6 Tips To Improve Your Bottom Time

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This episode is Turbo and I discussing multiple ways to increase and improve your bottom time. Several meta themes are identified including relaxation, streamlining, economy of movement, as well as several options to explore if you would like to go even further. If you would like to extend your bottom time spearfishing then this episode will definitely have something in it for you!

Mentioned was the Fresh Water World Spearfishing Championships find out more at this website here

Next Steps For The Advanced Diver

For those of you who are serious about improving your breath hold while learning more about your body we recommend that you check out the 5 Minute Freediver here. Its a 30 day dry training program that combines the use of CO2 and O2 tables to extend your dry breath hold to 5 minutes. Pete Ryder, a UK based freediving teacher has put together this effective video course to help people extend their breath hold while learning from the comfort and safety of dry land. Get started for free here and if you purchase the training program use the code NOOBSPEARO to save 20%.

Next Steps For The Brand New Spearo

Pete Ryder has also put together a fundamentals course called the 10 Meter Freediver. As the title suggests the goal is to give you the information you need to freedive to 10 meters on a single breath. You will learn equalizing, relaxation, the full breath, basic physiology, how your body deals with pressure, effective finning technique, streamlining and more. The 10 Meter Freediver is an easily accessible (and affordable) resource for those wanting to learn the basics of freediving before committing to a full Stage A Freediving Course. To get started for free and explore some of the Video training go here. If you think the training is right for you, use the code NOOBSPEARO to save 20% when you decide to purchase.

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