Interview with Wayne Judge

Wayne is an absolute gun at coaching spearos to improve their spearfishing. This episode has some excellent takeaways for guys wanting to improve their breath-hold, finning technique and become more effective in the water. He achieves these results by getting people into regular pool training using targeted exercises in a 12 week program. This episode we also dig into hunting Dogtooth Tuna. Despite Wayne being self-deprecating with regards to his hunting ability, we get a tonne of actionable intel from him in order to hunt Dogtooth Tuna successfully. Do not miss this episode – subscribe to the Noob Spearo Podcast via the links below. Listen in for some Wayne Judge spearfishing training tips!

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Wayne Judge Spearfishing Training

Wayne Judge Big Green Jobfish

Interview Time Stamps

7:00 Wayne Judge’s spearfishing origins | Sydney spearfishing and the North Shore Underwater Crew

13:00 Wayne shares the story of the one that got away

14:45 Memorable spearfishing experience starting spearfishing with his son Ant Judge (Ants interview here)

16:30 Advice for guys getting started spearfishing in South East Queensland

17:30 What is your favorite species to hunt spearfishing? Dogtooth Tuna

17:45 What are some tips for hunting Dogtooth Tuna

23:00 What is the toughest situation you’ve had in the ocean?

Wayne Judge Spearfishing Training

Wayne Judge Yellowtail Kingfish Shorediving

27:40 Veterans Vault – Wayne Judge Spearfishing Training – in the pool

  • What are you most proud of as a freediving coach?
  • How do you train for spearfishing?
  • Why can’t guys just spearfish more?
  • What does your training program look like?
  • What progress can people expect from doing a 12 week program?
  • What is CO2 training?
  • What is O2 training?
  • Can you give us a specific example of one pool training method for spearfishing?
  • What are the problems you see consistently with spearos?
  • Audience questions. How important are surface intervals?
  • What is your opinion on purge valves?

68:00 What is the funniest thing you have experienced out in the ocean?


Wayne Judge Spearfishing Training

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