30m Heavy Duty Float Line + Brake and Clips


Old Man Blue 30 meter Heavy Duty Float Line for spearfishing big fish!

Super strong, highly visible and ideal for hunting BIG fish! It comes with shark clips, a lanyard to hold on to it, shock cord to stow it neatly and a brake system designed to make fighting these huge fish easier!

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30m Heavy Duty Float Line with Brake and Clips

The ultimate float line solution for spearfishing big blue water fish! Hunt those monster fish with confidence knowing that your float line is not going not let you down! Besides being super strong and highly visible, it comes with the brake system that greatly helps you fight the fish you’ve just shot. Pull the float line in, let it go and the brake holds the line in place which lets you reel in the fish more easily. It includes all the clips needed, take it straight out the box, clip it on and take it into the water! Heavy duty shark clips on both ends with D shackles.¬†Includes a hand strap to carry and handle easily as well as a shock cord lanyard to keep the line tied up and neat.

A huge shout out to the spearo in these pics: @Mickatches

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 10 × 5 cm

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30 meters in total length