Interview with Rochele Davey (Potter)

Rochele Davey (Potter) is a multiple spearfishing world (and NZ) record holder for many species. I was privileged to spend 4 days with her, Nat (her husband), Rosie and James for a dynamite spearfishing trip in New Zealand. Late on the second day after diving all day, I sat down with Rochele and had the privilege of listening to her spearfishing journey. From adapting a purchase system on roller spearguns to being dragged behind a 107lb Yellowtail Kingfish through a dangerous channel, this interview has plenty of awesome moments! Listen in:)

This episode was recorded on the back deck of Florence Nightingale IV, a 60 Crayfishing Boat at the Three Kings Islands, New Zealand in early March, 2020. Thanks to Patron Listeners who funded this (and every) Noob Spearo trip!

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Important Times

05:00 Rochele Davey nee Potter introduction and greetings

11:40 A few of Rochele’s Spearfishing World Records. The story behind the 48.8KG (107 lb) Yellowtail Kingfish Battle

17:50 How the spearfishing journey began for Rochele

23:25 Beuchat Spearfishing Wetsuits | Orange Safety Spot feature

26:00 Rochele’s favourite species to hunt and how to hunt them effectively | New Zealand Snapper (Pagrus auratus)

30:00 Scariest Moments in the Ocean

36:15 Struggles learning to spearfish

  • Planning a hunt from the surface
  • Adopting a hunters finning technique
  • Working through speargun reloading and adopting a roller with a purchase system

49:45 Rochele’s Underwater Photography Journey

56:30 “Don’t feel you have to shoot the fish in the head. Just shoot it!”

Rochele Davey Roller Pulley Speargun | Massive Power, Easy Loading

Rochele Davey Roller Pulley System for easy to load, powerful spearguns

Rochele “Hey mate, couple of pics of my gun here. First one is in the loose position ready to load the bungy”

Roller Pulley System. Make speargun loading easy while still having massive power

“Loaded, so imagine the rubbers have been loaded onto the shaft and you’ve pulled the string through so the pulleys are close together. If you want less power because you’re shooting around reef just ease the cord a bit.” – Rochele

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