Interview with Keiren Limpus & Our Crew

Today’s interview is with Keiren Limpus & Our Crew over on North Stradbroke Island for the inaugural 3 day spearfishing and freediving course! Shrek, Keiren & 8 other Noob Spearos spent the weekend right on the seaside to learn how to spearfish, get their PADI requirements and get fully immersed in the spearfishing lifestyle with likeminded people! Hear the guys thoughts and experiences from the weekend and how it has affected their spearfishing, taking theory and putting it into practice – right off the back garden! With fresh inspiration from 99 Spearo Recipes, we ate well! Thanks to everyone that joined us and made this possible!

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Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:10 Welcome to North Stradbroke Island with 9 other legends!
  • 05:40 We have been cooking a lot! How did the Black Spot Tuskfish cook up?
  • 06:30 David, creator of Scorkl, what was a highlight from your weekend?
  • 11:45 Alex, you shot some nice fish!
  • 14:00 Learning to buddy dive
  • 15:15 Welcome Rexy!
  • 16:50 Rescue and safety diving
  • 21:25 Scotty, how have you found the spearfishing course?
  • 23:55 A great exercise to calm yourself before a deep dive
  • 25:20 Hello Jeff! You brought a massive timber speargun!
  • 27:20 What training have you done to improve your freediving ability?
  • 29:00 How does this course compare to the other courses you’ve done?
  • 32:15 Luke, you had a tough moment this afternoon! What happened?
  • 37:45 Welcome Linton! 99 Spearo Recipes and how long have you been spearfishing?
  • 41:25 Highlight of the weekend?
  • 43:25 Are we giving you a good experience?
  • 44:50 What can we do better next time?


  • 47:20 Score out of 10 and feedback to improve on: David!
  • 48:45 Alex!
  • 51:00 Rex!
  • 52:00 Scotty!
  • 52:40 Jeff!
  • 55:20 Jayden!
  • 58:30 Luke!
  • 01:00:20 Linton!

  • 01:02:20 Keiren how was your experience hosting this course?
  • 01:04:20 Shrek’s review and closing thoughts
  • 01:05:10 Outro

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