started Spearfishing Guide might be exactly what you are looking for.

This post contains links to many of our getting started spearfishing guide’s, articles, interviews and more. This guide is updated periodically so it might be a good idea to bookmark it.

Ultimate Guides

Spearfishing Tips and Wisdom

Ciguatera Poisoning and Spearfishing

Crocs, Sharks and other scary stuff

Caring for your catch + Fish Recipes for the aspiring spearo chef

Caring for your Catch. Spearfishing

Spearfishing Competitions. Strategy, tips and more

 Spearfishing World Records

Book Reviews


Our Spearfishing Adventures


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99 Tips To Get Better at Spearfishing contains some of the best information we have discovered from interviews with more than 40 spearfishing experts from around the world. Buy your copy here

99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing Book. Spearfishing Book

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NSP:210 Western Australia Episode 3 | Shark Bay, Brews and Banter | Bert Keulder, Joel Roberts and Shrek

NSP:210 Western Australia Episode 3 | Shark Bay, Brews and Banter | Bert Keulder, Joel Roberts and Shrek

Interview with Bert Keulder and Joel Roberts

Today’s interview is with Bert Keulder and Joel Roberts around the fire, having a few brews and chatting about spearfishing! These are the moments where life makes sense, out on the beach around a fire with good mates and great conversation. Listen in and hear about our day and Shrek’s first experiences in the WA ocean! Beach launching boats, Estuary Cods, crayfish diving and so much in between! This is just day 1!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:50 Welcome to the campfire with Bert and Joel!
  • 07:40 Big GT moment
  • 11:05 Spearos are a type of person
  • 13:15 Welcome Joel!
  • 14:20 Day 1: WA conditions
  • 16:30 Beach launches
  • 23:30 Spearo boats
  • 26:20 Bert loves putting people on fish

  • 31:25 Spearfishing brings a sparkle to your eyes
  • 37:00 Kite surfing when it’s windy
  • 40:50 Crayfish diving!
  • 45:45 Estuary Cod can be divisive!
  • 49:55 We had a great day, tomorrow will hopefully be better!
  • 51:35 What makes a spot worth exploring?
  • 54:25 Outro

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NSP:209 Western Australia Episode 2 | Spearfishing Records, Taxidermy & Tagging | Vin Rushworth

NSP:209 Western Australia Episode 2 | Spearfishing Records, Taxidermy & Tagging | Vin Rushworth

Interview with Vin Rushworth

Today’s interview is with Vin Rushworth! Captaining a research vessel for Fisheries in WA, records keeper for the AUF and an inanely talented spearo, here is a diver with a lot to learn from! He has years of experience in the water on the more scientific side of things, giving him a really good insight into the fish species around him. Shooting massive fish, submitting a record fish, tagging and taxidermy, this one is stocked full of actionable info! A few technical glitches but overall a great chat!

Submit a spearfishing record here

NSP209 fish skull

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:40 Welcome Vin! Tell us about AUF record keeping!
  • 07:50 What is a species that has surprised you and how do you tell  the age of fish?
  • 09:10 Spearfishing records: how do I submit a record fish?
  • 14:05 Identifying fish
  • 16:50 What do you need to do when you shoot a record fish?
  • 19:00 Rising sea temperatures bringing in different species

NSP209 with Barry

NSP209 holding two fish

  • 22:40 What gear do you use to hunt big fish? Floatlines and reels
  • 24:55 Eating quality of a big Cobia?
  • 26:55 How did you cook your Cobia?
  • 30:10 Preparing for the Inter-Pacific Spearfishing Competition
  • 32:50 Hunting and cooking Baldchin Groper
  • 34:15 Boating fails, anchoring rules of thumb and boat lights

NSP209 with big fish

NSP209 dhufish

  • 38:10 Tagging fish, crays, whales, sharks and etc!
  • 42:40 Dealing with the risks of shark attack: warning signs
  • 49:45 Scary stuff: cave diving for crays
  • 59:10 Buddy diving system and new divers
  • 01:02:10 Funny stories!
  • 01:04:50 Dead battery! Fish taxidermy
  • 01:10:50 What dive gear do you use?
  • 01:12:50 Outro

How to taxidermy a fish skull (by Vin Rushworth):

1. Flesh removal

Over cooking the bones when getting the flesh off seems to lock the yellow of the oil in more. The more you manually clean up or macerate off in water the better the end result seems to be. I prefer a very light boil to baking. Pros use KOH. Take heaps of photos as you pull it apart for reference on reassembly.

2. Degrease

When I originally read up on it everything said to use dawn dishwashing detergent as the degreaser. It is excellent at removing grease and oil but also gentle. It gets used on birds after oil spills etc. You can’t buy Dawn in Australia but apparently it is sold as the brand “Fairy” and is the exact same. I have used the lemon coloured one successfully. I put the cleaned up jaw/skull in a bucket of warm water with a heap of fairy and leave it to soak. I check it once a week and swap the liquid out if it is cloudy or smelly. I gave the last one over a month. Some pros use acetone, MEK or unleaded but these all have their complications for the hobby taxidermist.

3. Whitening

Do not use bleach! I use peroxide to whiten the bones before assembly. You can get it in bulk from large pool stores or chemical suppliers for not too much. Don’t leave it in the concentrate to long as it is harsh on the fine bones. Monitor closely and transfer into water

4. Assembly

I use a combination of superglue and hot glue gun and depending on the join occasionally some hidden wire. To make the posture and angle right place, you can use the hot glue, then after you’re finished easily remove the ugly excess. The photos you took at the start will make your life a lot easier here.

NSP209 Insta
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NSP:208 Western Australia Episode 1 | Aussie Reels, the Bali Mask +++ | Barry Paxman

NSP:208 Western Australia Episode 1 | Aussie Reels, the Bali Mask +++ | Barry Paxman

Interview with Barry Paxman!

Today’s interview is with Barry Paxman! The legend himself, the creator of Aussie Reels, he’s been spearfishing for 60 years and has some epic stories to share from his time out in the water. From some scary shark stories to the thrill of hunting Wahoo and even the story behind his iconic mask, this will be a good listen! This interview is stuffed full of Noob Spearo community questions, get valuable knowledge and wisdom from a spearo that’s been at it for 6 decades and still going strong!

NSP208 Barry and beautiful fish

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:40 Welcome Barry! You’ve been spearing for 65 years!
  • 08:00 Diving in dirty water and dealing with shark attacks, first aid and shark populations
  • 17:40 Noob Spearo community questions: how do you deal with buck fever?
  • 21:00 How do you get back in the water after a forced break?
  • 23:30 Your iconic mask!
  • 26:35 What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in spearing?
  • 29:25 You have a particular love for hunting Wahoo

NSP208 Barry and groperNSP208 Barry and fish teeth

  • 37:35 Tell us the story of your Aussie Reels
  • 43:30 What gear did you start out with?
  • 47:30 Weight belts
  • 49:00 Tangled in shooting line
  • 50:25 How do you subdue a big fish?
  • 52:50 Trigger discipline and rubber band choice
  • 56:40 Muzzle wrap
  • 57:50 Belt reels

NSP208 Barry with fish in water NSP208 Barry underwater

  • 01:00:55 What do you do when you get to the end of your reel line?
  • 01:02:40 Shooting a Marlin
  • 01:04:30 What is your favourite piece of gear and what all is in your dive bag?
  • 01:06:40 Do you use a cray bag like a SeaSac? Tell us about your crayfish species
  • 01:09:00 How do you cook your crays?
  • 01:12:15 Baldchin Groper and Parrot fish
  • 01:14:25 How do you keep the stoke alive for 60 years? What does your dive crew look like?
  • 01:16:00 Family spearfishing
  • 01:18:45 Spearfishing role models
  • 01:21:10 Building a boat
  • 01:23:40 WA people like driving long distances, do you like boating long distance too?
  • 01:25:25 Scary stories

NSP208 Barry holding fishNSP208 Barry and little tuna

  • 01:35:40 What makes a good dive buddy for you?
  • 01:37:20 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:42:00 Outro
NSP208 Instagram
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NSP:207 Australian Spearfishing Champions 2022 | Bryson Sheehy and Tim McDonald

NSP:207 Australian Spearfishing Champions 2022 | Bryson Sheehy and Tim McDonald

Interview with Bryson Sheehy and Tim McDonald

Today’s interview is with 2022 Australian Spearfishing Champions Bryson Sheehy and Tim McDonald! Get an inside look into a national spearfishing competition from the winners of this year’s championship! The allure of competition spearfishing is captured well by their thoughts here, the appeal of planning and executing the perfect day and making some awesome memories! Listen to stories from the 3 day event and some of the memorable fish they encountered before and during the competition. They also give us some of their top tips for scouting, finding new ground and hunting efficiently for a competition – shooting fish on the way to and from spots! Some mega diving here, enjoy it! We hope this inspires you to enter a spearfishing competition!

NSP207 standing with winners trophy

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:50 Welcome Bryson and Tim: the 2022 Australian Spearfishing Champions!
  • 03:50 When did you decide to enter?
  • 05:40 Team mate mentality and competition rules
  • 09:30 Hunting the Maori Sea Perch
  • 10:20 Why we love spearfishing competitions
  • 13:20 Day 1: Fitzroy Lagoon
  • 16:20 What did you get on day 1?
  • 20:10 Hunting massive Red Mouth Rock Cod in dark caves
  • 22:50 Planning and strategy
  • 27:05 Mental approach to diving

NSP207 clear blue water

  • 35:15 What makes your team click?
  • 41:00 Understanding fish behaviour
  • 44:15 Why do you love competition spearfishing?
  • 45:35 Tips on exploring new ground
  • 47:40 Time management: things to consider
  • 55:50 Scouting: to shoot or not to shoot
  • 58:50 Diet and warm up tips for competition days. Dealing with cramp.
  • 01:01:05 If I can’t equalize – I am dehydrated.
  • 01:07:10 Day 2: Lamont Reef – shooting fish while swimming to spots
  • 01:08:40 Finning hard and diving strong: how?

NSP207 fish on table

  • 01:13:10 How to dive quietly and hunting in the shallows: don’t break the surface
  • 01:18:25 Day 3: when do you feel fatigue?
  • 01:22:30 The fish of a lifetime that got away
  • 01:26:10 You both love your Riffe spearguns
  • 01:28:50 Massive dives getting awesome fish
  • 01:30:25 Searching for the massive Maori Sea Perch
  • 01:33:45 What was it like finding out you won?
  • 01:385:35 You two like the pairs competition format
  • 01:42:10 How do you feel about the next generation of spearos and divers?
  • 01:45:40 Social competitions at clubs
  • 01:48:50 Extra things we forgot!
  • 01:51:45 It was a massive team effort!

NSP207 Tim with striped boarfish

  • 01:54:50 Shooting 3 Striped Boarfish with Daniel Mann
  • 01:56:05 Mick McDade
  • 01:58:05 Where has your fish knowledge come from?
  • 02:00:00 Minimum sizes vs maximum size limits: fisheries management
  • 02:08:15 The Australian Museum wants your fish?
  • 02:10:20 Outro

NSP207 holding up stringer

NSP207 insta
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NSP:206 Sub-Arctic Shetland Spearing with @souls_untapped |  Josh Halley

NSP:206 Sub-Arctic Shetland Spearing with @souls_untapped | Josh Halley

Live Interview with Josh Halley | @souls_untapped

Today’s interview is with Josh Halley aka @Souls_Untapped from the Shetland Islands! Describing your dive spots as “Sub-Arctic” doesn’t always spur the most enthusiasm, especially from those used to tropical waters! Josh makes it obvious that braving the cold IS worth it! An almost unheard of spearfishing destination, The Shetland Island’s form an archipelago well north of Scotland and make for some beautiful diving when conditions work out. Get an inside scoop on life and spearfishing from The Shetland Island’s with Josh, aka @Souls_Untapped!

Check out his YouTube channel here!


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:30 Welcome Josh!
  • 04:50 Commercial diving in NZ
  • 06:30 Where are the Shetland Islands?
  • 07:50 Commercial fishing and getting comfortable in the water
  • 11:45 What do you do for work?

NSP206 josh in ice

NSP206 fish selfie

  • 14:10 What skills do you need to be a commercial diver?
  • 20:00 What fish are you hunting out there?
  • 27:45 Strong current and tides
  • 32:20 Where do you draw the line and how do you warm up in the cold?

NSP206 freediving on wreck

  • 39:00 We have a mutual friend that makes amazing spice rubs: Ben Hohnke!
  • 41:50 Colour-grading footage of dirty water
  • 45:35 GoPro settings
  • 46:45 NFSC vs PAL
  • 48:05 Video editing
  • 51:55 Blue clawed lobster – what’s it like to catch them?
  • 57:20 Public perception of spearos and harvesting from the ocean
  • 59:25 How did you get comfortable in front of the camera?
  • 01:01:55 What techniques do you do when you hunt?

NSP206 josh holding pollock

  • 01:04:25 How you cook fish matters
  • 01:09:40 Dry-aging
  • 01:13:55 How much work went into your youtube trailer?
  • 01:16:15 Do you have merch for sale?
  • 01:17:30 What does the spearfishing experience mean to you?
  • 01:18:45 Thank you Josh!

NSP206 josh green water

NSP206 Insta

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NSP:205 Live Seafood Cooking with Daniel Mann

NSP:205 Live Seafood Cooking with Daniel Mann

Live Seafood Cooking with Daniel Mann!

Today’s LIVE interview is with Daniel Mann and we are cooking seafood at Adreno Brisbane! Join us for tips and tricks from Daniel as we process, cook and eat some amazing fish! From carpaccio, ceviche with a mystery species to reverse butterflying and BBQing fish! This is the audio of the night, the video does it far more justice. We will post that as soon as it’s ready! Sit back, relax and get hungry with us as we get a seafood cooking masterclass from a legendary spearo and chef!

Here is the LIVE STREAM from instagram part 1 & part 2!

Download the digital version of the 99 Spearo Recipes Cookbook!

Here is the GoFundMe page to help support the Interpacific Spearfishing Team!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:30 Welcome Daniel Mann!
  • 04:55 Daniel Mann’s first thoughts
  • 06:05 Raw fish! Hygiene matters!
  • 09:10 Instagram live stream starts here! Let’s make carpaccio
  • 11:50 Raw fish intimidates people
  • 13:15 Evangelizing the spearfishing world with a pissette!
  • 15:30 Serving the mystery shashimi! Which knife should I use?
  • 26:20 Using all the fish
  • 28:20 Mystery fish revealed!
  • 33:25 Fish wings
  • 35:40 Let’s start cooking!
  • 39:05 Butterfly fish
  • 40:30 Dry aging
  • 42:20 Filleting a fish: what tools do I need and how do I reverse butterfly a fish?
  • 51:45 Barramundi recipes
  • 55:30 Hunting Barramundi
  • 59:55 Let’s get into this carpaccio!
  • 01:03:10 How do you know when the fish is finished cooking?
  • 01:08:00 Let’s feed some people!
  • 01:11:40 Revealing fish species!
  • 01:13:40 Barrumindi taste test
  • 01:15:10 Audience Q&A: how do you hunt Barramundi?
  • 01:22:04 Thank you for coming out tonight!
  • 01:23:35 Outro

NSP205 insta

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NSP:204 Spearfishing Safety | Freediving, Emergencies & Boating | Ben Eckert, Adriana Barnes & Trevor Ketchion

NSP:204 Spearfishing Safety | Freediving, Emergencies & Boating | Ben Eckert, Adriana Barnes & Trevor Ketchion

Live Interview with Ben Eckert, Adriana Barnes & Trevor Ketchion at Adreno Brisbane

Today’s interview is live from Adreno Brisbane and is with Ben Eckert, Adriana Barnes & Trevor Ketchion and we talk all things freediving safety as it relates to spearfishing! Today we get a masterclass from 3 people with a wealth of knowledge and are horribly overqualified on this subject. Staying safe in the water, how to be a good boaty and keep your buddies safe. What should be inside your first aid kit? Should you contact your local coast guard or sea rescue when you go out? Tips on how to stop bleeding, keep your buddies safe and save your friend’s life. An essential set of skills, leave any questions you have in the comments!

NSP204 live interview

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:50 Hello and welcome to the show!
  • 05:40 Welcome Ben! You are quite an accomplished freediver!
  • 06:20 Brisbane Bullsharks, what makes them unique for spearos?
  • 08:30 Common mistakes that you see on spearfishing boats
  • 10:05 A good buddy system
  • 11:05 When should you draw the line and stop diving? When has your body had enough?
  • 13:00 Samba/hypoxic event
  • 14:05 Your role as a skipper and making hard calls
  • 17:55 How can people connect with the Brisbane Bullsharks?
  • 19:30 Q&A for Ben: peeing in your wetsuit, nutrition and hydration for spearfishing and when to draw the line

NSP204 audience at adreno

  • 26:05 Adriana Barnes, you are a paramedic and a really accomplished speafisher
  • 29:30 What can spearos do to get better at safer diving?
  • 31:40 We can’t normalize blackouts or LMC’s
  • 35:40 Trauma while out at sea, what now?
  • 38:30 How to use a tourniquet
  • 44:00 What should be in our first aid kits for spearfishing?
  • 49:45 Q&A for Adriana: critical info to keep track of, getting dragged to the bottom by a massive Kingy, blood type and signs to stop diving for the day

NSP204 panel

  • 01:02:20 Trevor! Tell us about boating safety: when is it not safe to go out?
  • 01:03:50 Checking in with the VMR or Coast Guard
  • 01:07:00 How do you predict the weather for boating?
  • 01:09:20 Easy shortcuts for reading the weather: swell and wind
  • 01:10:30 Which apps do you use?
  • 01:12:15 How do you operate a boat?
  • 01:17:20 Activating an EPIRB
  • 01:19:45 3 things to teach a new boaty
  • 01:22:00 Q&A for Trevor: How far to stay from your divers, leaving the engine on or off, difficult decisions and conversations, VMR and EPIRBS and vessel sizes

NSP204 Trevor sneaky hello

  • 01:29:30 Trevor’s 9 Mile experience getting lost at sea
  • 01:33:35 Anchoring
  • 01:40:00 Shrek’s closing thoughts
  • 01:40:50 Outro and Noober Stories!

NSP204 insta

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NSP:203 Brisbane Spearfishing | Gear, Training & Community | Michael Heitzmann & Ben Eckert | Brisbane Bullsharks

NSP:203 Brisbane Spearfishing | Gear, Training & Community | Michael Heitzmann & Ben Eckert | Brisbane Bullsharks

Live Interview with Michael Heitzmann & Ben Eckert

Today’s live interview is with Michael Heitzmann & Ben Eckert of the Brisbane Bullsharks! We talk all things Brisbane spearfishing, gear and training! Both are extremely talented divers in their own right, tonight we host a live interview and Q&A at the Brisbane Bullsharks pool! Loads of info about Brisbane spearfishing, spearing Kingfish, choosing and using gear, dealing with sharks, finding spots and so much more! Which speargun should you get? What’s the best way to load it? How do you handle it underwater? Another in our series of live interviews, we hope you enjoy it and hope you learned something! If you have any more questions for Shrek, Michael or Ben, put them in the comments!

Check out the club and get involved through their facebook group!

NSP203 Shrek, Michael and Ben

NSP203 Bullsharks audience


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:10 Welcome!
  • 04:20 Thanks for having us Michael! What are we doing tonight?
  • 06:05 Hello Ben! How are you involved with the Brisbane Bullsharks?
  • 07:25 Shrek’s spearfishing story.
  • 09:22 Michael, how did you start spearfishing?
  • 13:10 Ben, how did you start?
  • 16:00 Boat diving is big here, the Bullsharks have influenced spearfishing culture in a big way. How to be a bad guest.
  • 23:15 Shrek took Michael out on his first boat dive! Be brave and tell your buddies when you’re not comfortable!
  • 25:35 Kingfish spearfishing tips.
  • 27:10 Deep diving.
  • 29:00 Let’s talk gear! Spearguns! What are they, how do they work and what should I get?
  • 34:15 A float line is your friend!

NSP203 Brisbane Bullsharks hell night

NSP203 Brisbane Bullsharks Wayne

  • 36:15 What are the advantages for a shorter or longer speargun?
  • 37:15 Pool training for spearfishing!
  • 40:00 Diving without your speargun and in marine reserves is hugely helpful!
  • 41:15 Safety while spearfishing – shallow water blackout.
  • 49:05 Good buddy diving is more worth it than you think! A simple way to do it better.
  • 50:55 Diving with too much weight. How much do I need?
  • 55:05 Q&A from the audience!
  • 55:30 Float recommendations for a Noob Spearo
  • 57:00 How do you handle your gun on the bottom? What do you do with it?
  • 01:00:10 How do you find spots? Google Earth and Navionics

NSP203 Brisbane Bullsharks team photo

NSP203 Brisbane Bullsharks in the pool

  • 01:04:40 Warm up for spearfishing, how do you warm up your diving?
  • 01:07:40 Dealing with sharks: what do you do when you see sharks? When do you get out?
  • 01:11:00 Double bands: which do you load first?
  • 01:13:00 How do you investigate a headland without spooking fish?
  • 01:14:10 Closing thoughts
  • 01:15:45 Outro

NSP203 instagram final

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NSP:202 Top 20 Spearfishing YouTube Channels with James Sakker

NSP:202 Top 20 Spearfishing YouTube Channels with James Sakker

Top 20 Spearfishing YouTube Channels

Today’s live interview is with James Sakker and we go through the top 20 spearfishing YouTube channels as voted by the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook! Spearos get to see the world through a very unique lense and sometimes they bring a camera along with them so we can join them on their adventures. Although hugely underrated and underexposed, these spearos have made some amazing videos, some that can compete with professional filmmakers! So here is us getting all these names together so you can watch them!

Today’s episode is a full video, so be sure to check it out on YouTube if you have only listened!

The Top 20 Spearfishing YouTube Channels

  1. Daniel Mann
  2. Back2Basics 
  3. Aquatic Rehab 
  4. Wet Mammal
  5. Young Bloods
  6. Ryan Myers Expeditions
  7. Submerged Psychos 
  8. Ollie Craig
  9. Harry Lindley
  10. 10. Sailing Popao
  11. Key West Waterman
  12. David Ochoa
  13. Coatesman
  14. Exhale Adventures
  15. Kimi Werner
  16. Joe PK
  17. EJC Adventures with Ethan Yeo
  18. African Spearfishing Diaries
  19. Rokkit Kit
  20. Wettie TV


Honourable Mentions

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NSP:201 Captain Aaron Young aka @dibsonbottom_adventures | Slickers, Wahoo Hunting & @KeyWestWaterman Life

NSP:201 Captain Aaron Young aka @dibsonbottom_adventures | Slickers, Wahoo Hunting & @KeyWestWaterman Life

Interview with Captain Aaron Young

Today’s live interview is with Captain Aaron Young, aka @KeyWestWaterman and @DibsOnBottom_Adventures and Youtube and Instagram! You probably know him from his amazing Youtube videos from out in the Florida Keys, he joins us to talk all about his home, spearing, running charters and getting Noob Spearos into the water! Great info for targeting and eating Wahoo, how to brain and bleed fish, dealing with sharks and line management. If you find yourself in Florida, pay him a visit and get out spearing with him! www.dibsonbottomkeywest.com

NSP201 aaron young

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:45 Welcome Captain Aaron Young!
  • 04:40 What are the Florida Keys?
  • 06:40 Living in Mangroves
  • 08:25 How did you get into the business?
  • 09:50 Commercial spearfishing and fisheries management in Florida
  • 12:15 Tell us about your charters! Where did Dibs On Bottom come from?
  • 17:00 Mangrove and Cubera Snapper
  • 18:00 ID fish, how to identify fish in a new place
  • 23:35 Common advice for Noob Spearos
  • 26:10 Teaching and instructing
  • 29:05 How long does it take to become a competent water-person?
  • 31:50 Spearo licence

NSP201 Aaron and wahoo

  • 35:00 Wahoo! Tell us about it!
  • 38:00 Wahoo recipe
  • 40:35 How do you target Wahoo?
  • 45:50 How do you deal with sharks?
  • 49:00 How to kill a fish: how do you brain a fish?
  • 50:30 How do you bleed a fish?
  • 51:35 Heaven On Earth video and Youtube
  • 56:55 Funny stories

NSP201 aaron and madeline

  • 01:02:05 Duty as a creator
  • 01:05:05 Tough or scary situations
  • 01:07:25 How do you manage your line?
  • 01:12:35 What’s in your dive bag?
  • 01:18:35 Tell us about your boat: The Gheenoe
  • 01:20:15 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:22:30 Thanks for being on the show, where can people find you?
  • 01:23:40 Outro

NSP201 insta

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Poo Story | Expert Level

Poo Story | Expert Level

The poo story king

This is a quick (1 min) story from a member of the Noob Spearo Community. Certainly gives you some ideas about working as a Police Diver! – Shrek

Hi mate, I’ve been meaning to send these to you for ages. This will make me the undisputed poo story king!

I was a member of the AFP’s Police Dive Squad for about 7 years back in the late 90s to mid 2000s.  These pics are of me looking for a sawn off shot gun that had been used in an armed hold up.  The crooks drove past a sewerage treatment plant and the Detectives thought the gun might have been thrown in one of the settling ponds.

Poo story expert level. Police Diving Poo story expert level. Police Diving

I was on overtime, so I had to take one for the team!  That said, the air was a lot cleaner and smelt a lot better inside the suit than it did for the boys watching!

I was wearing a chem suit which bloody filled up with air and from memory, I had to wear 40-50 pounds of lead to get me to the bottom.  It was so viscous that fins were pointless.  I just had to drag myself along the bottom doing arc searches.

The saying I was up to my neck in shit doesn’t do it justice.  I was literally in deep shit!  6 meters deep!

Poo story expert level. Police Diving

Shrek “What a cool gig – besides the pooventures of course. Dead bodies decomposing would be rough too I guess?”

Body recoveries were the downside to the job and unfortunately, I was involved with a few.  Almost all our diving was in zero visibility and the adrenaline pump you get when you find the body in that environment (by feel!) is something I never want to experience again.

Fortunately, we never had to recover one that had decomposed too much.  Unless a body is weighed down well, the gasses that generate inside as decomposition starts, floats them to the surface within a matter of days.  The warmer the water, the quicker the process.  Divers aren’t usually required once they are on the surface.  Water Police take care of that (or they did back in my day).


NSP:200 | Community Special: Where are they now?

NSP:200 | Community Special: Where are they now?

Episode 200 Special

Today we celebrate a huge milestone: episode 200! We contacted a bunch of old guests to see where they were now and how their spearfishing has progressed, what they’ve learned since and what’s new in their lives since they were on the show. Who would have guessed a small spearfishing podcast would have reached this point –  over a million downloads, thousands of followers and a huge vibrant community of like minded people who all love spearfishing! Here’s to keeping the stoke alive for the next 200 episodes and beyond!

From Shrek, Brandon, Pat and Livia –  a HUGE thank you to everyone that listens and supports the podcast! Here is Captain Dan’s episode #92

NSP200 Insta

Important times:

NSP200 Special 17NSP200 Special 18 NSP200 Special 16 NSP200 Special 15 NSP200 Special 14 NSP200 Special 13

NSP200 Special 11

NSP200 Special 12

NSP200 Special 10 NSP200 Special 9 NSP200 Special 8 NSP200 Special 7 NSP200 Special 6 NSP200 Special 5 NSP200 Special 4 NSP200 Special 3

NSP200 Special 2

NSP200 Special 1

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NSP:199 Australia East Coast Part 5 | Gunther Pfrengle | 60 Years of Sending It Spearing

NSP:199 Australia East Coast Part 5 | Gunther Pfrengle | 60 Years of Sending It Spearing

Interview with Gunther Pfrengle

Today’s live interview is with Gunther Pfrengle at Adreno Sydney! An absolute legend in the spearing community, spearfishing for almost 5 decades now, he has had more than his fair share of action out in and on the water. From spearing a 282kg tuna on camera to powerboat records going full steam in thick fog, dealing with sharks to competing in the deepest ever spearfishing competition in Greece, Gunther has had a few exciting experiences! Learn what drove him to get into the water and what kept him there for all these years. Pranger vs flopper, dual weight systems, competition spearing stories and tips and so much more. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

NSP199 advert


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:50 Welcome Gunther, your reputation proceeds you!
  • 04:50 Growing up in Bundeena
  • 05:25 Early start in the water
  • 07:30 Starting competition spearfishing 1973 and being in a club
  • 11:00 Reality of commercial abalone diving
  • 15:00 Scary story and how spearfishing saved 2 lives
  • 20:30 Sydney to Hobart powerboat record
  • 22:20 Full throttle through thick fog!
  • 24:50 Underwater vertigo and blackouts: what is it like going to the edge?
  • 26:30 How do you draw the line? When is too deep?
  • 28:50 Tragedy strikes and close calls in the early freediving competitions
  • 33:20 Freediving vs spearfishing: Adrenaline changes the game
  • 40:00 The value of competition diving

NSP199 Tuna pic

NSP199 donkey spearfishing

NSP199 old pictures

  • 43:25 Shrek is your partner for his first ever spearfishing competition: what does he need to know?
  • 45:13 Using 2 weight-belts: a harness and a weightbelt
  • 47:10 Where do you attach a dive knife?
  • 49:10 What is your strategy for competition scoring? What do you target first and where do you go first?
  • 53:50 Code brown stories
  • 55:15 Spearo community and friends: what makes a good dive buddy?
  • 56:25 Floats and flags
  • 58:35 What is in your gear bag? Pranger vs flopper
  • 01:03:50 282kg Bluefin Tuna
  • 01:09:20 Bull in the water vs bull on the land!
  • 01:12:50 Spearfishing Greece: the deepest competition ever!
  • 01:19:30 Shallow hunting
  • 01:20:50 How often should you be diving to be a good comp diver?
  • 01:21:30 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:24:10 What does the spearfishing experience mean to you these days?
  • 01:25:15 The shark situation, what are your thoughts?

NSP199 more old pics

NSP199 large mulloway

NSP199 big kingy

  • 01:30:25 Commercial shark fishing
  • 01:32:30 That video scared a lot of spearos, should we keep spearfishing with all these sharks around?
  • 01:34:50 Buddy diving with sharks
  • 01:37:10 Audience Q&A: What’s your favourite species to target?
  • 01:43:00 Fish back in the day vs now
  • 01:50:00 12inch prangers
  • 01:51:30 Other tips learned from experience
  • 01:54:10 Josh Bollen: Do you lose meat with a pranger?
  • 01:55:05 Thank you Gunther!
  • 01:55:45 Outro
NSP199 Insta
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NSP:198 Australia East Coast Part 4 | Central Coast Spearing | Central Coast Sealions (x6)

NSP:198 Australia East Coast Part 4 | Central Coast Spearing | Central Coast Sealions (x6)

Interview with the Central Coast Sealions (x6)

Today’s interview is with 6 of the Central Coast Sealions! Several ex-presidents, the current president and a bunch of super stoked spearos join Cam and Shrek as they chat all things Central Coast diving and how being involved in a club has made a huge difference. Get an window into the inner workings of a spearfishing club from the guys that do it, organising comps to getting noob spearos into the water to being a good boaty, today’s conversation is an interesting one! Tips for diving the headlands, predicting weather conditions, being a good boaty, how to disguise your photos to hide the location and some hilarious stories from the guys who’ve been diving out there. Lots of laughter and some really actionable info, let us know what you think in the comments!

Follow them on Instagram: @CentralCoastSealions and join their Facebook group!

Here is the podcast Shrek mentioned about the fishing lures and the sounds they make.

NSP198 Central Coast Sealions meeting

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 07:00 Welcome Alistair!
  • 08:30 Club social meetings, welcome Andrew!
  • 10:10 How many dive days do you get in a year?
  • 13:00 Welcome current President Josh! How do you get noob spearos started?
  • 16:35 Which lobsters do you get around here?
  • 17:10 Welcome Mark!
  • 19:30 Becoming a skipper: first time taking divers out
  • 23:25 Welcome Dave!
  • 26:20 How many days with good viz do you get here?
  • 27:55 Central Coast swell
  • 29:25 What weather apps are you using?
  • 34:55 When the water is dirty, we adapt and do something else
  • 36:30 Big white boulders, avoiding the kelp and what to expect on the bottom
  • 37:40 Seafood: how good are the Central Coast Sealions?
  • 39:25 Abalone
  • 42:05 Foraging
  • 43:15 Spot burning
  • 45:30 How to disguise your pictures
  • 49:55 Best stories!
  • 55:45 Getting rammed by a shark!
  • 01:00:00 How to be a good boaty!
  • 01:03:30 Big seals
  • 01:07:15 Thanks so much for the chat guys!
NSP198 Insta
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NSP:197 Australia East Coast Part 3 Simon Horvath |  Advocacy in Spearfishing

NSP:197 Australia East Coast Part 3 Simon Horvath | Advocacy in Spearfishing

Interview with Simon Horvath

Today’s interview is with Simon Horvath! If nothing else, this episode will convince you to join a spearfishing club! The wealth of knowledge, opportunities and lessons you get through being in a club is a sure way to get better at spearfishing and have a great time doing it. A club will help get you through that first year, teach you things you would have otherwise taken years to learn and ultimately make you a better diver. Another important benefit is being connected to the voice of spearfishing in your area. With so many stories about new protected areas essentially making spearfishing inaccessible and illegal, having a connection your local government to have your voice heard as a spearfisherman is extremely important. Simon has been playing this role for the Central Coast spearos and been a voice for fisho’s and spearos alike.

Go find out about your local clubs and join! If there are none, consider starting one yourself!

NSP197 Simon spearo meeting

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:45 We are midway through our journey, today we make a visit to Simon Horvath!
  • 04:25 Lovely rainy weather
  • 05:10 Central Coast Sealions spearfishing club
  • 07:15 Hawkesbury almost lost 90% of their fishing
  • 10:05 Spearfishing makes you acutely aware of your environment
  • 13:00 Education

NSP197 Simon spearo stickers

  • 15:25 How can the average spearo get involved?
  • 19:00 Tell us about your spearfishing journey
  • 21:40 The club made a really big difference
  • 24:15 How to find the Central Coast Sealions

NSP197 Simon sealions merch

  • 27:10 How many members have you got?
  • 28:55 A club is a great way to get past that first year
  • 30:30 How is your viz?
  • 34:30 Tell us about your sinus issues
  • 39:10 What’s a memorable fish you shot?

NSP197 Simon yellowtail

  • 43:20 Your dream spearfishing destination
  • 43:50 What does the spearfishing lifestyle mean to you?
  • 45:55 Thanks Simon!


nsp197 insta
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NSP:196 Australia East Coast Part 2 | Intelligent Whales, Lobster Boys & Laughter

NSP:196 Australia East Coast Part 2 | Intelligent Whales, Lobster Boys & Laughter

Interview with James Sakker

Today’s interview is James Sakker! It’s day 3 of Shrek and Cam’s East Australian Coast trip and they are chatting with James Sakker! Whales and sharks become a big talking point with loads of stories of encounters and tips for dealing with them yourself. Also some bonus tips for hunting Mackerel and drift diving! Lots of laughter and great stories!

NSP196 James with snapper

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:55 No lobsters were harmed in the making of this podcast!
  • 07:50 Day 3 on our mission
  • 09:30 You picked an amazing time to come, not
  • 10:55 Big whales and a baby whale
  • 14:25 Tail slapped by a whale
  • 15:40 Scariest whale story
  • 17:40 Diving with Dodgy and a Bull shark!
  • 22:10 Cam’s shark encounter
  • 25:15 How should you handle sharks when you shoot a fish? Keep eye contact, roar or make a loud noise underwater. You’re big, be aggressive. Except Bull sharks.
  • 30:40 Sharks have strict hierarchies, especially Great Whites. A smart shark is a cautious one.
  • 32:10 Encounters with aggressive sharks
  • 35:00 Poking sharks away and a mate getting bitten
  • 41:10 Tagging Great Whites

NSP196 James with Boarfish

  • 42:40 Great Whites throughout the world
  • 44:45 Is it blood or movement that attracts sharks?
  • 46:20 Alternatives to poking
  • 48:15 Thoughts on the swimmer taken in Sydney, very unusual behaviour
  • 50:30 Tiger sharks and Dogtooth Tuna
  • 53:20 Cobia
  • 54:20 What is your diving range at home?
  • 56:25 Drift diving = accuracy matters more than time
  • 01:00:20 How do you dive pinnacles?
  • 01:01:55 Flashers and Mackeral
  • 01:04:20 Sound underwater
  • 01:06:35 What’s coming up next?
  • 01:08:05 Outro


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A journey to the deep…

A journey to the deep…

🌾🤿🐢 35m on one breath…

*a quick caveat from Shrek: Freediving and Spearfishing can be highly complimentary however knowing how they are different is essential so that you can spearfish safely. Freediving is holding your breath in controlled environments with close supervision. Spearfishing is most often done in the wild where your only safety device is your buddy. Because of this, freediving one time to a specific depth in a controlled environment does not correlate to spearfishing. You should not spear anywhere near your physical capabilities so that you always have a margin of safety. Fatigue and sustained diving all day also need to be factored into safe diving as well. Having said all this, freediving courses offer very practical benefits for spearos such as; how to conduct a rescue, streamlining, equalization, understanding of physiology and more. Just don’t expect or try to emulate performance freediving while you are spearfishing. The journey to greater depths takes time, experience, wisdom and opportunity with attentive dive buddies. There is no rush!

Back to Cam’s Experience

Recently I completed my Level 1 Freediving course with Adam Sellers of The Pressure Project and Eckart Rasson of Salt Sessions Freediving at the Kilsby Sink Holes in South Australia.

Whilst Kilsby is a spectacular place to dive for its crystal clear fresh water, it does have a limited feasible diving depth – unless you want to tech dive with the right equipment into the caves. Not recommended for a Freediving novice.

However, at the end of our course a few of us went on a secret mission to really test our newly acquired skills.

Journey to the Deep by Cam

During this particular descent I was committed to only two things and neither included a ‘depth’.

The first: Can I equalise? The second: Am I comfortable? If the answer to both was yes, then I’d keep going, but if anything felt wrong then it was time to abort and turn back.

Well, after a significant ‘breath up’ and the support of some extremely capable and experienced friends, off I went, trying to make everything as streamlined as possible, finning efficiently and not looking down.

The next part was the hardest, trying to stay relaxed, ‘without’ trying to stay relaxed, because the more you think about it, the more instinct kicks in and logic says why the hell are you doing this? Turn back! It’s highly counter-intuitive.

Before I knew it, with all the above in mind and the consolidation of a week’s worth of very deliberate practice under significant professional supervision (read: don’t try this at home), I was hitting the point of becoming negatively buoyant: where you no longer have to kick to force yourself down. You’re so deep that the weight on your belt is now pulling you towards the bottom and you’re not going to float. You’re sinking… sinking, equalising, trying to relax without trying to relax.

It’s getting colder, darker and the line that you’re attached to with a wrist band is starting to ‘wizz’ as you pick up speed.

Everything is going well but it’s colder, darker and the wizz is becoming louder, but so are your thoughts, much louder… should I be getting to the bottom soon? What if I’m going too quickly? Do I have enough oxygen to get back up?

Shit… Equalise… Relax… Ah! Look down!

Can I see the weight attached to the bottom of the line? This hole in the middle of a paddock in the middle of nowhere is deep and I’d like to be found even if I don’t come up. Illogical I know, as I’m attached to the line itself. It seems like forever that I’ve been on this descent, far longer time-wise than I’ve been before.

What do I see?

Nothing… just the line disappearing into the very dark, very black abyss. Maybe it’s time to throw on the brakes, but, before I do, can I equalise? Am I comfortable? Yes. Yes.

Ok, keep going, let gravity do the work. The whole time during this dive I’ve realistically done nothing, just the decision to do it and a few kicks, the work has 99% all been in my head.

But no wonder, right? Your brain is trying to tell you with every one of its alarm bells to turn the hell back, you’re going the wrong way, oxygen is in the opposite direction, stupid! But the other half is saying nope, adventure lies below.

Which is what I love about it. A challenge, going places physically and mentally that most people wouldn’t dare or, realistically and understandably, even consider. But hey, why are we here, right?

I decide to have one last look before calling it, just in case it’s only a few meters away, because man, despite my commitment to those two questions I know myself and I know I’d be pissed if I was only ‘just off’. And… there it was. A tennis ball attached to the end of the line followed by a 4kg kettle bell.

So much excitement but so little time to enjoy it. I’d made it to the bottom, I held onto the line and had a look around. Trying to forget about the pressure I can feel and the overwhelming need to breathe (go on, hold your breath now).

There’s really not much to see. Not a lot grows without light but it was great to see it, the bottom, all the same, instead of hearing about it from others that had seen it and you just have to imagine. No more imagining for me. Must be great being an astronaut.

Then reality kicks back in, you’re only half way there kiddo, you need to get back up! The ascent is much the same but you now have hope and familiarity instead of fear and the unknown. You’re on your way to safety and your friends at the top, plus oxygen too. Talk about a one sided relationship you totally take for granted.

You’re on your way finning upwards but you have to work for it. It’s getting lighter now too and much warmer than you thought it was at the beginning. Probably on account of how damn cold it is down there, but those uncomfortable temperatures fall down the priority list when others, like breathing, take over in the hierarchy.

I see my safety buddy at about the half way mark, arguably the most dangerous part of the dive as it’s the most prone to shallow water blackouts. Adam escorts me to the top as I pick up speed and I become positively buoyant again. I burst to the surface where I grab hold of the buoy and everyone made sure I was ok.

A journey to the deep…

Everyone has a happy but relieved look on their faces as you’ve come to the top safely, then the look of anticipation and serious nods as they wait for you to give the ‘okay’ sign: an indication that you’re in control and not about to pass out. This is followed by ‘hook’ breathing actions that you employ to get oxygen back into the blood stream as quickly as possible. These are also called ‘recovery breaths’ and are useful and good practice for spearfishing as well.

Despite it being a joyous occasion, safety, friends, oxygen, the show isn’t over yet and the danger hasn’t left the building.

Eckart looks at my dive watch and looks away with a bit of disappointment mixed with concern and a wry smile. So does Adam, followed by Isaac. I pull my wrist to look at it as my excitement rises but Adam grabs it and holds my arm down, trying to hide his emotions whilst at the same time looking after my wellbeing and encouraging more recovery breaths. Now isn’t the time for any unnecessary strain on the body, just breathing and recovery!

It’s only a second later that I understand why, my heart is smashing my chest. It almost feels as though people might be able to see it through my wetsuit. He tells me not to smile and tries to calm the excitement on the surface between us all. Telling me to just relax with his arm around me like you might a child that’s just tripped over and needs some support before they take that massive breath and start howling. It’s weird but comforting. No one else seems to think it’s weird, it’s just part of it. You’ve literally just touched new limits and you’re pretty vulnerable physically, so no wonder.

A minute or so passes and I’m allowed to look. Everyone is focused on my reaction. I read the watch face and in massive, extra large text it says… 35.3m!

A Journey to the deep by Cam

The biggest smile runs across my face, as it does for everyone else, there are more friends on the banks looking over that have already heard how deep it was, as the Chinese whispers worked as efficiently as they do behind the scenes when I was recovering. Everyone is yelling and splashing the water.

This is great! I can hardly breathe. I feel as though I’ve had a rock put through my chest and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This was one of the best days of my life! 🥳 – watch our video of the trip to South Australia below!

Cam (left) and Shrek. Journey to the Deep

Cam @camerontroywise


🌾🤿🐢 @thepressureproject @salt_sessions_freediving @shrekspear @noobspearo

#freediving #kilsbysinkhole #southaustralia #mtgambier #freedive #sinkhole #bottomoftheline

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But if you’re used to camping in an RV or in a tent near your car, trying something different can add excitement to your next camping trip.

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting

Shrek and Mark filleting up fish while camping on North Stradbroke Island

Ocean camping was always one of the most popular ways to camp. It offers a great opportunity to get away from everything and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature.

Spending a night by the ocean can be a wonderful experience. And during the day, plenty of activities keep you busy: from swimming and fishing to simply exploring the coastline. Here are a few ideas on what to do while ocean camping:

1. Try spearfishing

Spearfishing is a great way to get up close and personal with the fish in the ocean. It can be a bit challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a gratifying experience. Make sure to check the regulations in your area before you go spearfishing, as there may be certain areas that are off limits.

If you are new to spearfishing, plenty of instructional videos and articles online can teach you the basics. It may seem daunting initially, but with some practice, you’ll be an expert in no time!

2. Go on a nature hike

One of the best things about camping by the ocean is that there are often beautiful hiking trails nearby. Make sure to bring your camera to snap pictures of the stunning scenery. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting wildlife, too- you never know what you might see!

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting. Go on a nature hike

Daly/Luscombe family nature hiking

For an even better experience, bring your dog along with you! It’s a great way to build wonderful memories and connect with nature. Make sure to pack some high-protein treats for your pup to keep his energy levels up, and you are good to go!

3. Collect shells

One of the most classic beach activities is collecting shells. It’s a great way to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Who knows, you might even find a rare shell! If you’re feeling creative, you could use the shells to make some artwork or jewelry.

Depending on the tide and the camping location, you might even be able to find some sand dollars. Be sure not to take too many, though- it’s important to leave some for other critters that rely on them for food.

4. Go surfing or paddleboarding

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at surfing or paddle boarding? It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the ocean waves. Just be sure to heed the lifeguards’ warnings and always stay within your skill level.

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting. Try spearfishing

If your beach has a lot of people, surfing or paddleboarding can also be a great way to meet new friends! Don’t be afraid to talk with someone while you’re waiting for the next wave.

5. Go fishing

Fishing is another great way to relax and enjoy the ocean views. It’s also a great activity for the whole family- even small children can enjoy the fun! Just be sure to check the local regulations on what kind of fish you’re allowed to catch, and always throw back any that are too small.

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting. Go Fishing

Troy and Shrek – first fish for him! Shovelnose caught and released

Fishing is also a great opportunity to try out different cooking methods. If you catch a big enough fish, you could cook it over an open fire for a truly unique camping experience.

6. Have a picnic on the beach

One of the best things about ocean camping is that you can enjoy all your meals with a view of the water. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and enjoy it on the sand while listening to the sound of crashing waves. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploring.

If you’re feeling extra romantic, you could pack a candlelit dinner for two. Just be sure to clean up after yourself when you’re finished- no one wants to find leftover food in the sand!

7. Explore tide pools

Tide pools are a great way to get up close and personal with the animals that live in the ocean. Be sure to check the tides before you go, as you don’t want to be trapped by the incoming waves.

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting. Explore tide pools

Many tide pools are home to hermit crabs, sea stars, and other interesting creatures. It’s a great opportunity to teach kids about the different animals that live in the ocean. Just be sure not to touch or disturb anything- remember, these are their homes!

8. Go on a whale-watching tour

If you’re lucky enough to be camping near whales, why not go on a whale-watching tour? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t soon forget. Tour boats often leave from nearby towns or cities, so be sure to do some research in advance.

Just be sure to dress warmly, as it can often be cool out on the open water. Binoculars are also a good idea to better view the whales.

9. Try your hand at beachcombing

Beachcombing is a great way to find interesting treasures washed up on shore. You never know what you might find- shells, sea glass, or even a message in a bottle! It’s a great way to relax and take in the beauty of nature.

Just be sure not to take anything that isn’t yours. Many people enjoy collecting things from the beach, so leaving some for others to find is important.

10. Go for a swim

Of course, one of the best things to do while ocean camping is to go for a swim! Just be sure to check the local regulations on where and when you’re allowed to swim. Some beaches have specific areas designated for swimming, so it’s important to follow the rules.

If you’re not a strong swimmer, be sure to stay within your depth and always wear a life jacket. Swimming with a friend is also good, just in case you get into trouble.

10 Ocean Camping Tips And How To Make It More Interesting. Ocean camping

Ocean camping is a great way to enjoy all that the beach has to offer. By following these tips, you’re sure to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Just be sure to leave the beach cleaner than you found it- we want to be able to enjoy it for many years to come!

NSP:195 Australia East Coast Part 1 | Coffs Harbour Bluewater Freedivers

NSP:195 Australia East Coast Part 1 | Coffs Harbour Bluewater Freedivers

Interview with Tom Sandstrom, Angus Knox and Cameron Wise

Today’s interview is a little different, join Shrek and his good mate Cam as they go on a spearfishing road trip down to Sydney! Today we are in the Moonee Tavern in Coffs Harbour after a day of spearing, having a few brews, a good meal and a great chat with mates! Shorediving, breaking in new wetsuits, cooking tips and what conditions you can expect when diving around Coffs Harbour. Join Shrek and his mates in the pub after a day of spearfishing!

NSP195 the boys and the kingys

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:05 Welcome everyone!
  • 07:00 New wetsuits
  • 10:25 Shorediving in Coffs Harbour
  • 11:30 Abalone: size, how to find them and how to cook them
  • 13:50 How is your seafood game?
  • 16:20 Cooking fails
  • 17:30 Mushy Kingfish Pastrami
  • 19:25 Dry-Aging
  • 21:45 Icing fish
  • 24:45 Smoked Mullet
  • 27:35 What conditions can we expect diving here?

NSP195 angus tommy doz

  • 31:50 Too cold for Kingfish?
  • 33:30 Tips for shooting big Kingy’s
  • 36:45 Hunting Parrot fish and Dhufish
  • 40:20 Do you wear a GoPro?
  • 43:25 What are the best months for diving here?
  • 44:40 How can someone start diving in Coffs Harbour? Coffs Harbour Spearfishing Club!
  • 47:45 What makes a good dive buddy out here?
  • 49:18 Good habits and ettiquette
  • 51:20 3 free online tools help find secret spearfishing spots
  • 53:10 Core freediving techniques
  • 54:30 Stress testing

NSP195 Tommy Doz

  • 57:25 Can you remember your first big Kingfish?
  • 01:00:20 Family spearos
  • 01:02:40 Spearfishing Competitions
  • 01:04:20 Gunther Pfrengle
  • 01:08:05 Barriers to entry –  getting past the first year
  • 01:10:00 We shoot 3 Luderick, how are we cooking them?
  • 01:11:20 Dhufish
  • 01:14:35 Thank you and Thwaites Marine for taking us out and treating us so well!
  • 01:17:30 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:22:00 Outro

NSP195 insta

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NSP:194 Kevin Glen | Mantis Spearfishing and California Diving

NSP:194 Kevin Glen | Mantis Spearfishing and California Diving

Interview with Kevin Glen

Today’s interview is with Kevin Glen former owner/operator of Mantis Spearfishing, a friend of Forrest Galante and the only guy to shoot a Marlin in California! An engineer and innovator in the spearfishing world with countless awesome stories of him and his mates out in the water! From shooting and losing a Sailfish in Durban to tracking down Yellow Tail and Sea Bass in the Channel Islands, he is a great source of information and knowledge in California. Hear some of his stories in the water, the journey of learning to spearfish and the stoke of doing it with great friends. Be sure to check out Mantis Spearfishing and grab their last stock!

mantis spearfihsing logo

NSP194 wr yellowtial

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:50 Welcome Kevin! Tell us about this Marlin!
  • 10:10 You engineered a dive float?
  • 13:50 You have an unusual spearfishing story with a bunch of famous friends!
  • 15:55 Setting the record straight on the record Sea Bass with Forrest Galante!
  • 18:55 What’s the spearfishing community like there?
  • 20:10 Wind and swell conditions for the Channel Islands
  • 21:35 Urchin barons
  • 22:05 Sheephead eat urchins
  • 26:05 Mantis Spearfishing – tell us about it! The Roller Muzzle
  • 30:10 What does your spearfishing look like these days? Good dive buddies?
  • 33:30 White Sea Bass
  • 34:50 Vermillion Rock Cod
  • 35:45 Do you think your fisheries are well managed? MPA’s, 30-30 and conservation
  • 40:00 Big hearts, well intentioned but completely disconnected from the real world
  • 42:55 What’s your favourite species to hunt? Halibut, yellow tail and sea bass
  • 44:55 How are you tracking yellow tail down?
  • 46:15 Using bait fish
  • 48:05 Half Moon bait fish
  • 51:45 Memorable fish
  • 54:10 Fighting the fish – how much tension is right?
  • 56:25 Tough/scary situations
  • 01:00:25 Reels vs floatlines
  • 01:02:15 Jewfish, Mulloway or Kabeljou sounds
  • 01:03:45 Designing gear
  • 01:08:20 We need more people like you!
  • 01:12:00 What’s in your dive bag for the Channel Islands? 5mm wetsuit, weightbelt, knife, Scorpio Carbon Fibre fins in Pathos foot pockets, Mantis Spearguns
  • 01:15:30 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:22:00 Outronsp194 insta
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Dive Light Review | XTAR D26 Whale

Dive Light Review | XTAR D26 Whale

XTAR D26 Whale Review | LED Diving Torch for underwater foraging/hunting

“Overall, this has been one of the best dive torches I’ve used. It’s bright, durable and easy to secure.” – Cam

Cam lives and dives mainly around Sydney although him and I have dived in Victoria and South Australia using this torch. I asked Cam to put together a review based on the hectic use he has given it chasing mainly Eastern Rock Lobsters. Here is the rest of what he had to say. – Shrek

In particular, the brightness of the XTAR D26 Whale is great, and is probably the best dive torch I’ve used for both brightness and illumination. It has four brightness settings, getting up to a strong 1100lm, which can apparently reach up to 310m on land but also makes a solid effort under the water.

The torch has what it calls the “unique side switch (patented) and power indication”. The power indication light is a really handy warning tool. The light is green normally, but it turns to red when it is between  25% and 5% and then flashes below 5%. The locking mechanism of the side switch takes a little bit to get used to. You need to hold the switch down and then twist it to the left 90 degrees to lock it in place. While locking systems are good so you don’t bump it in tight spaces, this one can be a little hard if you need to use it with one hand or a thumb if your other hand is otherwise occupied (such as reaching for a cray).

XTAR Underwater Torch Review

At almost 300g it is a bit weightier than most, however, I actually don’t mind that and it doesn’t impact much as soon as you’re in the water.

The lanyard/wrist strap that’s included is actually really good. It might not sound important, but the length of it is long enough to be able to stow it and the toggle doesn’t slip when locked, so you can keep it tied to your wrist without worrying. This is important when it’s not in your hand, as you often can’t feel it through your wetsuit or glove.

The quality seems to be great and it has been relatively maintenance free. I’ve been using it for over a year now without any issues of corrosion or any water appearing to get into the working parts. However, there are two spare O-rings included in case you need them.

XTAR Underwater Torch Review. D26 Whale Dive Light

A fun addition is that it also has a standard tripod screw hole, which allows it to be fixed to items such as a dive photography system, a handle, or a wrist mount.

Tech specs

  • Four brightness settings up to 1100lm: 60/200/600/1100
  • Colour temperature: 6000K
  • Beam throw: 310m
  • IP rating: IPX8
  • Material: Anodized aircraft 6N01 aluminium alloy
  • Dimensions: 155mm x 46mm
  • Weight: 293g (including battery)
  • Battery: 18650/18700/26650 Li-ion batteries (26550 5000mAh rechargeable battery was included in the set with a charger)
  • Run time: up to 48h on low or 2h on “turbo” (1100lm)
  • Max diving depth: 100m
  • Spot light angle: 5 degrees

XTAR Underwater Torch Review. D26 Whale Dive Light

– Cam

Here’s a vid of Cam and Shrek using the dive torch in South Australia

NSP:193 Rodney Pacitti | How to Get 421k YouTube subs with RoKKiT KiT

NSP:193 Rodney Pacitti | How to Get 421k YouTube subs with RoKKiT KiT

Interview with Rodney Pacitti

Today’s interview is with Rodney Pacitti, aka RoKKiT KiT on Youtube! Today is a gold mine for all things spearfishing and Youtube! Rodney has a successful Youtube channel with almost half a million subs that started off with kayak fishing adventures all the way to solo camping, catch cook videos. He tells us about his channel’s success, how he started it, the tips and tricks he uses, how he films and advice for beating the algorithm! Give his channel a follow and let us know what you think of the interview! Rodney makes a living making these videos, be sure to give them a watch and see what he’s getting up to. What Youtube advice did we miss? Let us know!

NSP193 fish and knife

NSP193 rkf logo

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:25 Welcome Rodney! You were requested!
  • 04:30 Tell us about your Youtube channel!
  • 08:25 Kayak fishing
  • 10:40 Kayak diving

NSP193 beach camping

  • 12:00 Where do you go kayaking?
  • 14:00 The fishing lifestyle
  • 15:40 How do you film your trips?
  • 18:55 Acting vs real life
  • 20:35 Youtube inspiration

NSP193 mackeral and fillets

  • 23:55 Your job as an entertainer
  • 25:25 The Youtube algorithm and how to beat it
  • 32:20 What success have you seen from your channel? Are the millions of views paying off?
  • 37:00 What other tricks and tips do you have for your channel?
  • 39:40 Using analytics
  • 42:00 How do you measure your success?
  • 43:50 Best time to post: 7am Saturday morning Sydney time
  • 46:35 What tools do you use to make these videos?
  • 50:35 Dealing with internet trolls
  • 53:40 Dealing with the fame

NSP193 tusky and speargun

NSP193 catch cook

  • 57:05 Sydney spearfishing – how, when and with who?
  • 01:01:50 Boat diving?
  • 01:03:00 Gold Coast Freedivers pool training
  • 01:05:45 How often are you diving?
  • 01:07:40 What big challenges do you face in spearfishing?
  • 01:10:25 Scary moments
  • 01:13:35 Do your kids spearfishing too?
  • 01:16:30 What’s in your gear bag?
  • 01:18:18 Noob Spearo discount code for Adreno
  • 01:22:05 Where can people find you?
  • 01:22:35 Spear Q&A
  • 01:26:30 Thanks for being on the show!

NSP193 islands

NSP193 insta
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NSP:192 Paul Rodriguez | Hot Rod Spearguns

NSP:192 Paul Rodriguez | Hot Rod Spearguns

Interview with Paul Rodriguez

Today’s interview is with Paul Rodriguez of Hot Rod Spearguns! A well traveled spearo that has a passion for making great spearguns, he gives us his best advice on designing and building a speargun and he lets us in on a special project he’s busy with… a travel speargun! It breaks into 2 parts for easy travel and fits back together into a powerful and effective speargun to take with on holiday! All this and more! Is Cobia the best eating fish? Or is it African Pompano? Maybe it’s the Jobfish! Some robust conversation and interesting insights into the different types of spearfishing in different parts of the world. Also, some great advice for hunting Dogtooth Tuna! Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:30 Hello and welcome Paul!
  • 05:25 You have invented a travel speargun that comes in two parts? How did this come about?
  • 08:55 How do you build your spearguns?
  • 10:40 R&D in spearfishing is long and expensive. How do you protect your IP?
  • 12:55 How does the speargun join back together?
  • 15:35 Mono or dyneema? What length and how strong?
  • 18:30 Line management and avoiding muzzle wrap

  • 22:00 Simplicity is your friend –  form follows function
  • 27:20 Tell us about your spearfishing story! Where and how did you start?
  • 29:40 What is the best all-round speargun size?
  • 32:20 Roller’s throw the shaft far but lack penetrating power. What do you think?
  • 34:30 Old school vs new school mentality
  • 37:10 Where are you spearing these days?

  • 37:37 Tell us how you process Cobia?
  • 40:30 Palm sugar for ceviche and smoking fish changes the game
  • 43:10 Rubbers/Power bands – what do you see?
  • 44:40 Most consistent setup uses 14mm bands
  • 49:00 What is a species what you love to target? African Pompano
  • 50:45 Besides the thermocline, what else do you use to target them?
  • 52:40 What are you looking for in weather? Water temp and wind
  • 56:05 As you’ve traveled over the world, what things have you learned about planning a trip to go spearfishing?
  • 58:05 Spearfishing in the Philippines
  • 59:10 What’s the most special fish you’ve ever lost?
  • 01:00:25 Green Jobfish is the best reef eating fish

  • 01:07:05 Tough or scary situations
  • 01:11:30 Having good dive buddies is the most important dive gear
  • 01:13:20 Good buddy diving is also great fun
  • 01:14:10 Funny stories
  • 01:18:22 What’s in your dive bag? JBL Mask, white snorkel, Waihana wetsuit, medium to soft blades, Garmin Mach 1, handbuilt dive knife, Travel Hybrid 120 speargun
  • 01:23:44 Gyotaku is a great way to memorialize special fish
  • 01:25:20 Spearo Q&A

NSP192 insta
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NSP:191 Captain Bly | Tuna Charters and Bespoke Spearguns

NSP:191 Captain Bly | Tuna Charters and Bespoke Spearguns

Interview with Captain Bly

Today’s interview is with Captain Bly, owner and Captain of Lineage Charters and the craftsman of Captain Bly Spearguns! A well accomplished spearo who builds spearguns and runs what sounds like amazing fishing charters! Learn about the mighty Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna and how to hunt them, how he assists spearos to be better hunters in his local waters and some great tips on aging and caring for your fish to make it taste better! All round tons of great info and good conversation about spearfishing charters, spearguns and getting the best eating out of your catch. Be sure to check out Captain Bly on instagram and his websites: lineagecharters.com and cptbly.com!

NSP191 helping fish upNSP191 the escapade


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:15 Welcome Captain Bly! How did you fall in love with the ocean?
  • 07:50 Your passion for making spearguns
  • 10:55 What changes have you made in your speargun designs?
  • 12:15 Instinctive aiming
  • 14:15 Ballasting, testing and salt water
  • 18:10 Injury from a big recoil

NSP191 nice tuna

  • 20:15 You’re a veteran, how has that impacted your spearfishing?
  • 21:30 Lineage Charters
  • 24:15 Are people open to learning and taking your advice? Learning things the hard way
  • 26:00 Bluefin story –  don’t give up!
  • 28:40 Common struggles and advice you see

NSP191 big grouper

  • 30:55 Bluefin Tuna are an interesting species, tell us about them
  • 32:20 What is the season for Bluefin?
  • 34:49 What about Yellowfin?
  • 36:40 PB Yellowfin: just under 300lb – tell us the story!
  • 37:50 These fish are tough, they can survive a lot – catching a tuna on a line with a speargun still attached to the fish!
Captain Blys Refrigerator for fish and game. Dry ageing fish fridge

Captain Blys Refrigerator for fish and game. Dry ageing fish fridge

  • 39:40 What do you think of the freediving side of spearfishing?
  • 41:25 Weighting is different for different types of hunting
  • 43:50 Hunting Halibut
  • 44:20 The fear of dropping your weightbelt
  • 47:45 Maui funny/scary story
  • 49:30 Taking hydration out in the water with you
  • 50:05 Night time lobster diving – surge pushing you into the rocks
  • 51:00 What’s your advice for shallow, rocky lobster diving?

NSP191 group shot with tuna

  • 54:40 Dive flashlights –  what’s your advice?
  • 56:50 Are you using a cray loop? Only hand diving in California
  • 58:00 What technique do you use to get a tough lobster out of its hole?
  • 59:00 Your ocean is particularly beautiful and full of life
  • 01:00:20 Tell us about Lineage Charters!
  • 01:03:25 I’ve shot a 100lb tuna, what is your process of caring for the catch?
  • 01:07:35 How do you process a tuna?

NSP191 fish bae

  • 01:10:00 It’s about the journey
  • 01:11:25 Aging fish works – Dry aging masterclass!
  • 01:14:05 Hanging the fish
  • 01:15:15 You had some shoulder surgery! How did you recover your dive fitness?
  • 01:17:05 Do apnea while doing exercises to build up your anaerobic fitness
  • 01:18:50 The Escapade!
  • 01:21:05 The best float: Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere

NSP191 lovely speared tuna

  • 01:25:50 Funny stories
  • 01:28:30 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:33:10 Thank you for being on the show!
  • 01:33:35 Outro

NSP191 Insta

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NSP:190 Yianni Barthelmess | Froth for the Underwater Life | From Father to son

NSP:190 Yianni Barthelmess | Froth for the Underwater Life | From Father to son

Interview with Yianni Barthelmess

Today’s interview is with Yianni Barthelmess, multiple recipe contributor and all round frothing spearo from Shellharbour NSW! Drawing from his dad’s love for the ocean, he has really turned his life into an ocean inspired one! A talented chef as well, he has submitted several recipes to 99 Spearo Recipes and has a bunch of catch cook videos on his YouTube and Instagram! Get some actionable gardening tips, practical chef skills and some awesome advice for dealing with sharks! We talk everything from food to gardening for seafood, sharks, shorediving and more! Listen in and let us know what you think!

NSP190 Yianni and his father

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:30 Welcome Yianni Barthelmess!
  • 07:15 Are you a professional chef?
  • 08:40 Growing a lot of food
  • 11:55 Rain and fish stocks
  • 16:25 How did you start spearfishing at 7?
  • 17:55 Traveling and spearfishing

NSP190 underwater

  • 19:25 What did you learn about spearfishing in a new place?
  • 21:20 How do you find fish?
  • 23:50 The need to be efficient
  • 24:25 Lessons to spear by

NSP190 on boat with fish

  • 26:40 Boat vs shore diving
  • 28:55 Walk us through a dive day!
  • 31:50 The physiology of spearfishing
  • 35:55 Have you logged or cataloged your experiences?
  • 38:15 Raw fish is very popular right now but they are hesitant
  • 39:30 Raw fish safety precautions
  • 40:45 Kingfish raw
  • 42:55 Fermenting foods
  • 44:35 Tell us about your garden! The Noob Gardener Podcast!
  • 45:25 How do you start a garden for seafood?
  • 46:15 Be a soil farmer
  • 48:10 Fish cleaning bench
  • 48:55 Pests
  • 53:20 Tell us about your recipes!

NSP190 holding 2 fish

  • 57:20 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 01:00:20 Overcooking fish
  • 01:02:35 Smoking fish
  • 01:04:00 What else draws you to spearfishing?
  • 01:05:45 Encounter with 2 Orcas
  • 01:07:20 Scary stories
  • 01:09:10 Shore diving and sharks

NSP190 Yianni and boat

  • 01:10:30 Tips for dealing with sharks for new divers
  • 01:21:05 Who are your favourite dive buddies?
  • 01:25:10 What’s in your dive bag? 2mm in summer, 5mm in winter Cressi wetsuit, Rob Allen Sparid 110 and homemade timber spearguns, Rob Allen Cubera mask, Cressi plastic fins for shore diving and DiveR fiberglass fins for boats
  • 01:29:55 Spearo Q&A

NSP190 Insta

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NSP:189 Chris Adair the Bottom Hunter | BC Spearfishing

NSP:189 Chris Adair the Bottom Hunter | BC Spearfishing

Interview with Chris Adair

Today’s interview is with Chris Adair from Bottom Dwellers Freediving in British Columbia and we talk everything cold water freediving and spearfishing! Depending on who you ask, “cold” water can mean different things, but when we talk about the cold water that Chris deals with, it’s not messing around! Learn some great tips for getting better at diving in sub 10 degree C water, staying warm and comfortable and about some of the awesome initiatives he runs where he partners with First Nations People communities in remote locations and introduces them to spearfishing and freediving! Learn some great tips and how he is giving back to those around him in such an awesome way!

NSP189 divers on line

NSP189 guys on boat

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:45 @DeepWaterDreamin Patrick Ryan voice message
  • 06:05 Welcome Chris Adair! How did you get into freediving and spearfishing?
  • 07:40 You teach freediving professionally
  • 08:25 Bottom Dwellers! We mostly hunt bottom dwelling fish.
  • 11:20 Hunting on the bottom is it’s own technique to learn
  • 12:45 Tell us about Bottom Dwellers Freediving!
NSP189 Chris Adair underwater

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

  • 15:00 Tide to Table / Freedive Harvesting courses
  • 19:05 Foraging in cold water is magical
  • 20:30 Diving seasons
  • 21:20 You have some great photographers
  • 24:30 You have some great community initiatives you run with the First Nations People, tell us about it!
  • 29:25 What is day to day life like in these remote communities?
  • 32:20 Where can people learn more about the Warrior Leadership program? www.bottomdwellers.ca
  • 34:35 The British Columbia Spearfishing Summit 
NSP189 tide to table fire oven

Photo by Nathaniel Martin

  • 36:25 Regulations – how does Canada compare to other countries?
  • 40:15 Education is the best way to punish mistakes
  • 41:40 Fisheries officers are invited too!
  • 45:55 Veteran’s Vault: Cold water freediving and the mammalian dive reflex
  • 48:55 Countering the cold
  • 52:20 Daniel Mann’s shorts over wetsuit
NSP189 Chase White

Photo by Chase White

  • 55:55 When do you know when you are getting too cold? When you’re shivering, get out!
  • 57:00 PFI Level 1 Requirements
  • 58:15 Thick new wetsuits aren’t very flexible! What do you recommend?
  • 01:00:20 Cold water struggles: distributing weight! How do you do it?
  • 01:02:00 Duck diving is extremely essential!
  • 01:04:40 Quick tips for staying warm!
  • 01:08:00 Crocs are just a uniform!

NSP189 face in rocks

  • 01:10:30 Funny stories!
  • 01:15:00 Hunting and foraging techniques: increasing bottom time and looking in the right places
  • 01:16:50 Spearo Q&A
    • Your best resource for improving your spearfishing and freediving
    • Favourite spearfishing buddy and why
    • Describe the spearfishing experience
  • 01:19:55 Thank you for being on the show! Where can people find you?
  • 01:21:00 Outro
NSP189 sea cucumber

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

NSP189 insta

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Whole crispy fish with chilli tamarind dipping sauce and a lime & coriander drizzle

Whole crispy fish with chilli tamarind dipping sauce and a lime & coriander drizzle

“This delicious crowd pleaser of a recipe is perfect for when you are having a few guests over and want to put on a good feed. We have used a coastal fingermark in this exact recipe here but you could try whichever whole fish you’d like. One whole fish around that 45cm mark will happily feed 2 people, top it off with some nice fresh greens as a side and your onto a winner. We hope you guys enjoy this dish just as much as we do, cheers!” – Jordan Hunter @the_hunter_downunder

For the fish

  • Medium whole fish, filleted and cut into chunks. Keep the frame for presentation
  • Tapioca flour
  • Rice bran oil – for shallow frying
  • 3/4 cup of soy sauce
  • 3/4 cup sushi seasoning
  • 2 Tbs ginger, grated

Use the soy sauce, sushi seasoning and ginger  to marinade the fish frame and chunks. Leave in fridge for 1-3 hours.

Heat oil in pan, coat marinated fish frame in tapioca flour. Shallow fry. Repeat with marinated fish chunks.

Place cooked fish chunks on the frame for presentation.

Chilli tamarind dipping sauce

  • 1/2 cup coriander, coarsely chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
  • 2 long fresh red chillies, coarsely chopped
1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 shallot, thinly sliced
  • 4cm piece fresh ginger, grated
  • 2 Tbsp tamarind concentrate
  • 1/3 cup shaved palm sugar
  • 1 Tbsp fish sauce
  • 1-2 tbsp water

Blend coriander, garlic, chilli and salt to a paste in the nutri bullet. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat and stir-fry the paste for 1 minute until aromatic. Add the shallot and ginger. Stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add tamarind, sugar and fish sauce. Simmer for 2 minutes or until sugar dissolves.

Lime and coriander drizzle

  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 2 Tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 Tbsp grated ginger
  • 1 Tbsp garlic
  • 1 chilli, chopped finely
  • 1/4 cup of coriander, chopped
  • 1 shallot, finely chopped
  • 4 cubes of palm sugar, finely chopped
  • 1 Tbsp sesame seeds

All ingredients in a pouring dish, mix well and let sit for 30 mins to infuse.

NSP:188 Devin O’Dea & Eric Keener | 30/30, Catch and Cook 22, BHA & Breaking Apathy

NSP:188 Devin O’Dea & Eric Keener | 30/30, Catch and Cook 22, BHA & Breaking Apathy

Interview with Devin O’Dea and Eric Keener

Today’s interview is with Eric O’dea of the Backcountry Hunters (BHA) and Anglers and Eric Keener of Fin and Forage! We chat everything 30/30, MPA’s, conservation, hunting and how they all connect. We also have a great chat about the upcoming Catch and Cook comp with Fin and Forage, the BHA and Messermeister. A spearfishing competition mixed in with masterchef with a beach cleanup and urchin culling event with prizes for each different category, this is a great idea and we can’t wait to see this comp happen! You can visit this link to find out more!

Follow Fin and Forage on Instagram and YouTube to get all the latest content they make and hear all the news about this comp!NSP188 flyer

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:25 Hello and welcome Devin and Eric!
  • 05:30 The Backcountry Hunters and Anglers: what is it and why is it important?
  • 08:00 Hunter and conservationist
  • 12:10 Growing up with deer in your garden
  • 14:25 Eric Keener from Fin and Forage, reintroduce yourself!
  • 18:50 30/30: What is it all about?
  • 21:50 What happened in NSW?
  • 26:35 What is your advice to the everyday spearo?
  • 30:35 Citizen science: iNaturalist and how to get involved
  • 36:25 Food changes mindsets and perceptions

NSP188 prizes

  • 41:15 The Catch and Cook Comp! Tell us all about it!
  • 43:25 Beach cleanup prizes
  • 47:00 What are you doing with the urchins you’re collecting?
  • 51:00 Who are the legends that made this possible? Fin and Forage team, Ryan Gentry, @CutProfessor
  • 52:00 Lots of big sponsors and massive prizes!
  • 53:10 The infamous Valentine Thomas story!
  • 58:55 Was your trip succesful?

NSP188 great food

  • 01:00:25 Devin, do you and Eric ever dive together?
  • 01:01:25 The most fun you can have with your spearfishing friends
  • 01:02:30 “I don’t regard nature as a spectator sport” Discuss!

NSP188 speargun

  • 01:05:20 Belonging in a place you don’t belong
  • 01:06:25 Go to FinandForage.com and on Instagram to find out more about the competition!
  • 01:09:35 Outro

NSP188 urchin culling

NSP188 prize board

nsp188 insta

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NSP:187 Samuel Mumford | Frothing Cornish Muso Spearo

NSP:187 Samuel Mumford | Frothing Cornish Muso Spearo

Interview with Samuel Mumford

Today’s interview is with Samuel Mumford, the frothing Cornish Muso spearo living down under! Growing up in Cornwall, he started spearfishing, frankly by punching them with a blunt speargun. Have a listen to the episode to hear his experience with the Mike Tyson Speargun! From almost getting drowned by a crab to the infamous Cornish Sea Turtle, he has some great tips for hunting fish like Dhufish and Mangrove Jack and has a lot of knowledge other spearos can learn from. With a great attitude and a clear and obvious love for the ocean, we think you will enjoy today’s episode with Samuel Mumford!

Check out his music here!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 01:50 Mitch Noober Story
  • 07:05 Welcome Samuel Mumford!
  • 08:05 You perform music at night and spearfish during the day
  • 09:00 What is your daily spearfishing like?

NSP187 Sam Mumford and mate holding flounder

  • 11:35 Growing up in Cornwall
  • 12:20 The Mike Tyson speargun!
  • 17:00 Respect the learning curve
  • 19:10 A memorable catch

NSP187 Sam Mumford big kingfish

  • 23:30 East coast vs west coast of Austrailia
  • 26:20 Who are you diving with these days?
  • 27:35 The Dhufish
  • 29:05 Mangrove Jack hunting tips
  • 35:00 What motivates you to spearfish?
  • 36:50 Getting confident cooking fish

NSP187 Sam Mumford holding cray

  • 38:30 What about raw fish and ceviche?
  • 41:35 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 42:35 Introducing mates to spearfishing and drawing on knowledge from line fishing
  • 44:15 What do you look for when hunting?
  • 46:55 Garlic Buttered Western Cray with Med Salad recipe from 99 Spear Recipes
  • 48:35 Scary stuff: Almost taken out by a crab!
  • 53:45 Funny stuff: The Cornish Sea Turtle
  • 55:55 What’s in your dive bag?

NSP187 Sam Mumford in front of tent with fish

  • 57:45 With your expensive Salvimar Hero 115 Speargun, are you prepared to drop it if you need to?
  • 59:10 What grinds your gears about the spearfishing community?
  • 01:03:15 What are WA’s fisheries like?
  • 01:06:15 Plastic fins
  • 01:11:25 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:15:40 Thank you for being on the show @SamTheWaterman!
  • 01:16:05 Outro

NSP187 Sam Mumford insta

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NSP:186 Jamie Ryves | Dogtooth For Days. Tips, Stories and Mayhem

NSP:186 Jamie Ryves | Dogtooth For Days. Tips, Stories and Mayhem

Interview with Jamie Ryves

Today’s interview is with Jamie Ryves from Norfolk Island who now lives in Vanuatu! Originally a chef, circumstances meant that work was hard to come by which caused a shift in his lifestyle. He now lives on a smaller island around Vanuatu and goes spearfishing twice a week to support his family! He takes some unbelievable footage, if you have any interest in big game fish like Dogtooth Tuna, this will be your new favourite source of video! Stunning conditions, excellent tips for hunting big Dogtooth and personal stories of Samba’s and Shallow Water Blackouts and how he is a safer diver because of them. Check out one of the most underrated YouTube channels around!

NSP186 holding 2 big dogtooth underwater



Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:50 Hello and welcome Jamie! You are from Norfolk Island?
  • 03:55 You live the spearo life and take amazing footage
  • 05:25 The currents are a mystery
  • 06:05 Where did you grow up?
  • 07:50 You are a chef? Are you still cooking?
  • 10:05 You are a specialist Dogtooth Tuna hunter! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fijsU8Goxig)
  • 13:30 You have an underrated youtube channel
  • 15:15 Have you thought about guiding?
  • 16:45 What capacity do your charters have currently?
  • 19:00 You get a wide range of species, which are your favourite?
  • 23:10 Tell us about a good hunt
  • 26:25 You were a bodyboarder too, but spearfishing came easier
  • 28:55 You use a floatline but you have shot a few with a reelgun! Tell us about your gear for hunting them
  • 31:30 What are common Dogtooth hunting problems?
  • 38:30 I need to visit you!

NSP186 jamie with huge dogtooth tuna

NSP186 big doggie

NSP186 big dogtooth on boat

  • 40:10 PB’s and sharks
  • 44:05 How have you studied the sea conditions?
  • 46:05 So you have some extreme structure, tall sea mounts and volcanic rock drop off’s
  • 47:25 How long do you need to stay there for a good trip?
  • 52:20 Freediving in spearfishing: what is your position?
  • 58:00 What about scary stories? Samba’s and SWB’s
  • 01:09:10 How do you train your buddies to dive safer?
  • 01:12:30 Wayne Judge

NSP186 schools of dogtooth tuna

NSP186 holding tuna underwater

NSP186 tiger shark

  • 01:16:55 Funny stuff!
  • 01:18:25 Funniest friends
  • 01:19:55 What gear are you using? Ruku fins, Aimrite wetsuit. 1 spare shaft. 2 reel guns and a double roller from Aimrite. Riffe bungee. Ocean Hunter and Riffe 3 atmosphere floats. Slip-tip spear
  • 01:27:05 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:34:05 Outro

NSP186 insta

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NSP:185 Matthew Novakovich | Making Ocean State Spearguns

NSP:185 Matthew Novakovich | Making Ocean State Spearguns

Interview with Matthew Novakovich

Today’s interview is with Matthew Novakovich, the man behind Ocean State Spearguns! Born out of seeing a need that he could fulfill, Ocean State Spearguns are hand-crafted timber spearguns that can be customized to your liking! Want a big mid-handle 5 band blue water speargun? Or how about a short speargun for low viz diving and shooting in caves? Matthew has you covered! Starting as a small hobby, he gave Cameron Kirkconnell one of his spearguns to test and he’s been making more ever since! Doing most of his diving in the usually dirty and cold Atlantic, he has learned a thing or two about making robust spearguns that work well and look good while doing it. Check out OceanStateSpearguns.com to see what he’s doing!

He has some great insights into barotrauma and has a story about how it almost ended his diving career but more importantly – how he responded. If you have a barotrauma and are being told you’ll never dive again then give the Divers Alert Network (DAN) a call! Visit their website Dan.org and view all of their medical info here! Not all injuries are permanent!

OSS logoraw timber speargun


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:30 Hello and welcome Matthew!
  • 03:55 You have some nice fish over there like Tautog
  • 05:00 David Hochman @SpearItCharters
  • 05:55 Tell us about Ocean State Spearguns
  • 11:15 How do you make your spearguns?
  • 12:40 How many spearguns are you making? Are you making spearguns full time?
  • 15:00 So you started spearfishing again after 15 years!
  • 16:15 What are your diving conditions like?
  • 18:00 Did you just shoredive? What type of diving are you doing?

OSS speargun on beach

  • 19:50 What was a memorable fish to hunt?
  • 21:22 Colour grading your footage
  • 23:25 Striped bass?
  • 26:30 Biggest obstacles you faced starting again
  • 30:40 How much time did your efforts take to benefit your diving?
  • 31:30 Did your dive buddies progress with you or were some more experienced?
  • 35:00 Is your dad spearfishing now too?
  • 36:55 Scary stuff: Barotrauma
  • 40:00 Pin holes in wetsuit ears
  • 41:00 What did the doctor say? You can never dive again!
  • 42:00 What did the DAN doctors say? Yes you probably can! Dive medicine is sometimes more specialized than most doctors have experience with
  • 49:30 What’s next with Ocean State Spearguns? Rollers?
  • 52:30 Social media
  • 54:20 Componants
  • 57:05 Shafts

OSS gun next to water

  • 57:50 Do you any do any off-shore bluewater diving?
  • 58:40 Do you get a guide when traveling?
  • 59:40 Travel speargun?
  • 01:01:40 Funny stuff
  • 01:04:50 What gear is in your dive bag? Mako and Salvimar wetsuit
  • 01:06:00 Mako fiberglass fins
  • 01:07:10 How long is your ‘warm’ season?

OSS speargun

  • 01:08:15 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:10:00 The speargun building community is great! Where should people look to find out more?
  • 01:11:00 Thank you for being on the show!
  • 01:11:45 Outro

NSP185 insta

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NSP:184 Will Brunker | Handcrafting Aquagats

NSP:184 Will Brunker | Handcrafting Aquagats

Interview with Will Brunker

Today’s interview is with Will Brunker of Aquagat! An innovator in the speargun world, Will has developed several unique and bespoke designs and components for spearguns! Colourful, tough and functional! He gave up his day job to go into making spearguns and components full time and has been making it work! We don’t talk much about his spearfishing journey but we sure do geek out about spearguns, from designing them to making custom and unique parts and everything in between. Today’s episode is a great one for anyone interested in making their own parts or gear. Be sure to check out Aquagat.com for all the great gear he makes!

aquagat logo

will brunker with speargun 2

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:30 How to write a guest recommendation! Welcome Will!
  • 06:00 You have made a lot of innovation with different materials
  • 07:30 How did you start building spearguns and how do you do it?
  • 09:30 Aquagat is a great name!

Mini aquagat

  • 12:05 How long have you been doing this?
  • 16:15 How do you manage the balance between work, family and spearfishing?
  • 18:55 What does your spearfishing look like at the moment?
  • 22:25 Mentorship mentality


reel on a barrel

  • 24:45 Early lessons and experiences in the water
  • 26:45 Dry training
  • 28:05 Speargun accuracy and pool testing
  • 31:15 How do you aim?
  • 32:55 How long should it take to get used to a new speargun?
  • 36:50 Taking your ego out of it
  • 39:40 Let’s talk about your spearguns and components
  • 46:00 Keeping your intellectual property safe and R&D

big fish shot

  • 51:51 Buying cheap gear – the poor man pays twice!
  • 54:30 Tell us about your reels, how many designs did you go through until it worked?
  • 59:35 Do you get many Noob Spearos or mostly experienced ones?
  • 01:01:50 “Where form meets function”
  • 01:05:45 Who do you get your speargun inspiration from?

barrel with resin in the middle

handle orange

Reel components

  • 01:07:15 Tell us about your inverted speargun
  • 01:12:30 How hard are they to load?
  • 01:14:00 D Revolution
  • 01:18:10 How to ballast your speargun
  • 01:21:00 Changing the setup too soon
  • 01:24:15 Should spearos have different spearguns?
  • 01:27:25 Bluewater gun rental
  • 01:29:10 Consistency in rubber bands

speargun and fish

  • 01:31:25 14mm bands vs thicker ones
  • 01:35:30 Tell us some of your funny stories!
  • 01:41:25 How often are you diving and what all is in your dive bag?
  • 01:42:23 Innegra DiveR fins, Ocra footpockets, in-house prototype wetsuit 3.5mm and 5mm. Magnesium supplement and hydration.
  • 01:47:15 Advice for new spearfishing creators
  • 01:50:10 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:52:25 Thank you for being on the show Will!

will brunker with speargun 1

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NSP:183 Forrest Galante | Explorer, Spearo

NSP:183 Forrest Galante | Explorer, Spearo

Interview with Forrest Galante

Today’s interview is with Forrest Galante! Explorer, TV personality, adventurer and spearo, Forest has a rather large resume when it comes to the outdoors, holding multiple spearfishing world records on speargun and pole spear! Having been on the Joe Rogan Podcast and besides his own podcast The Wild Times podcast, he is most well known for his TV shows where he travels to remote parts of the world in search of extinct and extremely rare animals. We are proud to say that his journey was hugely influenced by spearfishing, join us as we have a great chat about his connection to spearfishing and how that relates to the other work he does.

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:08 Welcome Forrest Galante!
  • 05:52 Wild Times Podcast
  • 07:25 Handling large sharks
  • 10:43 First Tiger shark interaction

  • 13:15 We are still learning about sharks
  • 15:10 You’re a HECS man and you’ve been on the Joe Rogan Podcast?
  • 16:24 Extinct or Alive
  • 18:25 Tell us about your adventures
  • 22:15 The reality of working a job like yours
  • 24:40 Your early work
  • 27:30 Opportunity cost

  • 29:30 You have 6 World Records, which stands out the most?
  • 35:30 You seem to like hunting Wahoo, how do you hunt them?
  • 40:00 Getting towed by a big fish
  • 43:25 Bull sharks and Mako’s
  • 48:10 California diving
  • 50:50 Do you hunt with the meal in mind?

  • 53:15 Spearfishing presents unique pressure on species
  • 55:55 What is in your gear bag? 62 inch Diablo Speargun, HECS and Waihana wetsuits, Omer Stingray Carbon 25’s, Riffe mask and snorkel
  • 01:01:45 What are the obstacles that you face and how do you overcome them?
  • 01:04:35 Thank you Forest!

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NSP:182 Ocean Protagonist | Tran Lawrence

NSP:182 Ocean Protagonist | Tran Lawrence

Interview with Tran Lawrence

Today’s interview is with ex-firefighter Tran Lawrence from Taranaki, New Zealand! Originally coming from a line of Vietnamese fishermen, Tran is a great example of someone who truly comes alive when he’s in the ocean. Apart from being a great spearo he is also a talented creator, check out his website, Ocean Protagonist, here! Have a listen as he tells us about growing up on the water, his connection with seafood and buying a yacht to go sailing all around New Zealand! He has some great stories from his years underwater. He is also passionate about the conservation side of being in the ocean, he has some great thoughts on that. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Tran selfie on his yacht

“…stories, photos, videos and anecdotes from someone that hears the ocean when she calls and listens when she sings…..a love for the ocean through the eyes of a photographer, videographer, adventurer, diver, fisherman, sailor, refugee, firefighter, and father…”

Tran underwater selfie

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:24 Welcome Tran! You’re an ex firefighter?
  • 07:00 The Taranaki lifestyle
  • 08:20 Growing up and career

Tran holding 2 crays

  • 09:05 A big health scare
  • 10:35 You represent a few brands, Catch Fishing, Splash Dive, Atlantis Dive, Ocean Hunter and Rob Allen New Zealand
  • 12:00 You have some amazing content, how did you get into photography?
  • 13:40 Sailing around New Zealand
  • 15:55 How did you start spearfishing?

Tran with kingfish

  • 17:40 When did you realize that spearfishing was for you?
  • 22:00 Diving in Taranaki is a special experience
  • 23:10 Guide to catching Kingfish
  • 24:15 Scarcity mindset and taking as much as you can

Tran biting cray

  • 28:00 Have you introduced people to spearfishing
  • 29:35 Swimming pool or trial by fire?
  • 31:20 When you take Noob divers out, how do you guide and teach them? Instill the passion and respect for the ocean
  • 33:00 Your favourite species to hunt
  • 35:00 How has your conservation mindset evolved over your spearfishing journey?
  • 37:15 Wine barrel smoker and smoking fish
  • 42:25 You love to cook, walk us through a recipe

Tran having some breakfast

  • 45:00 Using more of the fish
  • 47:20 Sharks as a food source
  • 49:10 Do you enjoy more involved hunts? The hunter mindset
  • 52:35 Creativity and your journey into underwater photopgraphy
  • 01:01:25 How can someone start in underwater photography?
  • 01:03:45 Scary stuff
  • 01:05:45 Spearo Q&A

NSP182 insta

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NSP:181 Travel Spearfishing Tips | with Jerry Guerra

NSP:181 Travel Spearfishing Tips | with Jerry Guerra

Interview about Travel Spearfishing with Jerry Guerra

Today’s interview is with Jerry Guerra and it’s all about travel spearfishing. Ever watch a Daniel Mann video and think to yourself: “I want to travel to other countries and spearfish”? Maybe you’ve seen films like David Ochoa makes about his trips around the world filming the fish up close and personal. Or maybe you just listened to the previous episode about Palapas Ventana, traveling and spearfishing were made to go together! Doing your first big trip can be a logistical and planning exercise in patience, you don’t want to get to your dream destination and not have your fins or speargun! Jerry gives some great Noob tips on doing spearfishing trips, advice for international travel, navigating airports with spearguns, packing, charters and so much more!

What big trips have you done to go spearfishing?

Neptonics Spearfishing and Freediving – Use the code NOOB10 to save 10% off anything store-wide. Free Shipping on USA orders over $99

Jerry and tuna

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:40 Welcome back Jerry! Spearos are natural travelers – why is that?
  • 08:25 You’ve just come back from Africa?
  • 09:45 Guides and charters
  • 15:55 Sportube
  • 17:30 Neptonics Speargun Travel Bag
  • 22:00 Zips
  • 23:30 Traveling with a “SPEAR-GUN” is a bad idea
  • 25:15 Weightbelt and carry on
  • 27:25 Fins as carry on
  • 31:15 Travel fins
  • 36:38 Surf bag

Jerry and GT

  • 37:25 Issues with security in Russia
  • 39:05 Marine reserves and local laws
  • 41:10 Packing tips
  • 42:10 Have extra wetsuits
  • 43:12 Phone your guide or charter just before you leave
  • 43:30 Checklist for all your gear
  • 46:15 Lost luggage
  • 47:35 Spare parts
  • 49:45 Electrolytes and hydration
  • 54:30 Countries where spearfishing is illegal
  • 57:20 Convincing your spouse

Jerry and grouper

  • 59:00 Finding dive buddies in new countries
  • 01:03:21 Local laws and catch limits
  • 01:05:20 Shorter blades
  • 01:06:35 TSA lock and locking your bags
  • 01:07:20 Choice of airline
  • 01:10:50 Pool testing blue water spearguns
  • 01:15:10 Parting tips
  • 01:17:45 Where do you want to travel?
  • 01:18:50 First aid
  • 01:19:25 Neptonics Bleed Stopper
  • 01:20:00 Good fillet knife
  • 01:20:50 How can people follow you?

NSP181 insta

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NSP:180 Deryck Tan | Seafood & Gyotaku Renaissance

NSP:180 Deryck Tan | Seafood & Gyotaku Renaissance

Interview with Deryck Tan

Today’s interview is with Deryck Tan from WA. An Equine Dental and Veterinary Surgeon by day, mad spearo/gyotaku/cooking seafood chef type dude by… I suppose day too! He is an extremely talented artist specializing in the art of Gyotaku – making fish prints! What started as an interest quickly became an obsession, from experimenting with his first fish to now taking commissions. Have a listen to some of Deryck’s funny stories and lessons he has learned along the way and get some tips to get into doing your own gyotaku! Deryck is also great in the kitchen and is passionate about seafood, in particular the underrated species. Learn about tempra vs tempura, alternative fish species and get some insight into abalone and urchin cooking.

Have you also been inspired to make your own gyotaku? Tag Noob Spearo in your posts, we’d love to see!

DT Gyotaku of yellowtail

DT on a spear hike

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:45 Welcome Deryck!
  • 05:40 Tell us about yourself!
  • 06:35 Cooking inspiration
  • 07:05 Where did your passion for gyotaku come from?
  • 10:45 Why are Dhue fish so hard to shoot?

DT with crayfishDT and delicious food

  • 12:56 Meeting Bert from Old Man Blue for his cray loop
  • 14:20 How did you start spearfishing?
  • 16:45 Spearfishing course and diving deeper
  • 19:53 What skills did you get out of your spearfishing course?
  • 21:42 Tell us about your gyotaku! Tell us about the stamps
  • 25:25 Who buys your artwork?

DT ab warrior

  • 27:55 What materials are you using?
  • 30:35 How to gyotaku: Thaw and clean fish, pat dry, use scrap rice paper to remove all the moisture especially around the eyes, dilute ink, paint fish with ink but NOT the eyes, get rid of excess ink (use cotton or material), Circle piece of paper to keep the eye protected. Put paper over fish and push it in. Pull it off, add details to the eye, add your stamp.
  • 35:45 Difficult to gyotaku: crustaceans. How long do they take?
  • 38:00 Do I lose the meat if I gyotaku a fish?

DT with big Mulloway

  • 39:18 Gyotaku mural
  • 40:00 Where do you get your inspiration from? @gyotakunaokistyle and @fishingforgyotaku
  • 41:45 Tips for trying gyotaku for the first time
  • 42:45 Spangled Emperor and tempra vs tempura
  • 43:55 How do you make a tempra sauce?
  • 48:55 What do you like to drink with your fish?

DT seafood harvest

  • 50:00 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 52:20 Urchin/uni
  • 57:45 Walk us through the journey of getting and building your speargun
  • 01:00:30 Diving in current and caves with a reel
  • 01:05:15 What is your favourite species to hunt in your area?
  • 01:09:10 Tell us about your zen mode
  • 01:09:50 Diving with buddies or alone?
  • 01:14:45 Funny stories!
  • 01:18:45 What else is in your dive bag? Old Man Blue Cray Loop!
  • 01:22:35 Favourite sustainable fish
  • 01:25:15 Spearo Q&A

nsp180 instagram

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NSP:179 Palapas Ventana | Baja, the Mag & Sea of Cortez

NSP:179 Palapas Ventana | Baja, the Mag & Sea of Cortez

Interview with Tim Hatler & Brock Kennedy

Today’s interview is with Tim Hatler & Brock Kennedy of Palapas Ventana in Baja, Mexico! Surrounded by amazing sea’s almost year round and with options for when the weather is bad, they have some of the world’s best spearfishing out there. They run spearfishing trips where spearos Noob and experienced alike can get in the water and have an opportunity to shoot potentially world record fish! Listen to the stories they tell from their many years running spearfishing trips, advice on booking and preparing for a trip and some of the fun you can expect! From riding Great White sharks to cruising in luxury, if you are wanting a memorable spearfishing experience, go look at Palapas Ventana!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:00 Welcome Brock and Tim!
  • 05:35 Where in the world are you?
  • 07:05 You have an ocean full of life
  • 08:40 Introduce yourselves and Palapas Ventana
  • 10:15 Tell us about your accommodation you have an offer
  • 12:10 How does it work for international travelers coming to visit? Logistical issues
  • 14:25 How long do you need to have a decent trip? 5 days of diving
  • 15:30 February has the worst conditions, least fish
  • 17:05 Trade winds
  • 19:15 How remote do you travel on these trips?
  • 20:50 Brock, how did you start spearfishing?
  • 22:10 Scuba spearfishing
  • 24:20 Coming from cold water to now having warm tropical water, how has that changed your spearfishing?
  • 25:35 Tim, how did you start spearfishing?
  • 29:00 Spearfishing in Guadeloupe
  • 31:45 Spearfishing with Great White sharks
  • 34:40 What fish do you love to hunt? Tell us about Wahoo
  • 38:05 Most memorable Wahoo
  • 40:12 Roosterfish
  • 42:06 Yellowfin Tuna
  • 44:45 Grouper hunting
  • 50:25 What other locally inspired experiences have you included? What food are you eating on your trips?
  • 57:35 Scary stuff: how do you deal with emergencies?
  • 58:16 Does guiding take away from your spearfishing experience?
  • 59:50 Describe the perfect clients
  • 01:01:40 Funny stories
  • 01:06:50 What’s in your dive bag?
  • 01:10:10 List of gear to bring: Don’t fly with weights!
  • 01:10:55 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:13:21 Thank you Tim and Brock!

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Reigniting My Love for Spearing | Christopher Marsic

Reigniting My Love for Spearing | Christopher Marsic

Reigniting My Love for Spearing

This post was made with the permission of Christopher Marsic, a new member on the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook who introduced himself with this story. I liked it so much, I asked him if I could share it on the Noob Spearo Vault blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! – Shrek


Heya peeps thanks for the add to the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook
I live in Victoria (soon to be Mackay QLD) and I guess my biggest struggle was overcoming the conditions down this way to chase those rare southern gems.
In my early days of spearfishing 10 years ago I spent a lot of time diving Port Phillip Bay, which when I first started I thought was the best thing ever! I would jump in after work in horrible visibility 2-4m (on a good day where I lived) and would swim around for hours I started off like all spearos shooting the feared dusky morwong, but before long I worked my way up to bream and snapper and became pretty decent at getting onto the pinkies.
Most places in the bay I dived had an maximum depth of around 3m however I was super interested in the breath hold part of spearfishing so I started doing some research and that’s when I found the spearing down under magazines. I’ll never forget the first time I put one of those DVDs on and my jaw hit the floor … Watching these guys descend deep into the blue then shoot these monster fish really got me excited to get better at the sport.
After doing tons of research and learning about blackouts etc I decided it would be best to find a dive buddy so I headed to the forums back then you had to jump on a website forum there wasn’t fb groups those days 😅 that’s when I met one of my best friends to this date Jai KP and he basically introduced me to ocean diving and man that first dive in the ocean changed everything! I never wanted to dive the bay again! Little did I know this was a double edge sword.
Although there is good fish to be had here in Victoria it is very based on season and in that season you only get handful of days you can actually get in the water especially from shore. You gotta align our constant big swell, low wind and the right time of the year.
Don’t get me wrong;
– this didn’t stop me getting in the water all the time but it was hard going and not super rewarding for the beginner, so I turned my attention north, over the next few years I would dive locations like Bermagui, Eden and Townsville which made the motivation to get back into the water in Victoria super low.
I basically repeated this trend of going north and diving then coming back to Vic and basically only diving those perfect days until about 2 years ago when I took the plunge and bought a jetski and boy did that change everything.
I started becoming obsessed with getting a blue fin tuna the jet-ski I got was super capable and I soon found that as long was the wind was good it didn’t really matter what the swell was doing (within reason) I could get out to my favourite parts of Vic the South West. I proceeded to spend the next month chasing tuna seeing them time and time again but either the viz was really bad and I’d just catch a glimpse of them or they would just hang out of shooting range and pass me by.
But then it happened …
…it was towards the end of the day and I had basically called it on the tuna and headed in to an island for a bit of a look for crays and to get some footage of seals, but on my way in to the island the sounder lit up in 60m of water and I knew exactly what they were, I had the gun in the gunnel ready to go attached to my two Riffe floats which was then attached to the ski, I rolled off the side of the ski into the blue breathed up and swam down to around the 10m mark, as I was swimming down I was just surrounded by massive tuna it was absolutely awesome and super hard to keep calm I lined up one of the smaller ones that came in close as I had no idea how hard the fight would be and pulled the trigger.
Ever since that day I’ve been a lot better at finding the blues and it has reignited my love for spearing, I never imagined 10 years ago when I shot my first dusky that I would be shooting Bluefin tuna.
Absolutely love spearfishing and its journey that it brings and I cannot wait to start my new journey when I move to Mackay, Queensland later this year 🙂.
Reignited my love for spearing. Christopher Marsic. Spearfishing stoke

Chris holding a prized Southern Bluefin Tuna

NSP:178 Spear West W.A Diving | Mike Kane

NSP:178 Spear West W.A Diving | Mike Kane

Interview with Mike Kane

We are kicking off 2022 with Mike Kane, co-owner of Spear West, one of the best spearfishing stores in Perth and WA! We chat about all things WA spearfishing, joining a club and starting to spear at a late age, dive buddies, boats and driving for hours! Having always owned a boat, he had no shortage of opportunities to dive but starting later in life has given him a different perspective on spearing.  If you are ever in WA near Perth you should stop by and give them a visit, you’ll have learned something new by the time you walk out!

Visit Spear West’s shop!


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:40 Hello and welcome Mike!
  • 08:45 Tell us about yourself!
  • 09:50 Spearfishing clubs in WA

  • 12:40 What was it like starting to spearfishing at 30?
  • 14:20 Dream fish
  • 18:26 Using a shorter dive efficiently
  • 21:08 What do you look for in a dive buddy?
  • 24:15 Memorable hunts
  • 27:05 Scary stories

  • 30:07 Veterans Vault: People in WA are okay to drive for hours to go dive
  • 32:30 Where is Spear West located and where do you dive?
  • 33:22 Red Emperor
  • 36:43 Scouting and exploration
  • 37:52 Hunting at certain times of the day?
  • 38:36 Do you like shore diving?
  • 39:45 How do you recruit sales people in your shop?
  • 43:22 Funny stories
  • 44:44 Spearfishing with your kids
  • 45:15 What’s in your dive bag?
  • 49:48 Do you do anything differently to other people?

  • 53:26 Training and fitness
  • 54:20 Advanced equalizing techniques
  • 56:40 Freediving courses
  • 01:02:45 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:05:25 How can people find you?
  • 01:06:05 Outro


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Cook OCTOPUS like a Portuguese BOSS

Cook OCTOPUS like a Portuguese BOSS

Octopus Cooking Tips


Title from Shrek, Tips from Guilherme Rosado


Hello Shrek, my name’s Guilherme and I’m a Portuguese spearo. I was listening to your podcast with Josh Bollen and you guys were talking about cooking octopus. In Portugal we have lots and lots of octopus recipes and some tricks to cook them. Unfortunately I didn’t finish my submission for the cook book 99 Spearo Recipes but I still gave my support on Kickstarter. Anyway here are some tricks to cook octopus:

1. ALWAYS freeze them. 

What makes the octopus so tough are it’s his muscles and when you freeze them you’re helping to loosen and break some of them down.

2. ALWAYS boil the octopus even before grilling them.

Here is how you boil them. Put water to boil in a pot with nothing more than a glove of garlic and a whole onion. Both without being cut up. When the water is boiling, get the octopus and start submerging it for a few seconds and take it out. Wait a few seconds and do it again like 3 times or so. Then you let it boil on a low heat for about 30-45 mins depending on the size of the octopus.

For some yummy Portuguese octopus dishes, search;

  • polvo à lagareiro
  • arroz de polvo
  • pataniscas de polvo
  • alcatra de polvo“.


The last is also a traditional dish that we eat on Christmas. Let me know if there’s still a chance to submit a recipe! Thanks for all the great content keep it up!

And here’s a photo of the last octopus I caught:)
Cook OCTOPUS like a Portuguese Boss

Guilherme Rosado with Octopus!

Cook OCTOPUS like a Portuguese BOSS

NSP:177 Jai Gibbons | @spearochef Journey +Seafood Cooking Game Changers

NSP:177 Jai Gibbons | @spearochef Journey +Seafood Cooking Game Changers

Interview with Jai Gibbons

Today’s episode is with the Sydney Spearo Chef Jai Gibbons! Talented and passionate about food, he has been cooking all his life and been in and out of many different kitchens around the country, picking up a treasure trove of knowledge and tips about preparing and cooking seafood! Jai has submitted an awesome guide to 99 Spearo Recipes that’s all about caring for your catch to get the best possible eating experience from it, we go in depth about that and the other tips and tricks he’s learnt in his career so far. What to do after you have speared and secured the fish, how to store, fillet and process the meat, how to choose the best knife for whatever job you’re doing and a big section on dry-aging are some of the big talking points in this interview. If you’re excited for 99 Spearo Recipes and are interested in cooking better seafood, this episode is for you! How to dry-age fish, fillet and process fish better and make better, more creative seafood dishes without the intimidation, enjoy it!

You can support us and secure yourself a copy by supporting our 99 Spearo Recipes Kickstarter campaign!

Jai and a Yellowtail

Jai another fancy dish

Jai holding 2 fish

Black Drummer

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:00 Welcome Jai Gibbons!
  • 07:10 How old are you, where are you from and where did spearfishing start for you?
  • 14:10 Most Sydney fish comes from New Zealand
  • 15:55 The first fish you shot and ate
  • 17:45 Your journey into spearfishing goes along with your attitude towards it
  • 19:30 How did you learn about fish species, size limits and etc

Goatfish ramen close up

  • 20:40 Meeting Simon Trippe
  • 22:40 Identifying fish underwater
  • 26:25 Fish with no size limits
  • 28:30 Learning things yourself and the hard way
  • 33:50 If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?
  • 37:30 Doing a formal course
  • 40:15 How to dive better, magic breathing technique

  • 44:30 Australian Spearfishing Academy
  • 46:10 The basic skills you should have before spearfishing
  • 47:15 99 Spearo Recipes: How did you get into becoming a professional chef?
  • 52:32 Seafood intimidates many people, coming from a vegetarian background, how did you get into cooking and eating fish?
  • 58:20 How to choose the best knife for the job
  • 01:07:20 Fish cut with a sharp knife feels different in your mouth than fish cut with a blunt knife

Goatfish ramen

  • 01:11:15 Using gloves when processing fish
  • 01:13:45 Do you have a dedicated fish cleaning solution?
  • 01:17:20 Dry-aging and aging fish
  • 01:24:32 What happens when you age fish?
  • 01:29:20 99 Spearo Recipes Kickstarter
  • 01:31:00 What are your goals with spearfishing and cooking?
  • 01:35:50 Outro and Shrek’s last thoughts

Breaking down a fishJai fancy fish dish

NSP177 Insta

Podchaser - Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
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Jai Fish and sauce

Jai Kingfish cutlets

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NSP:176 James Sakker | A+ Snapper Hunting Technique, Telemarketing & Getting Barnacled

NSP:176 James Sakker | A+ Snapper Hunting Technique, Telemarketing & Getting Barnacled

Interview with James Sakker

Today’s episode is with James Sakker, aka Sakker J – The best telemarketer you didn’t know of! Absolutely mad about spearfishing, we chat about hunting Snapper, Dhufish, big Abalone, some interesting tips for using crayfish to call fish, hunting in cold dirty water and dealing with sharks! James is well travelled and has speared in many places all over the world, he recounts his time in the USA and in Mexico going from cold dirty Great White infested waters to warm, clear water with huge fish around. James has also submitted a bunch of recipes to 99 Spearo Recipes so keep an eye out for his recipes when it comes out! There is also a great discussion on dealing with sharks and his experiences with different species in different parts of the world. He also wears a tourniquet and has a great Youtube channel!

You can support us and secure yourself a copy by supporting our 99 Spearo Recipes Kickstarter campaign!

James and a DhufishJames and boarfish

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:27 Welcome James!
  • 06:15 There were some cool magazines out when I started spearfishing like ISFN and SDM
  • 07:36 Shoutout to some real legends
  • 10:22 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 11:18 Where did your love for spearfishing start?
  • 13:00 A freerange child

James and a big snapper

  • 15:22 Political changes and people making laws on a computer
  • 17:48 Stand out memories from when you started spearfishing
  • 23:00 What is your fishery like? Dhue Fish life cycle
  • 25:23 Lobsters: Eastern vs Southern
  • 27:40 Best eating: East, west or south?
  • 29:24 Fish and Cray mounts

Abalone shell trophy

  • 30:17 Snapper is a special fish that I’ve put 100’s of dives in to get a 10kg+ and the first Snapper I shot
  • 34:42 People who don’t spear or fish don’t see these rare and amazing sights
  • 35:55 Finding spots and hunting tips
  • 38:25 Learning to hunt in the water and learning the seasons and times of day
  • 42:56 Time spent in the water and hunting snapper tips
  • 46:37 How did you learn to use lobster as bait?
  • 50:58 Hot smoking Mackerel recipe
  • 53:15 Spearo marine scientists
  • 57:42 Tourniquets and TacMed – I got bitten by a shark
  • 01:03:17 Big abalone in the USA

James with a 10 inch Abalone

  • 01:06:35 Ling Cod
  • 01:08:03 What’s Oregon like?
  • 01:09:29 Mexico has some incredible diving and one of my best diving days
  • 01:13:45 Gulf of Mexico vs the Sea of Cortez: Cold vs Warm water and prospecting wild islands
  • 01:17:34 Palapas Ventana trip and going to the USA
  • 01:20:11 What’s the Gulf of Mexico like?

James and a big coral trout

  • 01:22:02 New Zealand and scary sharks
  • 01:24:03 The only shark I’ve ever had to shoot
  • 01:28:21 Bronze Whalers vs Dusky Whalers
  • 01:29:42 Have you learned how to deal with sharks over your years? Charging Great Whites
  • 01:34:04 Great Whites
  • 01:35:02 Killer Whales / Orca’s
  • 01:36:05 Spearfishing puts you back into the food chain
  • 01:38:16 Diving in big seas and slippery rocks
  • 01:42:28 Loaded guns out of the water
  • 01:43:58 Barracuda

tourniquet deployed

  • 01:48:19 What’s in your dive bag? Immersion wetsuit, DiveR fins, Edge speargun, Ronstan float, Omer mask
  • 01:53:40 Spearo Q&A
    • Best piece of advice: slow down
    • If you could start over: nothing would change
    • What struggles do you have? Ears and sharks
    • What’s something unique that you do? Do lots of prospecting and navigating using landmarks
    • Spearfishing experience in 1 sentence
  • 01:56:59 Outro
James with Shark bite

James after being bitten by a shark!

nsp176 insta

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NSP:175 Josh Bollen | Always Learning

NSP:175 Josh Bollen | Always Learning

Interview with Josh Bollen

Today’s episode is with Josh Bollen from Sydney! He has submitted several recipes to 99 Spearo Recipes and is passionate about cooking and eating food he’s foraged or caught and foraged. He has a love for making food look good and when you see his recipes you will understand why! We chat about smoking fish, dry aging meat and the magic of vacuum packing and how to get the best and most out of your catch. Have a listen to this interview and stay tuned for 99 Spearo Recipes for his recipes and a ton more! We also chat about anxiety in diving, how to deal with it and ways to improve your experience of life. Enjoy listening and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

You can support us and secure yourself a copy by supporting our 99 Spearo Recipes Kickstarter campaign!

joah and seafood

What is the most unusual food you have foraged or caught yourself?


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:04 Noober Stories
  • 05:00 Welcome Josh! Always learning – what does that mean to you?
  • 06:18 You have an interest in jewelry?
  • 07:53 A passion for plating food
  • 09:09 Connecting the catch with the food
  • 11:16 Where are you in the world?
  • 13:25 You have been vacuum packing food?
  • 16:55 Fish wings

josh and yellowtail

  • 17:54 How long should fish be cooked for?
  • 19:50 Food was your gateway drug into spearfishing
  • 22:36 Started spearfishing in 2019
  • 23:15 What appeals to you in spearfishing? What struggles have you had?
  • 26:05 Observing nature and the underwater world
  • 28:22 Bush food and a very underused plant: Pig Face

Pig face fruit

pig face succulent

  • 34:50 What was your first memorable fish?
  • 35:50 Leather Jackets are great eating and some fish Josh avoids
  • 37:17 Smoking fish: How do you do it? Controlling temperature, airflow, etc
  • 43:09 Scary moments in your spearfishing and seeing sharks
  • 45:59 What are your favourite species to hunt and how to hunt Blackspot Goatfish
  • 49:57 Dry aging your fish – do you need a dedicated fridge? Moisture? How to hang them up, etc
  • 56:03 Being thoughtful and intentional with your food and storage
  • 58:02 99 Spearo Recipes: you submitted several recipes!
  • 59:26 Octopus: tenderize it!
  • 01:01:39 My Octopus Teacher and Seaspiracy
  • 01:05:27 Deep dive chat about anxiety and diving

Josh filleting

  • 01:06:54 Risk vs reward
  • 01:08:18 How do you stay calm and cope?
  • 01:11:23 Do you have a mantra or ways of calming down?
  • 01:12:34 Learn to distance yourself from your thoughts and make rational decisions
  • 01:16:30 Risk/stress/discomfort has a place and a value in daily life
  • 01:17:41 A life worth living
  • 01:18:25 Keeping the connection to nature that our ancestors had
  • 01:20:20 Funny stuff, dehydration and sea sickness
  • 01:22:30 I use Aqualyte to cope

josh bollen profile pic

  • 01:23:28 What’s in your dive bag? Cressi wetsuit, Rob Allen speargun and roller guns, fin upgrades
  • 01:31:12 DIY flashers
  • 01:35:12 Spearo Q&A
    • Where is your dream spearing destination?
    • Favourite dive buddy?
    • Single best piece of advice: SLOW DOWN!
    • Describe the spearfishing experience: FREEDOM!
  • 01:38:36 Outro


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NSP:174 Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip | Part 2

NSP:174 Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip | Part 2

Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip Part 2

Today’s episode is part 2 of the Adreno Capricorn Trip, a week long spearfishing charter aboard the Eastern Voyager to the Great Barrier Reef where Noob and experienced Spearos alike got to dive in one of the best environments around. This part on the interview starts on the trip back to port at the end of the trip. We get insights from some of the Adreno crew and reflections from Noob Spearos who are new to the water and some who have never shot a fish before this trip! This is by far one of the best spearfishing charter’s around – great food, hot showers and world class spearing.

Has this interview made you want to go on a spearfishing charter?

spearo underwater GBR

Important Times:

    • 00:13 Intro
    • 05:10 Welcome back to the Eastern Voyager
    • 08:18 High and low points of the trip for Wayne
    • 09:20 Best catches of the trip?
    • 10:51 Would you recommend this trip?
    • 12:16 Last thoughts and tips
    • 13:18 Trip board
    • 14:45 Jack, tell us about your trip
    • 16:50 Minimum experience for coming out here
    • 19:20 Best catches
    • 20:45 Jordy, tell us about your trip
    • 24:45 High point of the trip?
    • 25:46 How did you stay in the right headspace while being tired?
    • 29:00 Ryan, you had some ear troubles, tell us about your trip
    • 32:45 Did your line fishing background help at all?
    • 34:28 How did your first dive of the trip go?
    • 37:14 Tim’s thoughts
    • 40:46 Ryan, how has the spearfishing gone?
    • 43:40 Advice for people doing this trip
    • 47:17 Describe your trip
    • 49:55 Amy, how was your trip?
    • 52:40 How has the fishing been?
    • 01:00:55 How was the photography part of the trip?
    • 01:03:47 Describe this trip
    • 01:05:11 Dave is here too, how was your trip?
    • 01:07:06 Your struggles
    • 01:10:08 Describe the trip
    • 01:11:15 Clear Eyes on your ears: advice from our chef
    • 01:14:24 Joel and Taylor, tell us about the sleeping on the ship and how was your trip?
    • 01:17:00 Highlights of the trip
    • 01:18:15 Tell us about your Spanish Mackeral
    • 01:22:25 What have you learned from shooting this big fish?
    • 01:30:26 Perks of working for Adreno and more highlights
    • 01:32:53 I shot some Tuskfish and you were just as stoked
    • 01:35:15 Does this trip give you a reset on your energy?
    • 01:36:03 Taylor, tell us about your trip
    • 01:40:25 How was your diving?
    • 01:45:58 Dogtooth tuna vs Mackeral
    • 01:47:51 Outro

Speargun arsenal BTS on the Bunker trip Trevor and Shrek pointing Wayne Judge and Shrek Trevor and Shrek nsp171 bunker holding fish eastern voyager amy Photo spearo drone shot of GBR

adreno float

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NSP:173 Daniel Mann Reelguns, YouTube, Europe & 99 Spearo Recipes

NSP:173 Daniel Mann Reelguns, YouTube, Europe & 99 Spearo Recipes

Interview with Daniel Mann

Today’s episode is with Daniel Mann! If you do spearfishing and watch any YouTube and you don’t know who he is you are missing out! He runs one of the best spearfishing channels around, stocked full of great content and tips. He’s recently been really upping his chef game, as you’ve probably seen in his recent videos. A talented chef that is also an extremely talented spearo, we chat about reel guns – when to use them, why you would and wouldn’t want to use them, alternatives and tips and tricks with using them. We also chat about some of the amazing recipes he’s been cooking and his thoughts on the 99 Spearo Recipes cook book!

Do you use a float line or a reel on your speargun?

NSP:173 Daniel Mann Reelguns, YouTube, Europe & 99 Spearo Recipes

Daniel Mann scanning the bottom spearfishing

Important Times:

    • 00:13 Intro
    • 07:05 Welcome back Daniel!
    • 08:27 Who are you, where do you stay and what are you doing with your time?
    • 10:55 We got a message from a spearo that can’t use a float as it is too dangerous
    • 12:20 Why I use a reel gun
    • 14:25 Be prepared to lose your gun
    • 18:43 Type of structure you dive on
    • 20:10 90% of Noob Spearos need a float line

  • 21:20 Diving alone and dive watches
  • 23:35 Old school approach to safety when using reels
  • 27:45 What do you need to look out for when diving with a reel?
  • 29:30 A good boaty
  • 32:10 Getting caught in the reef
  • 40:05 Shrek, what do you use?
  • 43:21 So you moved to the spearfishing capital of the world, London – the London International Spearfishing Club
  • 48:25 The core appeal of spearfishing is the same wherever you go
  • 54:25 Traveling and spearfishing – lessons learned
  • 01:03:50 Smooth skin wetsuits
  • 01:07:40 Cooking
  • 01:09:30 Cooking failures
  • 01:11:20 99 Spearo Recipes
NSP:173 Daniel Mann Reelguns, YouTube, Europe & 99 Spearo Recipes

Daniel Mann with Mullet – check out this vid where he catches and cooks them!

  • 01:16:55 Tell us about your Salt Baked Sea Bass
  • 01:20:07 You don’t know what you don’t know
  • 01:23:15 YouTube algorithm and censorship
  • 01:27:17 I’m going to Norway in March
  • 01:31:04 Shows like Meat Eater show the reality of the hunting life, like your videos do
  • 01:34:05 Using more of your catch
  • 01:37:05 99 Spearo Recipes is going to be a game changer when it comes out
  • 01:40:40 How to speak Australian
  • 01:45:50 Daniel’s experience with Covid
  • 01:50:53 Diving after Covid
  • 01:52:05 Long shore dives
  • 01:52:55 Hydration in the water
  • 01:55:25 Shore diving has its own appeal
  • 01:57:15 Have you fully recovered?
  • 01:58:10 Outro

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NSP:173 Daniel Mann Reelguns, YouTube, Europe & 99 Spearo Recipes

Daniel Mann with monster Halibut

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NSP:172 Spencer Allen | Yard Sales, Pole Spearing and Getting Clear of Burnout

NSP:172 Spencer Allen | Yard Sales, Pole Spearing and Getting Clear of Burnout

Interview with Spencer Allen

Today’s episode is with Spencer Allen from California. He is an all in spearo that has fully embraced the lifestyle and has been a big contributor to the 99 Spearo Recipes book. His cooking is even better than his spearfishing! After losing all his gear in a house fire, he stopped hunting and never really got back into it until he started kayak fishing. After being smashed attempting a big surf launch he almost gave it up again, but decided not to quit. He found some buddies to take him out again and ended up catching a 41 inch Halibut. He has been hooked ever since! Join us as we chat about spearfishing and cooking, the Channel Islands, finding buddies and ways to be a better spearo. Let us know what you think about this episode!


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro and 99 Spearo Recipes messages
  • 05:25 Welcome Spencer! Tell us about yourself!
  • 09:07 What is a yard sale and how do you launch in the surf?
  • 11:39 I hooked a 41 inch Halibut!spencer's first halibut
  • 12:18 What is your fishing/hunting history?
  • 13:58 Spencer Allen Youtube
  • 14:30 How did you transition from the surface to hunting underwater?
  • 16:27 Spearfishing clubs vs doing a course
  • 19:47 Paying someone to help you start vs taking someone out
  • 20:54 How did you find buddies and into the spearfishing community?
  • 22:46 First experience with a pole spear
  • 23:37 Tell us about the first pole spear you got and how you have upgraded it
  • 25:23 Scallop foraging and hunting groups that go after only 1 species
  • 27:37 Tips for bringing in fish and your first Sheepshead
  • 29:39 I feel more like an otter, explain. Dive Camp Videos pt 1 and pt 2
  • 31:44 Decision making in spearfishing
  • 33:40 Establishing fundamentals and experimenting with different ideas
  • 38:38 Meat Eater and hunting mammals
  • 40:01 Nature is brutal and cruel at timesspencer allen 99 recipes
  • 40:50 Have you cooked with Octopus?
  • 41:27 Umami – tell us more
  • 43:39 Overcooking – how do you cook your fish for the right time?
  • 45:02 Why do people think that undercooked meat is unsafe?
  • 47:31 99 Spearo Recipes that you have submitted
  • 49:33 As we get better we target better tasting species – this can take away from our cooking skills
  • 52:10 “What can I do with what I have?”
  • 54:47 Tell us about Uni – urchins, why do people automatically turn their nose up at it?
  • 57:15 Flavour profiles of urchin in different areas and time
  • 01:00:52 Getting trophy scallops on oil rigs
  • 01:04:08 You work in a high pressure career and decided to take a sabbatical which lead you into making videos
  • 01:09:05 Who are your favourite influential spearos?
  • 01:10:22 Stewardship vs Gate Keeping: finding buddies and making spearfishing welcoming to people
  • 01:15:00 Values, circumstances and interests: being clear about what you goals are and difficult conversations
  • 01:18:44 Boats vs kayak fishing – kayak’s have their own appeal
  • 01:21:04 Memorable experiences in the Channel Islands
  • 01:22:18 What are the conditions like in the Channel Islands?
  • 01:23:45 What are the funniest stories you have from spearfishing? Punching to dispatch
  • 01:28:00 Do you still fish from the surface?
  • 01:29:27 Freediving community in SoCal and equalizing
  • 01:32:21 Freediving courses –  is more than a level 1 necessary?
  • 01:35:33 What’s in your gear bag?
  • 01:39:26 Spearo Q&A
    • Describe the spearfishing experience in 1 sentence
    • Most influential people in spearfishing
    • If you had to start all over, what would you do differently?
    • Who’s the best person to go spearfishing with?
    • What is your dream spearfishing destination?
    • What do you do to combat imposter syndrome
  • 01:44:04 Last piece of advice
  • 01:44:43 OutroNSP171 instagram
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NSP:171 Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip | Part 1

NSP:171 Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip | Part 1

Interviews from The Eastern Voyager

Today’s episode is a special one! It features interviews done while out on the Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip, a 1 week spearfishing charter on the Great Barrier Reef aboard the Eastern Voyager! Join some of the legends from Adreno like Wayne Judge and Taylor Slattery along with the familiar voice of Trevor Ketchion and some actual Noob Spearos as they discuss plans, expectations and goals for the trip. This is a great opportunity and one of the easiest spearfishing charters you can get – hot showers, great food and priceless advice and guidance from legendary spearos, we highly recommend doing this trip! Book your own trip here! As always, a massive thanks to Adreno for making this trip so memorable!

amy Photo spearo

Photo Credit: Amy Stevens @beyond_amy

eastern voyager

Photo Credit: Amy Stevens @beyond_amy

Bunker trip

Photo Credit: Amy Stevens @beyond_amy

Speargun arsenal Wayne Judge and Shrek

nsp171 bunker holding fish


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:56 PADI Level 1 Course
  • 09:45 Welcome to the Eastern Voyager! Introducing Adreno legend Wayne Judge and Noob Spearos Ryan, Jack and Jordy
  • 13:31 Wayne, what is the plan for this trip?
  • 14:00 We are going spearfishing, not freediving
  • 17:03 How is everyone feeling about the trip?
  • 18:22 Great advice from Wayne
spearo underwater GBR

Photo Credit: Amy Stevens @beyond_amy

  • 21:28 Hunting: find the fish’s weakness
  • 23:20 We have some great conditions here
  • 24:08 What goals do you have for this trip?
  • 26:10 Frenzel or Valsalva?
  • 32:55 Questions for Wayne: How do I prepare for that first dive?
  • 34:17 How much weight should I use?
  • 35:50 Sharks: When do we get out of the water?
  • 40:58 How do you stop the urge to breathe?

BTS on the Bunker trip

  • 44:24 How long should I be recovering for?
  • 48:21 Diving with more experienced spearos
  • 50:40 Part 2
  • 51:53 Day 3: Taylor, How has it been so far?
  • 52:54 Trevor is hitting his prime!
  • 53:26 Fish of the trip?
  • 55:03 Luke
  • 56:44 Ryan shooting his first fish ever!

Shrek and Wayne JudgeTrevor and Shrek pointing

  • 59:00 My first Blackspot Tuskfish and Spangled Emperors
  • 01:01:52 How has the boat been? Good meals and hot showers are excellent
  • 01:03:04 The Queen of Content: Amy!
  • 01:07:57 Trevor Ketchion vs Daniel Mann: Most underrated fish
  • 01:11:08 What struggles have you had?
  • 01:13:00 What are your goals for the rest of the trip? Shoot a trout! How are you going to do it?
  • 01:16:51 Being a good boaty
  • 01:21:14 Trevor’s advice
  • 01:23:20 Safe buddy diving
  • 01:26:16 Taylor’s boaty advice
  • 01:31:14 What goals do you all want to achieve on the last few days?
  • 01:33:24 Coronation trout
  • 01:36:46 Trevor, what are you hoping to achieve?
  • 01:38:02 OutroTrevor and Shrek
    drone shot of GBR

    Photo Credit: Amy Stevens @beyond_amy

    man spearfishing

    Photo Credit: Amy Stevens @beyond_amy


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Imagining Spearfishing Video Games

Imagining Spearfishing Video Games

Imagining Spearfishing Video Games


If you consider how many different video game titles there are, which cater towards people who are fans of, or partake in various hobbies and interests, it could be considered strange that spearfishing is rarely something covered in this genre of popular culture. Video games can often spark an extra interest in whatever activity they’re based upon, so it would be good if they could be used to attract a new audience to spearfishing, too.

These titles are often also used as a different way for people to enjoy their passion during some downtime, or sometimes develop their craft further, by mimicking and practicing the actions they use on the racetrack or on the field, for example. But amongst the plethora of titles available, there’s only a few that reference our favorite pastime.

One of the most notable games amongst that handful is Freediving Hunter: Spearfishing The World, which was released on the Xbox One and on the PC. It was received quite well, with people enjoying how unique it was. Now, as people are gaming on their phones, tablets, console and PCs, it would be good to consider what options there could be to encourage more people to sample the underwater experience.

VR game

There has been a huge rise in the number of people picking up Virtual Reality capable devices over the past few years. In our article on ‘Training for Spearfishing’, it’s clear the best training available is spearfishing. Whilst this maybe true, it may not be possible for people to get out into the water as regular as they like. So, a realistic, VR based experience would be the next best thing. The immersion offered in VR is second to none, after all we’ve already noted, people in other disciplines utilize gaming to better their physical and mental skills. Bringing the underwater experience into homes via VR could be the ideal way of showing off everything that our activity has to offer.

Mobile game

Away from the ultra-realistic world of VR, there could be a place for a simpler, more accessible title. After all, Ridiculous Fishing, which was released on mobile was a huge hit with gamers, not just fishermen and women. Some of the biggest hits found in the app stores are the simpler titles, which soon gather a massive following due to their easy to pick up and play elements. With over 6 billion people now owning smartphones, is there any better way of raising awareness of the thrills of being a spearo, than introducing it to the commuter friendly platform?

Online slot

Another growth area in gaming is online slots with more people taking to that pastime during the last 18 months. One reason is that there’s an almost endless choice of titles available. Amidst that limitless variety of slots now online, Foxy Bingo’s games currently feature a few titles that actually relate to fishing. “Fishin’ For Wins” and “Slingone Fishin’” for instance take slot players to the seas. With their bright graphics, and cool mini-games, they’ve proved popular. There are now fishing, and scuba diving slots already so it would be fantastic to see spearfishing represented, too.

Mini game in a huge title

Now we’ve thought about games in their own right, which spearfishing does deserve. But over the past ten or so years there’s been an explosion in mini-games within bigger titles. Some of which have then gained that much interest that they’ve sparked their own following. In Grand Theft Auto for example, there are so many people that head into the game just to compete in the mini-games available. Spearfishing could be a real addition to the next GTA game, it would certainly fit in with the title. Boats are available in the game for players to ‘buy’, so the natural progression would be to introduce the option of becoming a spearo too, right? The exposure gained from spearfishing being introduced to this franchise alone would be stratospheric, putting the activity firmly in the mind of the gamer.

We hope you enjoyed our look at the some of the options to bring spearfishing to a wider audience, raising more awareness and hopefully growing the numbers of people who are getting involved.

NSP:170 Brian Fern | Hawaii’s Unkolearnuhow

NSP:170 Brian Fern | Hawaii’s Unkolearnuhow

Interview with Brian Fern

Today’s interview is with Brian Fern, aka @Unkolearnuhow from Hawaii! He has a genuine wealth of knowledge on gear and diving from his almost 40 years of spearfishing with a particular mindset towards sustainability and safety. In Hawaii, spearfishing is seen as more of a lifestyle than a sport – that shows in the way he speaks about spearfishing and guides others into it. He is a big advocate for buddy diving and gives us some actionable tips on how to dive safely and more effectively, how to handle Noob Spearos that don’t know much about safety and how to confront experienced spearos that have unsafe dive practices. He even has some advice on avoiding and treating ciguatera poisoning! Have a listen and let us know what you think! We need to get Brian back for a 2nd episode, we didn’t have time to get through everything we wanted to speak about!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 01:50 Spencer Allen on 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 04:53 Hello and welcome Brian!
  • 06:24 Spearfishing in Hawaii is more of a lifestyle than a sport
  • 08:08 Hawaiians seem very connected to their environment, is this true or just the tourists view?
  • 10:40 Invasive species
  • 12:25 Ciguatera poisoning
  • 13:34 What was your experience of that and how did you treat it?
  • 16:11 Alcohol and coffee making the symptoms worse

  • 17:11 When did you start spearfishing?
  • 19:12 Pole spears
  • 21:42 There’s no such thing as a shit fish, only a shit cook – do you agree?
  • 22:17 Staple fish species
  • 23:40 You have super clear water which presents it’s own challenges
  • 25:40 How did you develop your freediving to be able to hunt those fish and be safe?
  • 28:50 “I want to dive like Ryan Myers – how long will that take me to learn?”
  • 33:10 Learning to be patient
  • 36:15 Diving with better divers

  • 38:37 What about diving with someone that doesn’t listen to good advice?
  • 40:32 Learning through time and observation – how to not suck at spearfishing
  • 41:30 Diving with bad buddies – have a game plan on the shore
  • 42:54 How do you dive with people who can’t dive as deep as you can?
  • 44:10 How do you confront experienced divers that have bad dive practices? The dangers of experience and ego
  • 47:40 Wrapping up buddy diving –  have a partner that’s at or just above your skill level
  • 49:18 Struggling to do one up and one down? Dive with 1 gun!

  • 51:51 Understanding variable conditions – what do spearos need to understand about reading conditions?
  • 54:03 How do people find spearing mentors in Hawaii?
  • 55:59 Spearfishing clubs
  • 57:27 How do you confront people that have decided that they know enough?
  • 58:16 Conditions: you need to learn from local divers – talk to life guards
  • 01:00:03 Online weather resources

  • 01:00:56 How do you know when you are too deep?
  • 01:03:22 The right equipment for the right job
  • 01:05:19 Financial barrier to entry – if you have the wrong gear, you are risking your life
  • 01:08:21 Mannysub –  what do you like about his gear? Premium gear that’s been well designed with great customer service
  • 01:11:14 Rollerguns
  • 01:14:57 Before hunting with a new gun – DO SOME TARGET PRACTICE – properly powering your gun
  • 01:18:16 Pipe guns vs wood guns
  • 01:20:00 Price is a big influence – rigging and using your speargun is a big thing to learn. Mannysub gives you instruction manuals with their spearguns
  • 01:21:32 Mannysub roller conversion kit – Brian is the US and Hawaii rep
  • 01:23:04 How do people reach out and find you and your gear? Rollerspearguns.com and unkolearnuhow.com
  • 01:23:56 We are out of time –  thanks for being on the show!
  • 01:24:44 Outro

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Diving Without Time | Do You Really Need a Dive Watch?

Diving Without Time | Do You Really Need a Dive Watch?

Diving Without Time | by Sam Clothier


Do You Really Need a Dive Watch?


Dive watches are becoming increasingly popular within the spearfishing world, and I believe they pack massive benefits when used correctly. However, like most of my ideas regarding spearfishing topics, my opinion on dive watches may come across as controversial. I don’t believe you need a dive watch, and I would go so far as to say that using a dive watch has the potential to do more harm than good. Whilst I have used a dive watch sporadically throughout my time, I have never personally owned one. As such, my experience comes from using friend’s watches, or using the devices provided on freediving courses.

I was prompted to write this article after more than a few people at the start of their spearfishing journey messaged me to ask what dive watch they needed for spearfishing.
I’ve been spearfishing for about 15 years now. I had started after watching a friend who was involved in the sport, and instantly I was hooked. In fact here’s a pic of me back in the day 👇👇

A Young Sam Clothier spearfishing

Prior to spearfishing, I already had a massive connection with the ocean, which I had gained from snorkeling at a young age, and jumping off big cliffs around Torquay into the ocean. This involved avoiding rocks both above and below the water, which was dangerous stuff.

I had already been spearfishing for a couple of years before completing a PADI scuba course for my birthday. This was when I began to learn more about the technical side of diving, and whilst most of this wasn’t too relevant to spearfishing or freediving, it did put a dive computer on my wrist and teach me to keep an eye on my depth. From then on, I wasn’t too enthused by scuba diving. Lugging all the gear around seemed incredibly restricting and unnatural after years of spearfishing. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic experience.

The next time I used a dive watch was on a spearfishing trip in Fiji, where I trialed one for a week and a half of diving, and subsequently on freediving courses I completed in Malta and the UK. I enjoyed the novelty of having a dive watch and the ability to precisely calculate depth instead of just going “yeahhh that’s about 12m”. I have also since borrowed friend’s watches whilst diving in the UK, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines.
I can understand how dive watches can be beneficial to spearos, and I have witnessed this through my primary dive buddy Andy. He purchased a dive watch, and this pushed him to accentuate his diving through deeper dives and extended bottom times. It’s an excellent device for sure and used correctly.


Here’s what I don’t like about dive watches


I have unfortunately witnessed individuals become fixated on the digits that dive watches produce, which I believe is dangerous because it can mislead and distract a diver from the dangers of depth and breath-hold.

I’d go one step further by stating that dive watches can, and have, killed people. I dive each day according to the day. I do not time each dive, nor do I record the depths to which I’m diving. I play each day as it comes. Some days, I feel more comfortable and will go deeper. Other days I don’t. Now whilst I have a rubbish conception of time in the water (sorry to anyone who has done a 6 hour + dive with me waiting for me to come back to shore), I do have my GoPro recording some dives, so I know roughly what my bottom times are.
Some clips show me on the bottom for 20 seconds. Other dives have shown me on the bottom for close to 2 minutes when distracted by marine life, deep in thought or waiting for a fish to come in to be shot.
Diving Without Time | Do You Really Need a Dive Watch?
I instinctively listen to my body. Without the dive watch, I am less focused on comparing myself to previous performances and more focused on just listening to what my body is saying. Each day is uniquely different and your body’s condition, its fuel (food and drink), mental state, water temperature, visibility, fish life, the weather, location with also differ day to day all of these things play a factor in your breath-hold.
I generally believe no two dives are the same. Whilst they may be incredibly similar, all it takes is one extra fish on the bottom that manages to grab your attention to be enough to impact your breath-hold.
This is because distractions or tasks can allow you to ignore the body’s natural alarm system. Some of the longest dives I have on camera are me watching a strange interaction or waiting for that fish just hanging on the edge to come in that little closer.
Having a dive watch on your wrist allows you to concentrate on exactly how long you’ve been holding your breath and at what depth you are at. This is why I find them so dangerous, as divers can become so fixated on the numbers and achieving certain goals instead of listening to their body’s innate response to the dive time and depth. Hence, unless you are explicitly capable of seeing the numbers as only a useful set of data and not a standard level of achievement, dive watches can be a dangerous tool.
Let’s say you can dive all day to 20m with a minute on the bottom each dive. If you are diving in 14m and you begin to feel slightly uncomfortable, you may check your watch and discover that you’ve only been holding your breath for 20 seconds. You will see the depth and time displayed and decide to hold for at least another 40 seconds as expected from a typical dive. This is where watches can be bloody dangerous.
Diving Without Time | Do You Really Need a Dive Watch?
Another situation where I find dive watches to be dangerous is when dives are combined with a competitive and self-determined personality. This is a personality trait that I sometimes apply to really random things but thankfully, not spearfishing anymore. By constantly seeking to beat previously recorded times, it can land you in a world of trouble. Some dive watches will calculate surface rest times and provide the user with a beep to let them know when it’s safe to dive again. They may also lock until sufficient time has passed to prevent you from diving before a reasonable surface rest interval. This is an excellent feature, but again you shouldn’t disregard what your body tells you just because your watch says it’s okay to dive.
 Other funky features of dive watches, such as water temperature, may indicate to you when it’s likely to encounter certain species of fish, which is of course a general timekeeping piece. To summarise, I think dive watches are an excellent tool for spearfishing if the individual uses them as a guide and not as a target. I do think they can absolutely improve the safety of a spearo.
However, you should always listen to your body first and foremost. It’s trying to keep you alive, so pay attention! Don’t hold yourself to the performance of your past dives and understand that your performance in the water will fluctuate from day to day, which is totally normal and perfectly okay.
You should only attempt deep dives and personal bests in the company of experienced/trained friends with ideal conditions.
If you are just getting into spearfishing, I’d advise you to not bother with a dive watch to begin with, focus on developing basic snorkel and hunting techniques, as you progress then maybe consider a freediving course and have a play with one there. You can also borrow one off a mate or rent one before committing to purchasing one, as you progress further in your spearfishing journey.
As I said, I’ve been spearfishing for 15 years, and I have never owned a freediving/spearfishing watch, and yet I rarely go hungry (unless there’s a greedy no-good thieving seal about).


Diving Without Time | Do You Really Need a Dive Watch?

My gear laid out prior to a Hike and Spear mission!

Wet Mammal’s Top Tip: Remove your watch before you try removing your wetsuit jacket! Sounds obvious, but if you know someone with a dive watch, I bet they’ve got themselves into a pickle.
Why don’t I have a dive watch? In part, because I’m a tight arse, and I genuinely don’t have a need for it for the ground of NSW that I frequently dive. It’s enough to get a delicious feed from, and that’s all I’m after. If I lived in areas that required deeper and longer dives, I would be more likely to purchase and use one. On the other hand, I don’t know if I could trust myself diving solo and become distracted by the digits. I also enjoy going for long dives and having the excuse of not knowing what the time was if I missed important dates. With a timepiece on my wrist, the claim wouldn’t stand as well. Perhaps I wrote this whole article to convince close friends and family they are dangerous so I can keep arriving late to meetings while still wet.
Ultimately, a lot of spearfishing comes down to knowing your limitations and discovering your limits gently in good conditions and with qualified or capable people.
Get Wet, Stay Safe, Stay Fed
– Sam
For more Wet Content check out
NSP:169 Lisa Ferrier Rafkin | Badass and Frothing past 50

NSP:169 Lisa Ferrier Rafkin | Badass and Frothing past 50

Interview with Lisa Ferrier Rafkin

Today’s interview is with Lisa Ferrier Rafkin, a badass and frothing speara that holds 15 women’s world records! Join us as we chat about her journey in spearfishing, her struggles, memorable fish and some great tips for hunting pelagic fish species and staying safe! She is part of the Sea of Love Foundation where she teaches children to spearfish! She is clearly exceptionally talented at spearfishing and although she hasn’t been doing it for very long, she has a lot that you can learn from when it comes to technique, overcoming challenges and caring for your catch. The species on her list are things like Bluefin Tuna, Roosterfish and big yellow tail to name a few, if you are interested in hunting bigger game fish this is a great episode to listen to!

lisa next to roosterfish

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:12 Hello and welcome! Tell us about the Sea Of Love Foundation
  • 06:19 You are softhearted in the day and a badass spearfisher at night! You have 15x women’s world records!
  • 08:12 What draws you to the ocean?
  • 08:57 Your work takes a toll on you, is spearfishing a type of therapy for you?
  • 10:28 What’s your earliest spearfishing memory?

lisa holding a fish on a boat

  • 12:24 You started a new sport at a late age, how did you find the process of starting new?
  • 14:21 Starting with very competent people can be intimidating
  • 15:56 I got my first blue water gun in 2016 after a lot of diving
  • 17:41 What is a “paddy”? If there’s a bird on it, it’s a good sign!
  • 18:46 What size are we talking?
  • 20:10 How do you approach a paddy?
  • 21:23 Explain the hunting around a paddy
  • 22:23 Undersized yellowtail “rats”

lisa and a big tuna

  • 23:17 What does ethical spearfishing mean to you?
  • 24:30 Your awareness of the ethics become nuanced as you develop in your spearfishing
  • 28:05 What was it like learning to freedive at 52?
  • 29:32 Duck dive technique is a huge thing
  • 30:23 What’s the first hunt that stands out in your memory?
  • 32:17 Have you had a problem with shot placement with bigger yellowtail?
  • 33:45 Loading a speargun
  • 35:31 Sometimes you need to struggle

lisa and a hai mahi

  • 37:44 Dealing with excitement when you find a great fish
  • 39:42 The missed opportunities keep you coming back
  • 40:27 Pulling fish in on your shooting line, it takes practice
  • 42:14 Dorado/mahi mahi really test you and your team
  • 43:14 As a novice hunting Bluefin Tuna, what advice do you have?

lisa and 2 yellowtail

  • 46:31 Watch where your line is!
  • 47:08 Are you using a clutch setup? Yes!
  • 48:53 Do Bluefin dive deep when they get scared?
  • 52:42 What tough/scary situations have you had? Getting wrapped in line
  • 54:56 Sharks!
  • 59:05 Black Sea Bass

lisa and 2 mahi mahi

  • 59:57 People wonder how we can love animals so much and still hunt and eat them
  • 01:03:06 Equipment: Riffe speargun and wetsuit
  • 01:04:23 I don’t use a low volume mask, my scuba mask just fits perfectly and I have problems with all the low volume makes I’ve used
  • 01:07:00 Do you do any pool training?
  • 01:08:10 Getting a little extra depth opens up bigger fish and the problem with comparison in spearfishing
  • 01:10:06 Dive within your limits and shallow water blackouts
  • 0:11:24 When I take people to hunt bigger fish I make sure they keep there surface to diving ratio good
  • 01:14:37 Funny stuff!
  • 01:16:53 Lessons learned for drift diving
  • 01:17:41 Shooting a 56lb Roosterfish and almost losing all my gear
  • 01:19:08 What do they taste like?
  • 01:19:53 Bluefin tuna: caring and processing is different than for other fish
  • 01:22:02 Dry aging fish
  • 01:24:49 Treating fish well is an important thing

lisa in the water

  • 01:26:37 Spearo Q&A
    • Single best tip: using pink bands, seriously! It attracts fish!
    • Who’s been the most influential person in your spearfishing?
    • If you had to start spearfishing all over again, what would you do differently?
    • Describe what the spearfishing experience means to you.
  • 01:30:30 Where can people find you on social media?
  • 01:31:58 Outro

lisa NSP instagram

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NSP:168 Fully Rad Oregon Freediving Company | Daniel Semrad

NSP:168 Fully Rad Oregon Freediving Company | Daniel Semrad

Interview with Daniel Semrad

Today’s interview is with Daniel Semrad of the Oregon Freediving Company! He is a world record holding spearfishing and freediving instructor that is also be an award winning teacher! He now runs the Oregon Freediving Company with his wife Talya who also holds spearfishing world records and is a competitive freediver representing South Africa! They train in some great conditions, we’re talking about dirty and 6-10 degree water! Listen in as we chat about spearfishing in Oregon, running a freediving shop and teaching students, hunting techniques, exercises and dry training to benefit your diving and a whole lot more. Dan is an awesome guy and a great diver, let us know what you think of this episode!

Oregon Freediving Company Logo

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:03 Hello and welcome Daniel Semrad! Tell us about the freediving/spearfishing community in Oregon
  • 06:08 You’re a freedive instructor, how did you get there?
  • 07:47 You won the Excite Award from MIT for being an exciting teacher
  • 10:30 Water conditions in Oregon
  • 11:38 What suit do you wear in your 6-10 degree water?
  • 13:23 You probably spend a lot of time in the pool with conditions like that. How do you run your courses?
  • 15:14 Buddy protocols in dirty water, what are you teaching your students?
  • 17:56 What role do static exercises play in spearfishing?
  • 19:25 When you feel you need to speed up, slow down. How did this become a reality to you?
  • 22:22 My Octopus Teacher – has that impacted the amount of your customers?
  • 24:09 Talya Davidoff is your wife, she is an accomplished spearo (3x world records) and competitive freediver too
  • 25:10 Tell us about your recordsDaniel Semrad and some fish
  • 28:38 What does your spearfishing consist of these days?
  • 30:08 Walk us through a great day spearfishing for you
  • 32:22 Purple urchins, are they bad over there?
  • 33:48 Are they good eating?
  • 34:50 Fisheries management
  • 37:16 Hunting in Oregon: what species and how do you hunt them?
  • 39:42 What are the telltale signs of the species you look for? Type of rock, seaweed, coral or animals.
  • 42:17 You are covering a lot of ground looking for fish
  • 43:03 I don’t like statics or aspetto spearfishing: hunting in Hawaii and Alaska
  • 45:58 Gear: what do you use? You mentioned using a pole spear
  • 47:19 Do you guys like smoking fish up there?
  • 49:20 Scary stuff: have you had any close calls?
  • 52:08 Spearfishing off a kayak: lessons learned from bad situations
  • 55:22 What obstacles did you find in your spearfishing?
  • 56:46 The delicate balance of doing freediving/spearfishing as a job, how do you balance it?
  • 01:01:04 Understanding weather conditions and making predictions: how to predict visibility
  • 01:03:45 Have you kept a dive log for spearfishing?Daniel Semrad and a blue Lingcod
  • 01:04:53 You have some back health issues? What do you do in the gym?
  • 01:06:44 What cross training has been relevant for spearfishing and freediving?
  • 01:08:30 Dry training can be hard to maintain, have you found the same?
  • 01:09:22 Training resources for dry training
  • 01:10:35 What yoga do you do?
  • 01:11:34 Hate for spearfishing: what criticisms have you got for spearfishing and how do you respond?
  • 01:13:39 Spearfishing on scuba vs freediving
  • 01:14:44 Funny stuff
  • 01:16:38 What’s in your dive bag? Wetsuit, gloves, fins, dive computer, weights, speargun and pole spear, shooting line, buoys/floats and lines, etc.
  • 01:24:08 Do you teach spearo etiquette?Daniel Semrad and a fish
  • 01:25:19 Spearo Q&A
    • Single best spearfishing tip: slow down!
    • What does the spearfishing experience mean to you? Hit the reset button
    • Who’s been the most influential people in your community? My local community
    • Where in the world would you like to go spearfishing? South Africa and Australia
  • 01:27:30 Where can people find you and where is your shop?
  • 01:29:23 Are you running courses again?
  • 01:30:15 Outro and last notes that Daniel didn’t mention
  • Daniel Semrad Instagram
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NSP:167 Sharkshield Technology | Ocean Guardian with Lindsay Lyon

NSP:167 Sharkshield Technology | Ocean Guardian with Lindsay Lyon

Interview with Lindsay Lyon from Ocean Guardian

Today’s interview is with Lyndsay Lyon from Ocean Guardian, originally and probably better known as Shark Shield! They make a range of products that are designed to make ocean activities safer and to decrease the amount of shark attacks on humans. It works by creating an electrical field that surrounds the diver or surfer that causes a distinct and noticeable reaction in certain types of sharks (namely the ones we humans have trouble with, Great White, Bull Shark, Tiger Shark) and causes them to turn away. Now, making a product that aims to stop shark attacks is a big claim and needs to be backed up by solid evidence and rigorous testing. We had a ton of questions from our community asking the questions that everyone wants to know: Will this stop a Great White from biting me? How close do the sharks need to get for these products to work? Can I trust my life to this?
If you are wondering at all about any of these questions, have a listen to this episode and it will answer all these and more! In the links below are several videos of these products being tested and you can see for yourself just how effective they are.

How the Freedom 7 works

Important times:

  • 00:14 Intro
  • 05:00 Hello Lyndsay! Where did the name change come from?
  • 06:42 How did you get involved with Terra Australis and Andre Rerekura?
  • 07:50 Terra Australis did a test with the surf board product
  • 09:00 Tell us about how sharks sense the world and how Ocean Guardian affects sharks
  • 10:47 Do they see in colour?
  • 12:12 What scientific studies have been done? Many marine animals use electrical fields
  • 15:14 What is the effective range?
  • 17:44 What is the shark’s physiological reaction to the electrical field?
  • 18:35 Has anyone been bitten while wearing one? What guarantee is there?
  • 21:15 National Geographic has a good video on this with Chris Hemsworth
  • 23:15 Use this as a risk mitigation strategy
  • 24:07 What species are they most effective on? Only 3 main sharks that are a real concern to humans, Great Whites, Bull and Tiger sharks
  • 25:41 Oceanic White Tips and Reef sharks and Mako’s, are they effective against them?
  • 27:04 Installing the device into your fins
  • 28:33 Have you thought about partnering with fin companies? Why a fin isn’t the best option
  • 30:10 Sharkbanz
  • 31:00 Handheld device for spearos
  • 32:14 Problems with the first handheld Sharkshield

ocean guardian barrier

  • 33:53 We are in a very small industry
  • 37:06 Version 2.0 of the eSPEAR
  • 38:15 Surfers are the highest risk
  • 38:45 Bubbles also scare sharks
  • 39:24 Shark barrier to replace shark nets
  • 39:56 Does this interfere with other animals?
  • 41:01 Government perspective on drum lines and shark nets
  • 43:00 WA government actually gives you money to buy shark deterrents
  • 43:58 Shark Eyes
  • 46:20 Is there a maximum size shark it will work on?
GWS by @sharkyaerials

Image by @sharkyaerials – The Ampullae of Lorenzini

  • 48:00 Does 1 diver wearing this device put the others at a higher risk?
  • 50:26 Hanging the device on your float or stringer
  • 51:32 What are the long term effects on humans at depth?
  • 53:21 Sharks seem to be more aggressive on the surface
  • 54:52 I see more sharks with my shield on than without
  • 56:40 The inverse square law and how far the field can be detected
  • 57:39 Sharks can only sense electrical fields about 50cm away
  • 01:00: Does the device emit a vibration?
  • 01:00:55 Can these devices aggravate the sharks more?
  • 01:02:46 Practicalities of using this in kelp or on coral reefs
  • 01:04:44 Floating the device
  • 01:06:45 How has Covid affected your business?
  • 01:08:33 Adding an interchangeable battery
  • 01:09:47 Shock protection?
  • 01:11:23 Helping shark attack survivors get back into the water: The Bite Club on Facebook
  • 01:15:13 How do you store the device?

ocean guadian fishing

  • 01:16:00 How do you check the charge?
  • 01:17:23 Auto-inflating vest for black out protection
  • 01:18:30 What reduces the effectiveness?
  • 01:20:09 How does it attach to you?
  • 01:20:58 When will you have stock again and where can I buy them + servicing
  • 01:22:57 Warranty
  • 01:25:08 What is the future for Ocean Guardian?

Shark barrier

  • 01:26:26 What’s your ultimate vision for Ocean Guardian?
  • 01:28:32 Outro
  • 01:29:51 Noober Stories

Lyndsay Lyon and Surf board

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NSP:166 Speargun Accurizing with the Coatesman | Chris Coates

NSP:166 Speargun Accurizing with the Coatesman | Chris Coates

Interview with Chris Coatesman

How to upgrade your speargun and miss less fish! Today’s episode is with the Coatesman, Chris Coates! He and Shrek talk about accurizing, it is a word, the process of making your speargun accurate. They go through common speargun problems, shooting line, choice of brand, aiming techniques and much more. We rely heavily on our gear when spearfishing, this episode is all about making sure your hardware is working as best as it can. Roller guns vs traditional spearguns, barbs, bent shafts, mono vs dyneema and everything you need to know to upgrade your speargun, aim better and miss less fish!

Interested in roller guns? He has been the authority on roller’s for a while now and has released a great video series on Youtube and his website called Unrolling The Roller, it’s everything you need to know about roller guns!

Coatesman Youtube 8 tips

What accuracy issues have you experienced? How did you solve them? Let us know in the comments!

Important times:

  • 00:14 Welcome to the show
  • 05:15 Welcome back Chris Coatesman!
  • 06:09 Spearfishing equipment cannot come back through the door
  • 08:28 Every spearo has accuracy issues
  • 09:53 The difference between weekend warriors and competitive spearos
  • 11:02 First place to look, is your shaft straight?
  • 12:15 I dive with at least 2 guns

chris and a tuna

  • 14:20 Using the correct shaft
  • 16:39 Why I use Rob Allen gear
  • 19:08 Bro science vs engineering, practicality trumps the science
  • 24:15 When buying a gun, make sure the shaft is aligned
  • 25:11 I don’t make shafts and I don’t have handles
  • 27:10 The downsides of homemade gear, don’t just make things cheaper, make them better
  • 30:57 Next thing to look at is tuning your barb

Chris and a fwahoo

  • 33:20 There is a reason you work through troubleshooting in a specific order
  • 35:30 Wishbones and shooting line, dyneema vs mono
  • 44:42 Keep your guns the same
  • 46:39 You can’t compare speargun prices to other sports. A speargun will last you 10 years if you do it right
  • 48:27 Remove all doubt, have gear you can rely on. Carry spare parts
  • 53:20 Fail fast and move on. Know where the issue is
  • 55:22 Aiming tips and techniques

Chris and a fish 1

  • 57:10 “Bad spearfishing shoot small fish”
  • 58:19 Barret Harvey has a great aiming video 
  • 01:00:34 What aiming style do you use?
  • 01:05:22 Different techniques for different situations
  • 01:07:44 Pool shooting for confidence

chris and a kob

  • 01:01:32 Don’t wait for your gear to fail for you to take maintenance seriously
  • 01:16:38 Thank you for being on the show Chris!
  • 01:19:43 Outro and final thoughts


nsp166 instagram
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NSP:165 Spot Burning | Fin and Forage’s Andrew Miller and Charlie Robinton

NSP:165 Spot Burning | Fin and Forage’s Andrew Miller and Charlie Robinton

Interview with Fin and Forage’s Andrew Miller and Charlie Robinton

Today’s episode is with Andrew Miller and Charlie Robinton from Fin and Forage! Spot burning is a highly contentious issue being faced more and more often as the sport of spearfishing grows. Picture this, you’ve spent the past 10 years roaming around your coastline and you’ve found a handful of really productive spots that almost always have good fish and is full of life. You have a friend that is new to spearfishing and is keen to get out to a spot to shoot some good fish, so you decide to take him along with you on your next trip. You both have a great time and shoot some great fish, take a few pictures and go home with some awesome stories. You then see that this friend has posted pictures of these awesome fish with clearly visible landmarks in the background, maybe he mentions the area in the post, or just simply tells his buddy who then tells his buddy, etc. You then go out to your secret spot expecting it to be vibrant and full of life as usual, but as you arrive you see other boats and other spearos already there and the previously full of life reef now has almost nothing left on it. This is what spot burning is, you share your secret spot with someone who then shares it with someone else and so on and in no time your secret gem of a spot is now void of life and you need to go searching again. Listen in for a great chat on this topic that is so close to so many spearos and fishermen alike. The ethics of keeping spots secret, how to find better spots without compromising and pissing off other spearos in the process and how to treat and manage the resource that is the ocean in your local area.

Message from Matt (@cutprofessor): “I found an app called photoroom. You can change the background of any photo in 30 seconds. Very handy.”

Shrek with a fake background

What do you think of spot burning? Have you been burnt or have you burnt a spot without realizing? Let us know in the comments or send a us a message if you’d like to stay anonymous!


Important times:

  • 00:12 Hello and welcome to the Noob Spearo Podcast!
  • 06:05 Welcome Charlie and Andrew from Fine and Forage!Andrew Miller of F+F
  • 07:34 What is “spot burning”?
  • 09:26 Some people care about keeping spots secret and some don’t
  • 10:48 How much spearfishing is “too much” for an area?
  • 12:27 Some species are more vulnerable to spearfishing than others
  • 13:46 Noob spearos vs older spearos

Andrew on a Kayak

  • 16:36 The 30-30 agenda and MPA’s
  • 19:44 What mistakes do noobs make?
  • 21:35 How should you ask people for spots?
  • 23:35 Metadata in photos

Charlie Robinton 1

  • 27:54 Physical community vs online community
  • 30:59 Knowledge of good spots is a high barrier to entry
  • 31:53 Find a local spearfishing shop and build a relationship with them.
  • 35:30 Spearfishing is kind of like Pokemon
  • 35:49 Do a charter trip
  • 37:54 Be mindful of how you portray the spearfishing experience
  • 41:37 There’s no licence to be able to dive, no basic skills explicitly required before starting – dangerous situations
  • 43:02 Old Man Blue’s message

Charlie Robinton 2

  • 47:41 Good rules to not burn spots
  • 50:02 How should you treat photos?
  • 52:27 Treat people’s spots as a gift, not a right
  • 54:03 Last thoughts and thank you to Charlie and Andrew
  • 55:11 Shrek’s final thoughts

fin and forage in giant kelp forest

NSP165 instagram
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F+F Banner

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Best Cameras for Underwater Spearfishing 2021

Best Cameras for Underwater Spearfishing 2021

Best Cameras for Underwater Spearfishing 2021

Considering that the United States has some of the most breathtaking spearfishing sites in the world, it’s no wonder that the interest in underwater activities continues to grow. This surge in water recreation has even prompted a marketing intelligence company to predict that the future of cameras is underwater. Allegedly, by 2027, the niche market will even be worth $15 billion. But you don’t have to wait until then to get in the game. If you want to experience the underwater wonderland like never before, you first have to find the camera for you.

Campark ACT74 Action Camera

If you’re pretty new to underwater photography and aren’t ready to shell out the big bucks, then this Campark camera is a good place to start. One of the more affordable action cameras on the market, this model will cost you anywhere between $50-60. Though despite its wallet-friendly price, the Campark ACT74 can still record in super 4K, is waterproof up to 33 feet, and has a two-inch HD screen with a 170-degree wide-angle lens. Unlike other cameras, a Campark74 already comes with useful accessories such as dual rechargeable batteries, a charging cable, clip mounts, brackets, and a waterproof case that increases its waterproof threshold to 98 feet.

Coleman C40WP Waterproof Digital Camera

A user-friendly option from the world of digital cameras, the Coleman C40WP is a waterproof and cost-efficient model that is perfect for beginners and seasoned spearfishers looking for a lightweight camera. Easy to handle thanks to its handheld size and 2.5” LCD, the C40WP also has full HD capacities that let you shoot 20-MP stills and 1080p videos. Plus, its shockproof and freeze-proof capabilities mean you can easily shoot in temperatures as low as -10 degrees C and down 10-feet depths without any extra casing.

Olympus Tough TG-6

If your idea of underwater fun involves some pretty gnarly waves and more extreme hunting, then you’ll need an equally tough camera. Enter, the Olympus Tough TG-6, which was made for such demanding pursuits. Using an all-metal body with dual locks on either hatch, the TG-6 is allegedly freeze-proof, crush-proof, dust-proof, shockproof up to 7 feet, and—most notably, for spearfishers—waterproof. Priced at $424, it isn’t the cheapest of the bunch, nor is it the sleekest. However, what you’re paying for is the somewhat analog-looking quality of this handheld camera, which is what keeps it more durable than others. Aside from a 12-MP sensor and anti-reflective coating, the TG-6 also has new white balance modes which help to enhance and capture colors underwater.

Paralenz Vaquita Dive Action Cam

Undoubtedly, the most expensive model on our list, the $700 Paralenz Vaquita Dive Action Camera is best for serious underwater photographers. Released just last year, this action camera has been specifically designed to satisfy the demands of water-based photography. Its ergonomic cylinder tube form and 240-gram weight make it easy to handle. Waterproof up to 115 feet and shockproof up to 16 feet, the Paralenz Vaquita can also handle temperatures of up to -40 degrees C. What’s more this camera has white balance modes that ensure every 12 MP-still and 4K 60fps/30fps can capture all the hues underwater. The Paralenz Vaquita also has a GPS, a 9-axis gyroscope, and an accelerometer.

Of course, should you purchase any of these cameras, it’s best to brush up on both your spearfishing and underwater photography skills. Practice your buoyancy and take plenty of test shots (with both the spear and the camera). Before you know it you’ll be a master of both!

While this is no doubt an enjoyable hobby, it can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, there are a bunch of resources online, like articles, podcasts, and videos. To make it easier, we’ve even compiled some of our favorites into an ultimate noob guide that you can check out here. Once you’ve done some reviewing, then you can make an even more informed decision about what camera you need. Then, all that’s left to do is take the plunge.

How the Hell do you Spearfish in Kelp?

How the Hell do you Spearfish in Kelp?

How to Spearfish in Kelp

Words by Eric Anderson (@eric_janderson) | Images by Aiden Brown (@aiden__brown)

It grows fast and can get really thick. How the hell do you dive in that stuff?

Well, let me tell you there are some techniques to navigating these fast-growing algae. Macrocystis Pyrifera or Giant Kelp is common along the coast of the North Eastern Pacific of California and in Southern oceans around South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. In ideal conditions of summer sun and cold waters, giant kelp can grow upwards of eighteen inches a day.

Macrocystis Pyrifera or Giant Kelp. How to Spearfish in Kelp

Macrocystis Pyrifera or Giant Kelp

A kelp forest can look very different depending on the reef structure and age of the kelp bed. Kelp connects to reef structure or rocks with a holdfast, a system of foothold ‘roots’ that grab hold tight, for the kelp stalks and fronds to grow all the way to the surface. When a kelp bed gets a thick system of stalks and grows to the point the kelp can lay flat on the surface, the kelp bed can be very thick and create a twelve-plus inch mat on the surface. Sometimes the kelp is so thick you could probably walk across it if you were relatively lightweight (I am not relatively lightweight and would never try this :))

Macrocystis Pyrifera or Giant Kelp. Spearfishing techniques at the surface in kelp

Eric resting on the surface amongst a kelp forest

Techniques to dive in kelp come with practice and experience. The first step is to be comfortable and calm. Of course, this is critical in diving in general but much more so when you feel like the ocean is closing in on you. It can feel very claustrophobic with your head, shoulders, and body floating on the surface surrounded by kelp. Not to mention a mask, snorkel, weight belt, fins, etc. to potentially get stuck and caught up in the kelp. Remember this, if you do get caught by kelp on your descent, ascent, or on the surface do not move quickly; you need to slow down. Slow your movements and identify the kelp stalk on your head, mask, foot, or elsewhere and grab the kelp in both hands, and use a quick snapping pull (like snapping a belt), and more often than not it should rip apart easily. If it doesn’t, make a single wrap in each hand and try again. Pull hard! If this doesn’t work, get out your dive knife and go to work. The number one rule is to not panic and keep in mind kelp can be snapped in between two fingers. Stay calm and rip it apart!

Freedive spearfishing techniques in kelp

Once you’re comfortable in the kelp and ready to start making your dive, there are a few tips that can help make this a productive and efficient process. First, keep a low horizontal profile. Think about your snorkel placement. Having a snorkel dangle of the left or right side of your head, in my opinion, is a recipe to get tangled or have your snorkel ripped off your mask. I prefer to keep my snorkel attached to the back of my mask strap. This way when I make a dive my snorkel lays flat against my left should/neck area and on the ascent lays flat again against me. When I surface, I’m able to pop my snorkel in my mouth and only expose the back of my head and mask strap to the surface for my breathe up. Depending on what you’re hunting, remaining stealthy and quiet on the surface is critical. Popping up through the kelp, splashing around, and getting tangled does no one any good, and the fish will laugh at you. Remain stealthy and quiet!

Spearfishing in Kelp. The messy but streamlined duckdive


When you begin your duck dive, leg placement is key. If the kelp is sparse and few and far between, this is not as big of an issue. If the kelp is really thick, there is a technique I use. Placing both legs against the kelp on the surface, I begin my dive with a quick bend at the waist forward and one hand pull down. This will clear me from the surface and the kelp to make my first kick under the canopy. For a straight efficient dive, use the kelp stalk like a dive line to make it to the bottom. Once down, it’s always fun to lay on your back and admire the great kelp forest before hunting its inhabitants.

Mid-handle speargun in kelp. Same power but very maneuverable and great in poor vis. Spearfishing tips for diving in kelp

Once you’re ready for your ascent, there is a great technique to clear the kelp and make room for your head and mask. As I get close to the surface, I use my left arm at a 45-degree angle in front of me, from left to right, and place my left hand to the right of my head and mask. Once my left-hand breaks the surface, I sweep the kelp from right to left with my left arm and clear a small hole. This allows me to pop the back of my head and snorkel in a small clearing, unobstructed. It takes practice but it can be done!

Spearfishing in kelp. Eric with his best Ling from 2020 📷: @aiden__brown Gun used was my 36” mid-handle by @captainblyspearguns and the reef was lit up with @darkwatersdiveco V11 light saber

Eric with his best Ling from 2020 📷: @aiden__brown | Gun 36” mid-handle by @captainblyspearguns | reef was lit up with @darkwatersdiveco V11 light saber

There are many techniques to diving in kelp and these are a few that really help me. What I’ve seen and learned is that it takes practice time and time again to perfect diving in thick kelp. It can be a frustrating mess if you move quickly, get frustrated, and do not remain calm. If you’re concerned with kelp, go out slick without any spearing gear. Get used to it and practice, introduce one piece of gear at a time if you have to. It’s always a bummer to see a new diver get frustrated and give up because the kelp is too great a challenge.

Spearfishing techniques in kelp. A living ecosystem

Lastly, enjoy the kelp forest! This is a living ecosystem that deserves nothing but our utmost respect.

– Eric Anderson

🧜🏼‍♀️🌴🌊 Wandering in the Kelp forests of the Arctic waters of the North by @dr_kelsea

Vibin’ to some of my husband, @kallesjolund ‘s ocean and love inspired music, “Liquid Love”, and getting lost in my nerdy thoughts. 🤔🔬
Did you know that many cold water species of kelp contain compounds that fight cancer and kill germs?
To name a few: Porphyrin, Carragenan, Laminarin, Fucoidin, Meroditerpinoids, Polypheol, Flavoids, and more yet to be discovered have shown promise against Colorectal cancers, Breast cancers, and other types of tumors. 🙏❤
Imagine what other discoveries can be made in these forests to heal the human body? 🤗
I know one thing for certain, my heart, mind, and soul are recharged and at peace, every time I go for a “walk in the woods.” I’m always vibin’ in Kelp. 🤙🏻❤
We really should do our best to understand, preserve, and protect them. Kelp forests truly are our planet’s lungs and lifeline. 🙏🌴❤
Music composed by and copyright (C) to Kalle Sjølund.
NSP:164 Andre Rerekura and Travis Corken | A Journey Beneath

NSP:164 Andre Rerekura and Travis Corken | A Journey Beneath

A Journey Beneath from A Journey Beneath on Vimeo.

Interview with Andre Rerekura and Travis Corken

Today’s episode is with Andre Rerekura and Travis Corken (Samuel Rutherford couldn’t make it to the interview) about their new documentary: A Journey Beneath! A great film with some truly awesome visuals and an even better soundtrack, what’s more is that Shrek narrated parts of it! Amazing destinations, memorable fish and the theme of friendship – do yourself a favour and have a watch! Filmed over several years, it documents the travels of lifelong friends Andre and Travis as they go around the world to spearfish in awesome destinations, including an almost fatal incident that only strengthened their bond. A real treat of an experience for spearos, let us know what you thought of the film and let us know what you thought of this episode!

A Journey Beneath on Vimeo.

You can watch the film here on Vimeo!

A journey beneath poster

Important times:

  • 01:10 Introduction
  • 06:00 Welcome Andre and Travis! You have been through some rough times together
  • 07:34 What do you do for work Andre?
  • 08:18 Terra Australis and Shark shields


Andre filming with a prawn

  • 10:34 Travis, you are the Australian rep for Neptonics

Travis with a big fish

  • 12:41 A Journey Beneath: tell us about it
  • 13:25 You asked me to narrate some of it!
  • 15:00 Sam was the editor behind this film
  • 15:54 New Caledonia spearfishing
  • 16:27 Brandon Wahlers, tell us about him
  • 17:35 We are all oddballs
  • 19:05 Tell us about Panama and Mexico

andre and travis with big tuna

  • 22:41 What are the target species out there? Encountering a big marlin
  • 24:05 What are the Mangrove Jack type species down there? Pargo
  • 25:24 What sort of coin does one need to drop to go on a trip like that?
  • 27:40 What did you do for fitness training?
  • 28:26 Being fit makes a big difference
  • 29:22 How long have you been doing jiu jitsu?
  • 31:37 Tell us about your mate Pete Correale
  • 35:19 Tell us about diving in Indonesia
  • 35:53 How cold is it?
  • 37:15 Learning to become calm in uncomfortable conditions

Andre with a lobster

  • 38:26 Conditions for dogtooth tuna
  • 40:02 Celebrating a big fish with friends
  • 41:37 My favourite part, the Catalina Island kelp forests
  • 43:15 This doccy makes me hungry to travel
  • 46:11 It was a real honour to be a part of this project
  • 47:28 How long did the final cut end up being?
  • 48:54 There are a few talented spearos who got into videography (David Ochoa)
  • 49:31 Thank you for being on the show!
  • 49:54 Outro and Shrek’s closing thoughts

NSP164 Instagram Poster

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NSP:163 Rachel Thomson and Larissa Zip | Life’s Short, Stay Moist

NSP:163 Rachel Thomson and Larissa Zip | Life’s Short, Stay Moist

Interview with Rachel Thomson and Larissa Zip

Today’s episode is with two ladies on the WA coast who have started a really cool initiative: Life’s Short, Stay Moist! Old Man Blue suggested Rachel and Larissa for the show and we are glad they did! These ladies are both great divers, have a passion for getting other women into the sea! We had a great time chatting about their own journey’s into spearfishing, using load assists, the talks they give at Adreno and the trips and events they run. If you’d like to find out more, have a listen to this interview and check out their Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you both for being on the show this week!

Join the next talk at Adreno! August 19th at Adreno Perth!

Women in spearfishing camp and dive trip


Larissa left and Rachel right

Important times:

  • 00:12 Life’s short, stay moist!
  • 04:25 Welcome Rachel and Larissa! You’ve just finished a trip?
  • 06:14 You both surf too
  • 06:56 Edmonton, Alberta spearfishing club – that’s where I’m from!
  • 08:01 Larissa, where did you get into the water?
  • 09:54 A complimentary backup sport
  • 10:29 Rachel, how did you get into the water?
  • 14:13 Experiencing negative buoyancy
  • 15:15 What was your first fish?

Rachel's first fish

  • 17:13 A good first experience and a good mindset
  • 17:50 Swimming with a bleeding fish in Great White country
  • 19:00 Larissa, what was your first fish?
  • 23:11 Funny story with a Baldchin Groper

Baldchin gropers

  • 24:25 The value of being comfortable with your gear
  • 25:55 Load assists and learning to load a gun
  • 28:26 What do you use?
  • 29:18 What other struggles did you have? How LSSM started
  • 30:55 Talks at Adreno

Adreno talk night

  • 31:54 Target practice in the swell

Target practice

  • 33:28 Dry land speargun excercises
  • 35:31 A spearing course or some formal education for spearing is really valuable
  • 37:50 Do you need to dampen expectations a bit with regards top shooting fish? Going to progressively more challenging dive spots
  • 41:31 Spearfishing friends
  • 41:58 Where did the name Life’s Short Stay Moist come from?
  • 42:47 What’s next for you two?
  • 43:45 Tell us about the charter trips you run



  • 44:44 The dangers of undercatering
  • 46:07 Rachel, tell us about spearing in Exmouth
  • 48:25 What do you do for work, dive buddies, boat or shore diving?
  • 50:05 Have you got a good dive crew?
  • 51:04 And Larissa, what does your spearing look like now?
  • 52:15 What are your personal spearing goals?
  • 55:42 Hunters can be the ultimate conservationists
  • 57:36 Tough and scary situations
  • 59:07 Bull sharks in Exmouth and dealing with them
  • 01:02:12 Funny stories
  • 01:07:39 What’s in your dive bags?
  • 01:10:00 How thick are your wetsuits?
  • 01:13:22 Spearo Q&A
    • Fish of a lifetime
    • Bucket list location
    • Most influential person
    • What advice would you give yourself if you started over?
    • What does the spearfishing experience mean to you?
  • 01:18:04 Thank you for being on the show! Closing announcements
  • 01:20:23 Noober Stories: Captain Cory James from Panama

NSP163 LSSM Insta

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The ONLY Spearfishing Podcasts List On The Internet

The ONLY Spearfishing Podcasts List On The Internet

Spearfishing Podcasts List

What’s a podcast???

If you don’t know what a podcast is don’t worry you’re not alone. A podcast is simply recorded audio (like a radio show) but it’s not live. It’s also often been edited and then distributed around the internet to different podcast directories (think podcast apps) such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many others. Watch this short video to learn how to subscribe and download a podcast.


Audio (and video) Podcasts have become a popular way for people to learn, become connected and engaged with spearfishing. Check out this list of spearfishing Podcasts available for you to download, subscribe and listen to. If we are missing one, let us know in the comments below!



Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

The SpearFactor Podcast features spearfishermen and watermen from around the world to share their experiences in the ocean in order to help us all become better divers and stewards of the ocean. The experts that Bret Whitman has on the show covers all facets of a life based around the ocean. These areas include surfing, freediving, boating, gear manufacturing, fitness training, and cooking. The goal of having this diversity is to help you become a more educate and complete spearfishing ambassador. Find out more at www.spearfactor.com


Fin and Forage Podcast

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

As a one-stop-shop for spearfishing, foraging, culinary content, activism and conservation, Fin + Forage seeks to build a community around a shared passion for wild and responsible food. The cornerstone of Fin + Forage is a multi-media hub for educational content. With contributions from the spearfishing community, scientists and chefs, Fin + Forage promotes safe diving and sustainable practices while providing the tools to become a better and more well-rounded hunter-gatherer. Hosted by Ryan Gentry!

Fin and Forage Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Cast and Spear

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

We love catching fish and we want to share the stoke with you. Our goal is to bring on members of the fishing community to share tips and stories to help you catch more fish. We cover a wide variety of fishing methods including surf fishing, spearfishing, inshore and offshore fishing. If you have suggestions for what you’d like us to cover, shoot us a DM on Instagram @castandspear. Tight lines and we’ll see you on the water!

Cast and Spear Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Freedive Live with Ted Harty

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Join me as I take a deep dive into all things Freediving and explore even more about this amazing sport that has give me so much. My name is Ted Harty and I teach people to freedive deeper, stay longer and become safer. I’m the founder of Immersion Freediving as well my new pride and joy www.FreedivingSafety.com. Dive safe out there, it’s not even that hard.

Freedive Live with Ted Harty. Spearfishing Podcast List


TazYarns Podcast

Listen on Spotify

Taz was one half of the “Podcast Yarns With Az And Taz”, he’s a Far North Queensland Australian Banana Farmer, Recreational Fisherman/Spear fisherman on the Great Barrier Reef, Jiujitsu Practitioner, Musician and Passionate Family man. Come have a listen to all the truths and tales from all the crazy crew he invites into his Podcave and share his Yarns with ya mates!!

Tazyarns Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast list


Chumming Up

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The all ocean, fishing and spearfishing podcast with all the excitement and fun but none of the wank! Hosted by stand up comedian and WA Raw Winner, Squirly and fishing and spearfishing champion Leigh Mitchell.

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Just Add Water Podcast

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Norwegian Spearfishing Podcast Hosted by Ivan Knudseth & Ørjan Dyrnes. Just Add Water er en podcast som tar for seg den fantastiske verdenen i, ved og under vann. Her vil vi snakke om undervannsjakt, fridykking, fangst, matlaging, turer, konkurranser og generelt alt som har med havet og de muligheten du har med en gang du setter på deg en våtdrakt, strammer dykkermasken, trekker pusten og dykker ned i en verden full av eventyr. Bli med oss da vel!

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Xhale Podcast

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Hosted by Eric Shearouse and Rodman Leas from Xhale Spearfishing. The Xhale Podcast covers all subjects spearfishing as well as dabbling in all aspects of being a Florida outdoorsman.

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All Things Wild Podcast

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Exploring our planet’s wildlife through genuine conversations with scientists, conservationists, nature lovers, and individuals who have had profound experiences with wild animals. Martin Kitto is a New Jersey based spearo and curious guy with an engaging style. His show features several spearfishing specific interviews and episodes. Listen in.

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UV Podcast (Danish)

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Uvpodcast handler om fridykning og uvjagt. Morten Rosenvold Villadsen forfatter til ‘Hold Vejret – en bog om fridykning’ og blogger har forskellige gæster i studiet og der bliver talt om rejser, fisk, vand, dykning uden vejrtrækning, rekordforsøg og der bliver delt ud af tips og tricks fra mange års erfaring med rejser med harpun, snorkel og våddragt i bagagen.

Uvpodcast Spearfishing Podcast list. Undervandsjagt & fridykning - Uvpodcast.


The Spear

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The Spearfishing Podcast I wish existed when I was starting out. I am your host Roman Castro from SpearoBlog. I started THE SPEAR to interview other Spearos and Spearfishing companies to learn from their experiences and share them with YOU. This Podcast is now no longer updated.

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This Ocean Life

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This Ocean Life Podcast. 130+ episodes. Weekly podcast series capturing the stories and perspectives of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Fishing, free diving, art, music, surfing, paddling, spearfishing, conservation, sailing, anything in the ocean… Hosted by Josh Pederson, from Santa Cruz, California, USA. This podcast has not been updated for a while.

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SpearWest Podcast

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Western Australia based Podcast focused on WA spearos and Australian Spearfishing.

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Wild Fish and Game Podcast | Harvesting Nature

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Join Harvesting Nature’s very own, Justin Townsend and the HN Crew as they guide you through the world of cooking wild fish and game meat, their adventures to obtain food, and the lessons learned along the way. Harvesting Nature is a media outlet with the main focus to educate and inspire those wishing to live the outdoor lifestyle with a focus of hunting and fishing for food. Follow along with us as we help you Find your Wilderness Please reach out with questions and comments to whatscooking@harvestingnature.com

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At the Helm with Adventureman Dan’s Podcast

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The official podcast of “Adventureman Dan” and his adventures around the world. Here you will find many in depth discussions about all things adventure! Stories, advice, how to and of course a few laughs from his exploits spearfishing, sailing, freediving, van life, and much much more. Enjoy!

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UK Spearfishing Podcast

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The official spearfishing Podcast of the United Kingdom. Hosted by Matt Coombe, this Cornish Podcast has interviewed a few absolute characters who froth on their local water spearing. Listen in:)

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Salty Journals

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Salty journals is a podcast for ocean lovers. You may be a surfer, kitesurfer, Freediver, Spearfisher, or just really into hanging on the beach at the weekend. This podcast brings together stories and tales from ocean addicts.

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Freedive Cafe

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The world’s dedicated freediving podcast. Longform interviews with the deepest humans on Earth. Occasional interviews with spearos!

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Noob Spearo Podcast

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Interviews with spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from all over the world. Listen into Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly talk to entertaining buggers from all over the planet.

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NSP:162 Tony Alcock | Tropical North Queensland with Tazyarns

NSP:162 Tony Alcock | Tropical North Queensland with Tazyarns

Interview with Tony Alcock aka Tazyarns

Today’s episode is with Tony Alcock, one half of “Podcast Yarns With Az And Taz” team, he now has his own podcast! A surfer, musician, jujitsu practioner, spearo and banana farmer from Far North Queensland, he has been spearing for the past 30 years and has a ton of valuable insights! Find out about Flinders Reef, his love for boats, hunting tips, dealing with sharks and crocodiles and how he has recently started diving past 10 meters with the help of Az! Come have a listen for a good laugh and some great tips, let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments!

Tazyarns Logo

Important times:

  • 00:12 Good day and welcome to the Noob Spearo Podcast!
  • 01:01 What all does Tony do?
  • 01:29 Announcements and some sad news
  • 06:36 Hello Tony!
  • 07:40 Tell us about yourself
  • 09:28 How long have you been spearfishing?
  • 10:29 Line angling vs spearfishing
  • 10:54 Half the day fishing and half spearing
  • 11:19 Tides and crayfish: painted and green
  • 13:54 How do you cook crays/lobsters? How do you prepare them?
Tony with a cray
  • 15:16 Spearfishing with Az and his great buddy system
  • 16:24 A lot of your diving is shallow, why is it so dangerous? You need a buddy after 10m
  • 17:24 Are you diving in current?
  • 17:55 Where are you and where do you boat out to?
  • 19:00 The lifestyle up there is very different
  • 20:25 What it like being a banana farmer?
  • 21:05 Full moon makes your fruit grow quicker on the week leading up to it
  • 21:19 Being a farmer you’re more in tune with the weather and seasons
  • 24:10 Back to boats, you’re selling one now?
  • 24:47 I’m going back to an aluminium boat
  • 27:20 Tell us about your boat history
  • 29:41 Are you someone who can just fix everything on a boat?
  • 30:47 Flinders reef and a funny story
  • 33:23 What do you shoot out there and what good stories do you have from there?
  • 37:00 Coral trout
Tony Alcock with coral trout
  • 37:56 Fishing with a big mothership
  • 39:07 What do you want to do there this time?
  • 39:27 Are sharks a problem out there?
  • 40:32 What’s your experience being in the water with tiger sharks?
  • 41:38 The smaller sharks are the more aggressive ones
  • 44:36 White and Black tip reef sharks
  • 45:44 Have you been spooled before with your reel gun?
  • 46:46 What about jelly fish?
  • 47:29 Tell us about surfing
  • 50:46 Good boating behavior and how to be a good boatieTony on his boat
  • 54:44 We’re going on a spearing trip, not a snorkeling trip
  • 56:35  Some people are more freediver than spearo
  • 57:35 How do you approach and hunt Jacks?
  • 59:01 Great hunting tip
  • 01:00:10 What’s your biggest Jack?
  • 01:00:59 So you’ve been spearing deeper lately? What has Az been teaching you?
  • 01:02:31 A dive watch was a great investment
  • 01:04:08 Tuck your chin into your chest when you dive down, slow down and relax
  • 01:05:39 Weather apps
  • 01:07:42 Do you pay attention to chlorophyll and water temp?
  • 01:08:21 Barramundi and crocodiles
  • 01:10:40 Avoid swimming with crocs
  • 01:11:19 Cone shells
  • 01:13:11 Tell us about your podcast
  • 01:14:31 Funny story with music and Youtube
  • 01:15:53 What’s in your dive bag?
  • 01:18:02 GoPro’s and masks
  • 01:19:49 You have anxiety for a reason
  • 01:20:57 Suits with kevlar
  • 01:23:08 Spearo Q&A
    • What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?
    • What would you do differently if you started over?
    • What’s the best spearfishing lesson you’ve learned?
    • What is spearfishing to you?
  • 01:25:55 Thank you Tony
  • 01:28:23 Jordan’s voicemail


Isaac and Tony zoom call
Tazyarns Insta
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NSP:161 Derek Marshall Dunning | Cape Town Spearfishing with DMD

NSP:161 Derek Marshall Dunning | Cape Town Spearfishing with DMD

Interview with Derek Marshall Dunning

Today’s episode is with Derek Marshall Dunning, president of the South African Underwater Fishing Federation, founder of DMD Fins, freediving instructor, national judge, master freediver and absolute spearfishing nut in Cape Town, South Africa! He along with South African Freediving Federation president Matt Stow (referenced in the episode a few times), run NAUI Freediving Africa and offer a wide variety of freediving and spearfishing courses. Find out about spearfishing in Cape Town, how to hunt local fish like Cape Bream (known as Hotties to the locals) Mussel Cracker and Red Roman, some great ways to cook Yellowtail and some remedies for difficult equalization. You can buy a pair of fins from him as well and you can do one of his courses and if you’re in Cape Town come and join the Blue Spearos Spearfishing Club, they have a telegram group that is full of people who love spearfishing!

We hope you enjoy this episode, let us know what you think in the comments!

Derek and a tuna

Important times:

  • 00:12 Welcome back to the Noob Spearo Podcast!
  • 06:55 Welcome Derek
  • 07:42 How long have you been involved in spearfishing in South Africa?
  • 08:38 Was freediving natural to you?
  • 10:36 Getting back into the water
  • 11:16 You have a sticky left ear, tell us about your equalizing history
  • 12:38 What do you do to fix this?
  • 13:45 Medicine or training your body to equalize better?
  • 14:22 Cortisone
  • 15:22 Snort salt water
  • 15:32 Tell me about your courses
  • 17:15 Weighting for new divers
  • 20:01 TV interview about spearfishing
  • 22:32 The value of teaching basic skills
  • 23:24 What common problems do you find in your students?
  • 24:47 “How do you hold your breath for longer?”
  • 25:26 Diving with better divers and spearfishing clubs
  • 26:48 Memorable fish in SA and how to hunt Mussel Cracker

Derek with a Cok and a Mussel Cracker

  • 28:59 Recipes
  • 29:56 Yellowtail recipes
  • 32:54 Merits of diving in the shallows
  • 34:43 Competitions
  • 35:36 Tell us about conditions in Cape Town
  • 37:51 We travel for big fish
  • 38:37 What is your approach to spearfishing?
  • 39:40 Cape Bream – The Hottentot, good eating?
  • 40:21 How do you find Cape Bream and Red Roman?
  • 41:28 What is an experience that scared you?

Derek and the Barracuda that bit him

Battle wounds from a barracuda

  • 43:39 We went through a series of Matt being a dick
  • 44:52 You meet a lot of interesting people and make good friends
  • 45:42 Veterans Vault: DMD FinsDMD Carbon Fins finished
  • 47:43 Plastic fins vs composites vs carbon
  • 51:17 I was a gearslut with a rolling tab at Rabitech
  • 52:10 The value of pool training and being in a club
  • 53:33 The value of doing a spearfishing course
  • 54:09 The history of spearfishing clubs in Cape Town
  • 55:45 Fuzzy takes new spearos out into the sea
  • 56:14 Enter the competitions
  • 58:15 What foot pockets have you settled on?
  • 59:14 Woman in spearfishing in SA, Mariette De Jager and Talya Davidoff
  • 01:01:32 Competitive freediving vs spearfishing – head space
  • 01:03:57 What makes a good spearo, my fish nemesis
  • 01:06:21 More funny stories
  • 01:08:52 What’s in your dive bag?
  • 01:10:21 What is Hydroglide?
  • 01:12:10 Where can people buy your gear?

Noob Spearo x DMD fins

  • 01:14:37 Spearo Q&A
    • Best piece of advice you’ve been given for spearfishing
    • If you could start over, what would you do differently?
    • What’s something you do differently in your spearfishing?
    • What does spearfishing mean to you?
  • 01:16:46 “If there’s water, we dive” – Thank you Derek!
  • 01:18:54 Sam Veasey’s voice message

NSP161 DMD Instagram

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NSP:160 Sam Clothier | Wet Mammal Life

NSP:160 Sam Clothier | Wet Mammal Life

Interview with Sam Clothier – The Wet Mammal

Today’s episode is with Sam Clothier of the Wet Mammal channel on Youtube! From the UK and now based in Sydney, he’s a very interesting dude, quite well traveled and absolutely froths on spearing! He makes great underwater content, has done a Hike and Spear video series and his latest series is called “Spearfishing The Undesirables” where he tries and tastes the so called “undesirable” fish species to see if they’re terrible or if everyone is missing out on some hidden gems, examples include Bonito, Longfin Pike, the Old Wife and the Southern Fusilier to name a few. How to hunt them, prepare them and make them taste great! We also chat about Sam’s own spearfishing journey and how he spent many years consistently hyperventilating before a dive, training advice and some actionable tips for Noob Spearos! An awesome guy and a great chat, we hope you enjoy this episode! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Wet Mammal Logo

  • 00:14 Introduction
  • 02:48 Hello and welcome Sam!
  • 3:19 Wind ruining viz in South East Queensland – diving the tweed river
  • 04:16 Diving in structure and out of the way of dropping rocks
  • 05:45 Who are you and where do you come from?

Sam at 13

  • 06:50 Starting to spearfish
  • 07:50 Using scuba gear for spearfishing: Knife and fin advice
  • 08:45 Starting scuba and doing a PADI course
  • 10:44 Scuba vs Freediving physical demands
  • 11:30 What obstacles did you encounter?
  • 12:07 Not equalizing
  • 13:34 Hyperventilating
  • 14:33 Why is it bad?
  • 15:18 How did you stop?
  • 16:54 CO2 training
  • 18:03 What other training do you do?
  • 18:41 Spearfishing bit you hard
  • 21:00 What makes you choose not to shoot a particular fish?
  • 21:35 What are “forgivable sins” for new spearos? Shooting illegal fish, bag limits and size limits?

pre-mullet sam at 14

  • 24:09 What’s it like in the UK and Sydney? Closed seasons and closed areas
  • 25:58 What about looking for fish identification on social media?
  • 28:00 Hierarchy of spearfishing species
  • 28:50 Spearfishing South Africa – Piet Van Rooyen and books for spearfishing
  • 29:49 What’s your favourite fish to hunt?
  • 30:57 How have you learnt to target that fish?
  • 31:58 Hiding your eyes?
  • 32:50 Fish are getting smarter
  • 33:40 Tough situations?
  • 34:00 Entering in big surf?
  • 36:25 Being underwater vs on top
  • 37:07 Risk vs spending more time
  • 38:33 Currents around islands and bays
  • 39:30 “Can anyone show me the ropes?”
  • 40:40 Bribe your local club with a 6 pack
  • 42:20 Freediving/Spearfishing courses – should I take one? What should I be able to do before taking one?
  • 44:50 Freediving vs Spearfishing courses, basic knowledge
  • 46:28 The entry barrier to spearfishing – how best to start? Reduce the complications in the water
  • 48:00 What should a new diver buy first?
  • 50:00 Spending the least money on a mask
  • 51:50 Fins
  • 53:00 Weight belt?
  • 54:30 Ok, now you’re ready to shoot fish, now what? Buying a speargun
  • 56:40 Biggest takeaways and that excitement of shooting your first fish species
  • 58:25 What if you have a bit of cash?
  • 59:55 How did you get your advice and gear?
  • 61:01 Find a SHOP, don’t buy online. The local networking is worth it
  • 61:55 Where else can you go for info? And joining a club

Sam in Tonga

  • 65:00 Funny stories
  • 66:00 Controversial hunting technique
  • 69:00 Spearo Q&A
    • Best piece of advice
    • Dream location and fish
    • Best resources
    • The spearfishing experience to you
  • 71:02 Thank you Sam and outro

NSP160 Instagram

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How Do I Overcome My Fear of Sharks?

How Do I Overcome My Fear of Sharks?

The elevated heart rate that just won’t ease.

The faster breathing.

The sense that somethings not right and the constant distraction like a buzzing bee hovering around your head.

Yep, you’ve just seen a shark OR your imagination (or 6th sense) has just triggered your anxiety. Not a pleasant feeling and one that most of us who dive in waters with plenty of the ‘men in grey suits’ aka ‘the taxman’ can empathize with. Although, like many things in life that scare you, exposure can steadily desensitize you. The caveat to this is to NEVER lose your respect for sharks OR believe that you ‘have control of them’ because you don’t.

“Newbie spearo here (got my first fish the other day) with a question: How do I manage shark anxiety? I know the stats and ‘rarity’ of being attacked, but I just can’t shut off the anxiety switch. I need to get past this as providing for myself is a large life goal. Cheers for your help in advance.” – Lee (Rewritten from a Facebook Group Spearfishing Victoria)

Some good advice and wisdom was shared following this post;

Galin Someone told me that a trip to QLD and diving with the blokes up there can break any shark anxiety. Maybe worth a go?”

Blake Second Galin. I went to QLD and dived in some crappy vis. When I got back to Melbourne I didn’t even think about sharks anymore.”

LukeWith any anxiety, you slowly introduce yourself to the environment that is making you feel that way until your brain no longer perceives it as a threat. So start by doing short trips and you’ll eventually adjust.”

These guys have tapped into some wisdom here. Psychologists describe this process as desensitization and if done gradually can habituate spearos to obstructive fears. Over time they find that their reactions to sharks and/or situations where they begin to experience anxiety decreases. Exposure can help to weaken previously learned associations between sharks and bad outcomes (think JAWS movies). Possibly the greatest benefit to healthy shark exposure teaches spearos that they are capable of confronting their fears and can manage the anxiety. During positive exposure to sharks, a spearo can learn to attach new, more realistic beliefs about sharks, shark behavior and how to adapt their own personal response to them.

I’m not trying to minimize the risks from Sharks as I’ve talked to people who have suffered personally (Evan Leeson Interview here) or lost someone to a shark attack (Rob Tratt Interview here). What I am trying to do though is help people overcome the anxiety that keeps them out of the water OR helps them break out of the Freeze/Flight/Fight response. Tim Kavermann laid out some actionable points to help overcome anxiety in a recent interview. Here is summary of a few of his points;

Actionable Tips to Reduce Shark Anxiety

  • Accept anxiety, don’t fight it, sit with it and learn to bear it. It will diminish.
  • Learn breathing techniques to relax on the surface and reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Being in situations with sharks when the water is clean and the sharks are relatively calm can acclimatize you to the fear.
  • Turn fear into curiosity – learn about sharks. Observe their behaviour. Research their body language and cues. Knowledge dispels fear (gradually).
  • Ground yourself in the moment by paying attention to the details.
  • Prepare to not be prepared. Do what is in your control and listen to your dive buddy.


Is it worth it?

Sharks an be unpredictable and dangerous, they can kill you. They are often big, unimaginably fast, sometimes sneaky and you are in their environment however MOST of the time they are wary of us and you can learn techniques to dissuade their attention. You can also avoid shark red flag moments to minimize the risk too;

🚩 Dusk – when the last light of the day hits the water, sharks can be at their most erratic.

🚩 Struggling Fish – blood in the water is far less of a turn-on for sharks than a fish flailing on a hook and line OR a spear. Dispatch quickly and spearfish in pairs/groups.

🚩 Dirty Water – Brisbane Bullsharks are notorious for their confidence in dirty water and they aren’t alone. When you see big sharks in <6/7Meters (20ft) vis, get out and move spots.

“I don’t want to not live because of my fear of what could happen. If you stop exploring, everything becomes smaller. Fear is an unbelievable motivator. Fear is a natural response. Without it, we wouldn’t survive. Meet up with your fears. If you’re afraid of sharks, go learn all about sharks. Get into the water with one.” – Laird Hamilton


What Do You Think?

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which technique from today’s post are you going to use first?

Are you going to get in the water with sharks? Or try some breathing techniques to calm down?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


  • Shrek
5 Ways to NOT Spearfish Successfully: Common Beginner Mistakes

5 Ways to NOT Spearfish Successfully: Common Beginner Mistakes

There are plenty of ways to improve your spearfishing. Here are five spearfishing mistakes to avoid next time you go diving. This list was sent to us by Eckart Benkenstein, spearo and freediving instructor

  1. Midwater warrior

This is a classic mistake that we’ve all made and is generally caused by diving out of our depth or not being confident enough to reach the bottom. Improving your diving ability will improve your depth. Having a good buddy that is drilled in good buddy technique will also allow you to relax a little more and push a little deeper knowing your buddy is there for you.

This mistake also limits your ability to shoot reef fish as you are out in the open for everything to see. Being on the bottom will conceal you and allow fish to unwittingly move into range of your gun.

Big predators of the grey variety are often seen swimming mid water. Not something we want to emulate if we want to get closer to the fish.

5 Ways to NOT Spearfish Successfully: Common Beginner Mistakes. Ascending Eckart

  1. Fast Movements

Another classic Noob mistake. Fast movements underwater have a couple of implications. Firstly fast movements tell fish that you’re a predator. Sharks move quickly when they’re agitated and feeding. Pelagic fish will move quickly when in a feeding frenzy as well. It sends the message that you’re a threat that should be avoided.

Secondly, fast movements increase your heart rate underwater and that means increased oxygen consumption, loss of relaxation and ultimately shorter dives.

  1. Wrong gear

You need the right tools for the job. It’s a simple task to get the right gear. Anyone local that’s been diving in your local area will tell you what you need. Knowing what to buy straight up will save you money and you’ll get comfortable using the right gear from the start. I’m not talking about brands here, though there are some to avoid. I’m talking about the practicalities of your gear like the length of your gun, thickness of your wetsuit and the stiffness of your fins to name a few.

Don’t be afraid to ask a retailer, local diver or someone from a club, it will save you time and money.

  1. Just swimming around

Eckart says a common problem he sees is guys just swimming around hoping to bump into a fish. Eckart says you should target a fish and and learn the conditions that will help you to find that target fish in your area. Wind, tides, water temperature and any seasonal migrations are a great place to start. Get on the Google and do some research or get into a club and learn off the locals. You only get so many hours in the water, make the most of them.

  1. Bunny Ears.

If you manage to overcome the midwater warrior phase and get yourself on the bottom you may be making bunny ears with your fins. You might have your body pressed low against the bottom ready to strike but it will mean little if your fins are waiving around above your head. Get long and low to keep your fins connected to the bottom. High fins let the fish know exactly where you are like waving a flag above your head.

5 Ways to NOT Spearfish Successfully: Common Beginner Mistakes. Ascending Eckart

Eckart from Salt Sessions!

Find out about Eckarts Spearfishing Courses at SaltSessions.com.au

If you found any of these tips helpful check out our book 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing

99 Spearo Recipes | Actionable Meals for the Everyday Diver

99 Spearo Recipes | Actionable Meals for the Everyday Diver

Crowdsourced recipes from the spearfishing community


Spearfishing, Foraging and Underwater Harvesters Go-To Recipe Book for simple seafood meals


Less ingredients is more.

  • Every Recipe that makes it into the book earns the submitter a free copy of the book. 1 recipe = 1 book
  • Featured Spearo Chef’s will be able to include 2-3 links to their website/socials/YouTube etc
  • If you have made a video guide to your recipe, a special link will be provided in the book
  • Contributors/Cohorts who submit 8+ recipes get a half page ‘About’ section and will feature in a special 99 spearo recipe podcast episode!
  • Contributors/Cohorts who submit 8+ recipes will be able to buy bulk copies at wholesale rates (and sell them at retail)
  • A special award will be given for the trashest fish with tastiest recipe (Jeremy’s Prize idea)

All recipes generally require <30 minutes prep time.


Submit Your Recipe Here

“Help create a guide that will make spearos more intentional stewards of the ocean by the ‘learning through doing’ work of making special meals for their friends and family”


Photo FAQ

Q1. What photo quality and sizes are required?

Please check out our Guide to Submitting a Recipe Here including IMAGE requirements

Q2. Is it OK to supplement additional photos with beautiful spearo photography (e.g. the hunt/the adventure/the dive/the kelp/etc) to bolster our submissions?

Yes, 100%

Q3. Hey Shrek bro, did you guys need photos with the recipes we submit or just the recipe? I have a few but don’t have photos at the moment?

You have it right , photos are pretty important and you can’t even submit the recipe unless there is at least 1 photo. The good news is that submissions are open to Aug 30 so you have plenty of time to get some together if you have a chance to spear and cook. We have 39 submissions as of 13.07.2021 so far:) – Shrek]

Q4. I’m having trouble uploading photos to the link. The error message says my photo files are not compatible. What can I do?

Sending photos through the submissions form helps us out with the editing process. However, if you are having trouble sending them, don’t worry: we’ve got your back! Send us your files via WeTransfer or Dropbox to shrek@noobspearo.com.  

(Please make sure you use the same email in both the recipe submission and the WeTransfer/Dropbox, so we can identify your photos)


General FAQ

Q1. Many of our recipes are super simple, like the scallop ceviche, or the dry aged sushi, but there is one aspect of the meal that requires time (e.g. making tapioca pearl chicharrones is suuuper easy, but takes about 3 hours to dehydrate before frying… or aging a fish is literally leaving it in a bag on ice for 2-4 days… or making sushi rice is really easy, but rice takes like 45 min to cook… or making fish stock takes 30 min but you can work on other aspects of the meal while it renders). Are these recipes OK to include and submit?

Yes, 100%


Q2. What happens if you get too many Ceviche Recipes or Baked Fish Recipes?

We will communicate through the Noob Spearo Podcast, Noob Spearo Community on Facebook and Instagram, how our recipe categories are tracking. Check for updates there!


Q3. Would you be interested in a section of your book for staples that are used in many recipes like a standalone section for how to make sushi rice or fish stock or how to make rad looking garnishes that are easy and make any meal look 100x cooler? Then in the recipes for say a sushi roll, instead of adding all the text on how to make sushi rice, you just say refer to page xx.

Yes, I’m super keen on this. I am going to have some dedicated sections for cornerstone content like a guide to smoking fish then 3 smoked fish recipes. I’m super keen on your idea for this.


Q4. Who do I put as the Spearo Chef Author if I am part of an Organization?

Name, Organization for example; Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly, Noob Spearo


Q5. Can I sign up to get an early copy of the first book?

Yes, sign up here to register your interest!


Q6. Will you change or edit my recipe?

Yes, we have an editing and design team doing their best to make sure the recipe is presented in a way that readers from everywhere can read and adapt to their area. We also have design and space limitations!


NSP:159 Spearos on Seaspiracy with Bret Whitman and Jon Stenstrom

NSP:159 Spearos on Seaspiracy with Bret Whitman and Jon Stenstrom

Round Table Discussion with Shrek, Bret Whitman and Jon Stenstrom about Seaspiracy

Today’s episode is likely to ruffle some feathers! Join Shrek as he has a really in depth discussion with Bret Whitman of the Spearfactor Podcast as well as Jon Stenstrom of the Cast and Spear Podcast about all things “Seaspiracy”! The good, the bad and everything in between. If you haven’t seen the Netflix film yet, Seaspiracy is a film by Ali Tabrizi that shows the environmental impact of the fishing industry, highlighting the problem of overfishing and plastic waste in our oceans. The film definitely brings up good points and highlights some really serious issues but also falls short on several different topics. Shrek, Bret and Jon go through the film and apply a spearo’s eye to it to see if ultimately we should all stop eating fish, as the film suggests. Give us your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree, let us know!

Important Times:

Bret Whitman with a tuna

Jon Stenstrom Cast and Spear

  • 07:00 Welcome to the man, the myth, the legend: Shrek!

Shrek at Kilsby Sinkhole

  • 08:25 We are going to chat about Seaspiracy
  • 09:05 Bret’s first thoughts
  • 10:49 Shrek’s first thoughts
  • 11:33 Jon’s first thoughts
  • 13:54 The positive impact of the film
  • 15:31 The influence of money
  • 17:20 Don’t eat fish: what did you think about that?
  • 18:14 Diversity of opinions
  • 19:45 A strange problem arises
  • 20:34 Southern Bluefin Tuna and the governmental issues
  • 21:36 A real solution?
  • 22:04 Silly questions
  • 22:35 The role of animals in the food industry and the journalism side of the film
  • 23:32 Shark fins
  • 24:06 Bad facts ruin your good message
  • 27:40 Brandolini’s law
  • 30:23 Fishermen need to band together
  • 31:34 Success stories
  • 33:29 Fishing has a marketing problem
  • 35:02 Legitimate issues highlighted – plastic
  • 37:03 Look at the funding behind these messages
  • 38:44 It’s great he decided to do something about this
  • 42:11 First world countries are a problem too
  • 43:00 Spearing vs commercial fishing boats
  • 45:40 Influencing public opinion to influence demand on certain species
  • 47:26 Well how do you manage international waters?
  • 48:16 No thought to sustainability when you are trying to survive
  • 49:30 Propaganda to support local fisheries
  • 53:54 Long liners
  • 55:39 Accurate data, have you met a wealthy fisherman?
  • 56:42 Measures of success for a fisherman
  • 57:01 Sea Shepard inside story
  • 59:28 Chinese oceans
  • 60:28 The organized crime element
  • 63:31 Making these documentaries to have a bigger effect
  • 62:30 “There’s no such thing as a sustainable fishery”
  • 64:02 Dispersion of responsibility
  • 66:02 Put your money where your mouth is
  • 69:28 Discussion from the Noob Spearo Facebook community
  • 70:08 Disclaimer from Shrek
  • 70:54 Killing whales
  • 72:24 The reality of hunting
  • 76:05 Apply your moral framework
  • 76:57 Whale hunting treaty
  • 78:24 “Cute” animals
  • 78:38 Shrek’s vegetarian room mate
  • 80:34 Sage thoughts on the conclusion of the film
  • 81:15 Agriculture has its issues too
  • 81:40 The morale issue
  • 82:52 The ultimate solution
  • 84:30 Perspective is key
  • 86:30 Respect for Ali
  • 86:40 Contacts
  • 87:32 Outro and Shrek’s final thoughts


nsp159 Instagram

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NSP:158 Renee Taylor: Salt Sisters

NSP:158 Renee Taylor: Salt Sisters

Interview with Renee Taylor – The Salt Sisters

SALT Sisters logo

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui // Be strong, be brave, be steadfast

Join Shrek as he chats with Renee Taylor, speech therapist, business owner, lover of the sea and co-founder of the Salt Sisters, an initiative that connects women to the ocean, themselves, and to each other through bespoke Wāhine Weekends and Salt Sessions. Above all else she is a lover of the natural world and a frothing speara to say the least! Come have a listen as they chat about Salt Sisters and what they do, how you can join, what her journey in spearfishing has been and what it means to her, they also have a good time speaking about many things in New Zealand!  Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Renee and Amber on Shepardes magazine

Salt sisters

Important Times:

  • 03:10 Welcome
  • 03:30 How did your speech therapy start?
  • 05:39 Desire to get into the natural world, scuba diving
  • 06:30 Getting a free “apprenticeship”
  • 08:00 Getting into freediving with the Auckland freediving club
  • 09:00 Freediving connected you to the ocean
  • 09:34 Spearfishing is barbaric
  • 10:58 Frothing on spearing and how SALT Sisters started

salt sisters jumping in water

  • 12:00 The healing power of freediving
  • 13:50 Respect and Fear for the ocean
  • 14:51 What problems did you encounter when you started freediving?
  • 17:00 Are the numbers important?
  • 17:58 Spearfishing competitions and how they’ve changed
  • 20:01 What hunting and equipment challenges have you faced?
  • 22:08 Wetsuits for women
  • 25:54 Business opportunity
  • 28:25 You’re passionate about your message, how do you get it across?
  • 31:45 Where are your origins?
  • 32:58 Wahine Divers
  • 34:54 Tell me about SALT Sisters and the events you run

Salt sisters camp

  • 37:17 Meeting her business partner Amber
  • 37:48 How’s Covid changed things?
  • 38:20 What events have you run so far?
  • 40:46 Learning the freediving before the spearing
  • 41:29 Freediving ambitions and courses
  • 43:08 SALT Intro pool sessions
  • 43:27 Where can people find you? (See link below)
  • 44:03 What are you busy learning now?

Renee taylor after doing a freediving course

  • 45:02 Finding less common, more sustainable fish
  • 46:57 Getting scientists and marine biologists involved
  • 47:30 Rewilding weekend
  • 48:27 Sage advice
  • 48:42 How are you cooking Jack Mackeral and Koheru?
  • 49:53 Eat What You Kill 
  • 50:46 99 Spearo recipes
  • 51:06 Where do you get your cooking inspiration?
  • 52:06 New Zealand fisheries management
  • 53:16 Funny stories
  • 57:06 What’s in your equipment bag?
  • 58:28 Vava’u trip in Tonga
  • 58:54 Whales
  • 63:42 Another funny story
  • 64:43 Spearo Q&A
    • Who is your most influential spearo or speara?
    • Bucket list fish?
    • Favourite dive buddy?
    • Describe your spearfishing experience in one sentence
  • 67:27 Contact details
  • 68:03 Final thoughts and outro

salt sisters laughing at camp


Renee Taylor freediving no fins


NSP158 Renee Taylor Insta

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NSP:157 Harry Foster the Master Chef Spearo

NSP:157 Harry Foster the Master Chef Spearo

Interview with Harry Foster – the Master Chef Spearo

Today’s interview is with Harry Foster, the Masterchef Spearo! Apart from being an exceptional chef, he is also an absolute frother when it comes to spearing and has a passion for connecting the catching to the cooking. Learn some chef skills that every spearo should know, what kitchen utensils you should have and the biggest mistakes spearos make with fish in the kitchen! We’ve included two of the recipes mentioned in the show so you can go have a go yourself!
Whether working as a chef on a remote island or out spearing or even just taking pictures, he has a wealth of knowledge on the natural world and the animals that live around him. His Instagram stories will show you exactly what we mean. We think you will enjoy today’s episode and we hope that you will try the recipes! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

If you haven’t seen his Instagram page yet, do yourself a favour and go look! Also check out his website for some amazing recipes!

Hazfos freediving

Fish wings 2

Important Times:

  • 01:00 Joe Murphy message
  • 02:05 Old Man Blue voicenote
  • 04:30 Welcome Harry Foster, how did you begin spearfishing?
  • 05:58 Diving in Far North Queensland
  • 07:42 How far away are you from the Great Barrier Reef?
  • 08:55 The appeal of inshore reefs and bad conditions
  • 10:02 What made you a hunter?
  • 11:43 Dealing with saltwater crocodiles
  • 14:56 Early obstacles
  • 16:30 Northern Freediver Facebook group
  • 17:56 Spearfishing culture and the reason for the Noob Spearo podcast
  • 20:10 Shooting his first footballer

Harry and his Footballer

  • 22:50 Harry’s spearfishing ethos
  • 23:36 How did you get into photography?
  • 24:52 Getting great shots
  • 27:03 What has been your photography journey and what about Instagram?
  • 29:44 Catch cook videos
  • 30:50 The trouble with film making
  • 32:28 What do you spend your time on?
  • 35:21 You’ve accomplished a lot, let’s talk about your chef skills
  • 36:00 How did you become a chef?
  • 37:26 Connecting the catching with the cooking
  • 39:12 How to get great quality fish
  • 41:08 What is the process of caring for your catch?
  • 44:48 Dry aging
  • 46:02 Slurry tips
  • 48:20 What to do when you get home
  • 51:16 What chef skills that every spearo should learn?
  • 52:26 Using the whole animal
  • 53:54 Using more of the fish
  • 55:30 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 56:48 Where to find Harry
  • 57:50 Kingfish Ceviche
  • 61:54 Octopus preparation
  • 65:06 Great advice for cooking
  • 35:38 Caring for the catch
  • 66:22 My Octopus Teacher (My Octopus Teacher: The Sequel)
  • 68:03 What’s in your gear bag?
  • 70:00 Funny stuff
  • 71:54 First Spanish MackeralHazfos' tattoos
  • 73:25 Spearo Q&A
    • Marine tattoos
    • Favourite dive buddy
    • Spearfishing in one sentance
  • 77:52 Thanks and goodbye


Tandoori fish wings

Tandoori Fish Wings

Tandoori fish wings

kingfish Ceviche

Kingfish Ceviche

Hazfos sitting by the sea

Instagram Hazfos nsp157


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NSP:156 Bert Keulder – The Old Man Blue: Spearing Gear Legend

NSP:156 Bert Keulder – The Old Man Blue: Spearing Gear Legend

Interview with Bert Keulder – The Old Man Blue

Today’s interview is with Bert Keulder – the Old Man Blue, as you may know him. He’s done everything you can think of in the water, including being tossed into the air by a Great White shark! A well traveled, highly experienced spearo that is deeply in love with the ocean, he has done it all and has an absolute wealth of knowledge from his years growing up near Cape Town, South Africa and living, working and spearfishing all around the world throughout his life. We chat about his early childhood days being dragged around the kelp forests in the Atlantic on an inflated car tube, his days in the military playing underwater hockey to when he worked as a diamond miner along the West Coast of Africa, to living and diving in Fiji with commercial fishermen until finally settling down in WA where he lives and dives today. He is an excellent resource and spearos of any experience level can learn a lot from him. He also makes exceptionally high quality dive gear that is designed to work well and not stop working for a long, long time. If he can give you one piece of advice, ENJOY your diving, be relaxed, take your time and really take in the experience.
Let us know what you think of today’s episode and be sure to check out Old Man Blue’s store.

NSP156 Bert Keulder 1:1

Important Times:

  • 00:20 Intro
  • 04:00 Welcome to Bert and chat about Aqualyte
  • 06:02 Official welcome and Ben’s email
  • 07:50 Old Man Blue gear review
  • 10:14 Estuary Cod bag design
  • 11:24 Aqualyte
  • 13:42 Eating and preparing for a dive day
  • 15:21 How old are you – reflecting back on life
  • 17:00 How did you start diving?
  • 18:42 How has the ocean affected you?
  • 20:40 Childhood diving and getting dragged around the kelp forests
  • 22:52 Hunting Red Steenbras
  • 24:10 My Octopus Teacher
  • 25:52 Eric J Anderson episode
  • 26:38 Diving alone
  • 28:26 Younger divers vs the older generation
  • 29:42 Stages of progression in your spearfishing
  • 30:37 Diving today vs back in the day
  • 33:07 Equipment
  • 36:21 The evolution of spearfishing equipment
  • 37:00 Emphasis on tools vs skills
  • 38:14 The “scarcity mindset”
  • 40:18 Bert’s unsinkable dive boat – The Hallubaloo
  • 43:10 Becoming a boat captain
  • 45:04 Diving the inshore reefs
  • 45:16 Best advice to prospective boat buyers
  • 45:58 The Hallubaloo
the dive boat Hallubaloo

The Hallubaloo

  • 46:46 Sage advice
  • 47:00 Tell us about your boat
  • 48:23 Rules on the boat
  • 49:33 Sustainability and sharing spots
  • 50:15 Don’t be a cowboy
  • 53:16 Sharing fish on the boat
  • 54:26 Spearfishing as a team sport
  • 56:11 A quick story with some more sage advice – the ocean will give you gifts
  • 57:08 Bert’s days in the military
  • 58:44 Seal/Duiker Island in Houtbay
Bert and Garth in Houtbay

Garth and Bert in Houtbay, Cape Town

Duiker Island and Boat

Duiker Island near Houtbay – Image from drumbeatcharters.co.za


  • 60:46 Diamond diving
  • 64:06 Can I go dive for my own diamonds?
An old diamond diving setup

An old diamond diving setup

  • 65:42 Travelling
Bert diving with commercial divers in Fiji

Bert diving with commercial divers in Fiji

  • 69:39 The logo and Old Man Blue ethos
  • 75:20 Hunting fish in WA
  • 79:44 How do you slow yourself down?
  • 82:38 Getting stuck and dealing with panic
  • 84:43 Funny stories
  • 89:39 Spearo Q&A:
    Single best piece of advice you’ve received
    Who is the most influential spearo for you?
    What is the spearfishing experience in one sentence?
  • 92:35 Final advice
  • 93:50 Bert’s experience with sharks and getting tossed into the air by a Great White shark
  • 100:10 Shrek’s closing words


Cape Point Lighthouse

Cape Point Lighthouse in Cape Town where Bert was tossed into the air by a Great White shark – Photo By Diego Delso

Bert in the old days getting ready for a dive with friends

Getting ready for a dive in the old days

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