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Spreading the word for a safer and more fun spearfishing community

AHP #238 – Spearfishing with the Noob Spearo Isaac Daly

Published by Australian Hunting Podcast on 10 February 2021

In the AHP #238 podcast episode, Shrek discusses “spearfishing for sport and food, equipment and gear, freediving courses, safety and security, and what do when dealing with sharks”.

Meet Shrek: The Man Behind The Noob Spearo Podcast

Published by Cast & Spear on 31 December 2020

In this podcast episode, you will listen to Shrek talking about his passion for spearfishing, his experience interviewing legends and what he “wishes every spearo would consider”.

Spearfishing Training: Noob Spearo Podcast 087

Published by Adreno Spearfishing on 15 October 2020

Interviewing Wayne Judge. Find in this podcast some excellent takeaways for impriving breath-hold, finning technique and becoming more effective in the water. Also, get a tonne of actionable intel from him in order to hunt Dogtooth Tuna successfully.

Ep 2: Isaac Daly (@ShrekSpear) | Noob Spearo Podcast

Published by Beach Bush & Business on 16 March 2020

His podcast was one of my inspirations to kick off my own podcast, he was & continues to be very helpful and informative on my podcast journey.” Dive into some entry level spearing tips and hear more about what the Noob Spearo Podcast is about.

This Ocean Life, Episode 14 – Shrek and The Noob Spearo

Published by This Ocean Life Podcast on 07 September 2018

In this podcast episode, Shrek tells more about the Noob Spearo Podcast and how sharing tips and his knowledge help grow a safer and more effective spearfishing community. Hear some of his stories growing up in New Zealand waters, his journey finding the passion for spearfishing, connecting with his co-host Turbo and more.