Noob Spearo Edition Penetrator Carbon Fiber Blades


Noob Spearo Edition Carbon Fibre Penetrator Fin Blades. With Penetrator’s renown fin technology and Noob Spearo’s unique artwork these blades look great and offer fantastic functionality


Noob Spearo Edition Carbon Fiber Penetrator Fin Blades

About Penetrator Fins

Strong but still flexible, Penetrator Fins incorporate the latest in technology for high performance.

# For carbon fiber fins to be printed both sides add an additional $40.

All our new blades feature a smooth finish both sides.

The Penetrator Carbon range offers the ultimate in composite fin performance.

  • 72 cm working blade length
  • Extremely lightweight at 325 grams
  • Full length channeling rails that deliver improved efficiency by reducing water spill
  • 25 degree toe angle for efficient surface finning
  • Noob Spearo Design (printed one-side only)

This means less fatigue and lower oxygen consumption for divers who appreciate the advantages that can be gained from high performance equipment. These are NOT recommended for rock hopping or shore diving.

The Noob Spearo Edition blades bring our dynamic design into partnership with Penetrators fin technology. The octopus pattern is embedded into the fin using IML technology and acts as an abrasion resistant layer to protect the carbon fibre.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions90 × 20 × 10 cm
Blade Rigidity (Stiffness)

"Soft", "Medium", "Hard"





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