About Noob Spearo

About the Noob Spearo

My name is Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly and along with the Noob Spearo team, we create a spearfishing podcast that’s making a difference.

The Noob Spearo Podcast is a show for anyone interested in the extremely cool (and challenging) pursuit of spearfishing. Basically spearfishing is holding your breath, diving down and trying to outwit tasty fish to feed your family.


Spearfishing has a tough learning curve.

Things like equipment, learning to hold and improve your breath-hold, equalizing, finding people and places to go, hunting techniques, etiquette, ethics, safety, first aid and overcoming fear of dark/dirty water are just a handful of them.


On the show we make an effort to chase down and interview spearfishing experts and authorities from around the world who share their stories, insights and wisdom to help our listeners become better spearos.

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Our Vision

1. We help reduce spearfishing deaths.
2. We educate the next generation of environmentally aware spearo’s.
3. We help spearfishing grow as a lifestyle pursuit, building community and relationships with spearo’s around the world.
4. We help our community shoot more fish and have fun.


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  • Do a spearfishing USA/SA/NZ Tour, visit spearfishing clubs and shops and conduct in-person interviews

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Isaac “SHREK” Daly

Shrek is a Brisbane based Spearo, Podcast Host and Writer. Initially experiencing the underwater world through scuba diving, the hunter gatherer orientation quickly became apparent along with the enjoyment of breath-hold diving.

One of the hardest things to do sometimes but its something to focus on if you want to become a better spearo. 5 tips to improve your next diveday

Isaac Daly aka Shrek (left), Benny and Matt