Rob Allen Spearfishing Equipment Pioneer

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Joining us direct from the Dive Factory in Durban, South Africa – we interview a spearfishing equipment innovator who continues to bring some of the best gear onto the market. Rob Allen joins us to share about his 35 year + journey as a spearo and some of his hard won wisdom. With everything in this interview from gear development to hunting techniques for pelagic species, this is not a Noob Spearo episode you want to miss!

#Rob talks a little about whats under development there at the dive factory. One project Rob Allen and the team are spending considerable time, energy and resource on is an all new roller muzzle (not an open-muzzle as mentioned). They are still heavily in the development stage and will not release the roller muzzle until they are 100% satisfied with its performance and accuracy. 

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In this Interview with Rob Allen

In one of our best interviews yet, Rob Allen delivers information and facts that will help everyone from the budding Noob to the seasoned veteran spearo. Turbo and I were stoked to speak to the man behind some of the equipment that we use and love ourselves. This interview kicks off Noob Spearo’s ‘Month of Mackerel’ and Robs Veterans Vault is all about hunting one of his favored target species, the Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel. This interview is relevant to all spearos wanting to take on these large, sleek and speedy predators that inhabit large parts of the worlds sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Rob Allen Spearfishing Equipment Pioneer

Rob Allen, Spearfishing Equipment Pioneer. Top, using his renown railgun, bottom left in the dive factory with his business partner Jeremy Williams, bottom right local competition sponsorship


Rob Allen Spearfishing King Mackerel

Rob Allen in his element. Using and testing some of the equipment that they design and manufacture right there in Durban, South Africa

For fast navigation through Rob Allen’s interview, here are some major moments

4:00 Rob’s early days getting started spearfishing

5:00 The Rob Allen Rail Gun origins + the trial and error mindset he took right from the start

10:00 Takeaways from ‘the one that got away’. Learning from failure – an essential spearo mindet

11:00 21 Mackerel over 20kg (45lb) in one month

12:00 Scariest moment + takeaways, losing divers and shallow water blackout (SWB)

14:00 Reel Gun Smart Systems for Safer Diving

16:00 Dive watches, reducing SWB, a bit about surface intervals and divers bodies

20:00 Veterans Vault – Pelagic Hunting (Mackerel), tips and tricks from a legend

  • Weather conditions and Moon Phase ideal for spearfishing
  • Hunting Techniques and Tips
  • Flashers + a neat trick for window shopping pelagics
  • Robs Personal Best Mackerel

28:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs – five short pieces of advice for people getting starting spearfishing

32:00 Crucial Kit for Noobs – How scuba gear in freedive spearfishing fails to make the grade

33:00 Rob Allen spearfishing equipment developments; The process, testing, feedback, and an inside chat about the workings of the Dive Factory in Durban.

He talks about bringing a new machine to life and attempting to revolutionize the manufacture of carbon fibre speargun barrels.

Rob and his team have put together some excellent YouTube videos. Here is his channel link

Some of the most Popular Video guides include;

  • How To, comprehensive reelgun setup
  • How To, speargun bands DIY
  • Inside the factory, videos about CNC and 3D printing machines

You can find these videos and more in our Boatshed Spearfishing Section here

Check out the RA Spearfishing website here

Rob Allen Spearfishing hunting tips

Rob Allen offers up some awesome spearfishing hunting tips, tricks and information in the interview on Noob Spearo Podcast

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If you enjoyed this interview you might like to check out our chat with Chris Coates here, another well regarded South African Spearfishing legend

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