Mares Razor Pockets including fixing kit


Striking the sweet spot between flexibility and rigidity, these Mares pockets are light weight and comfortable. This is why Larry at Penetrator Fins uses these pockets for a large majority of his customers, they suit most divers and are a solid long lasting dependable foot pocket.


Mares Razor Foot Pocket designers achieved what few foot pocket manufacturers have with this design. While maintaining a fairly light weight, this pocket assist’s divers to deliver solid power through to their chosen blade with a happy balance between flexibility and rigidity.

Larry at Penetrator uses this pocket regularly due to the pockets ability to suit the vast majority of divers. Add to this the ease for fitting and interchanging blades and these pockets are a ‘no brainer’ for many.

If you would like the Noob Spearo Edition Blades (in either composite or carbon fiber) Penetrator have experience fitting these blades to a large selection of pockets.


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