“New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.” – James Clear

On April 18th I’m heading to a big spearfishing competition and then a big personal spearfishing trip North in WA. I want to be Spear Ready and I thought I could take people on a journey with me and create a program that we can all use time and again.

The Problem:

… In the past, I have planned for big spearfishing trips and worked my ass off trying to get ahead with admin, finance and social credit with my wife and family in order to go. The PROBLEM is that when I get there, I’m not in the physical condition necessary to make the most of it. What I NEED is an easy to follow recipe that I can rinse and repeat every time I get a special charter or trip to go and spearfish. I want to make the most of it and be SPEAR READY.

So I consulted the very best and I mean the very best in order to become SPEAR READY

For strength and conditioning, I consulted Jared Rosenburg from Earth, Ocean and Fit to improve my finning endurance, strength and performance and minimize my whiney, bitch ass cramping and fatigue.

For freediving, I consulted Adam Stern & Wayne Judge to deliver effective dry and pool/ocean training.

For nutrition and flexibility, I consulted Jared Rosenburg so that I didn’t waste time searching the internet for a time consuming mess that would be difficult to integrate into a busy life.

For flexibility, I consulted Dr Jaap Verbaas to help me become more pliable in and around my chest, throat and upper body area.

For me (and possibly you?)

X I DON’T want to feel like a drag or be a liability to my mates.

X I DON’T want to be unsafe.

X I DON’T want to use half the trip working my way into dive fitness and miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

✔ I want to swim for miles, punch out decent dives and look after my buddy even on long swims.

✔ I want to dive deep (for me) and stay longer (for me).

✔ I want to be SPEAR READY

What is the difference between this program and others?

We have a reputation for being actionable. That means that our 50 day program needs to be realistic and achievable while still delivering tangible improvements.

So I broke the training into Good, Better and Best.

The good is extremely doable and will get 80% of the way to being prepared:

The better is fully practical in a busy everyday life and will get you 90% of the result:

The best is still highly actionable but will take diligence and determination to get 100% of the result:

In this 50 day guided program, you pick your path to becoming SPEAR READY

Any effort is better than none. Make the most of your spearfishing trip of a lifetime and signup below


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