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Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui // Be strong, be brave, be steadfast

Join Shrek as he chats with Renee Taylor, speech therapist, business owner, lover of the sea and co-founder of the Salt Sisters, an initiative that connects women to the ocean, themselves, and to each other through bespoke Wāhine Weekends and Salt Sessions. Above all else she is a lover of the natural world and a frothing speara to say the least! Come have a listen as they chat about Salt Sisters and what they do, how you can join, what her journey in spearfishing has been and what it means to her, they also have a good time speaking about many things in New Zealand!  Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Renee and Amber on Shepardes magazine

Salt sisters

Important Times:

  • 03:10 Welcome
  • 03:30 How did your speech therapy start?
  • 05:39 Desire to get into the natural world, scuba diving
  • 06:30 Getting a free “apprenticeship”
  • 08:00 Getting into freediving with the Auckland freediving club
  • 09:00 Freediving connected you to the ocean
  • 09:34 Spearfishing is barbaric
  • 10:58 Frothing on spearing and how SALT Sisters started

salt sisters jumping in water

  • 12:00 The healing power of freediving
  • 13:50 Respect and Fear for the ocean
  • 14:51 What problems did you encounter when you started freediving?
  • 17:00 Are the numbers important?
  • 17:58 Spearfishing competitions and how they’ve changed
  • 20:01 What hunting and equipment challenges have you faced?
  • 22:08 Wetsuits for women
  • 25:54 Business opportunity
  • 28:25 You’re passionate about your message, how do you get it across?
  • 31:45 Where are your origins?
  • 32:58 Wahine Divers
  • 34:54 Tell me about SALT Sisters and the events you run

Salt sisters camp

  • 37:17 Meeting her business partner Amber
  • 37:48 How’s Covid changed things?
  • 38:20 What events have you run so far?
  • 40:46 Learning the freediving before the spearing
  • 41:29 Freediving ambitions and courses
  • 43:08 SALT Intro pool sessions
  • 43:27 Where can people find you? (See link below)
  • 44:03 What are you busy learning now?

Renee taylor after doing a freediving course

  • 45:02 Finding less common, more sustainable fish
  • 46:57 Getting scientists and marine biologists involved
  • 47:30 Rewilding weekend
  • 48:27 Sage advice
  • 48:42 How are you cooking Jack Mackeral and Koheru?
  • 49:53 Eat What You Kill 
  • 50:46 99 Spearo recipes
  • 51:06 Where do you get your cooking inspiration?
  • 52:06 New Zealand fisheries management
  • 53:16 Funny stories
  • 57:06 What’s in your equipment bag?
  • 58:28 Vava’u trip in Tonga
  • 58:54 Whales
  • 63:42 Another funny story
  • 64:43 Spearo Q&A
    • Who is your most influential spearo or speara?
    • Bucket list fish?
    • Favourite dive buddy?
    • Describe your spearfishing experience in one sentence
  • 67:27 Contact details
  • 68:03 Final thoughts and outro

salt sisters laughing at camp


Renee Taylor freediving no fins


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