Crowdsourced recipes from the spearfishing community


Spearfishing, Foraging and Underwater Harvesters Go-To Recipe Book for simple seafood meals


Less ingredients is more.

  • Every Recipe that makes it into the book earns the submitter a free copy of the book. 1 recipe = 1 book
  • Featured Spearo Chef’s will be able to include 2-3 links to their website/socials/YouTube etc
  • If you have made a video guide to your recipe, a special link will be provided in the book
  • Contributors/Cohorts who submit 8+ recipes get a half page ‘About’ section and will feature in a special 99 spearo recipe podcast episode!
  • Contributors/Cohorts who submit 8+ recipes will be able to buy bulk copies at wholesale rates (and sell them at retail)
  • A special award will be given for the trashest fish with tastiest recipe (Jeremy’s Prize idea)

All recipes generally require <30 minutes prep time.


Submit Your Recipe Here

“Help create a guide that will make spearos more intentional stewards of the ocean by the ‘learning through doing’ work of making special meals for their friends and family”


Photo FAQ

Q1. What photo quality and sizes are required?

Please check out our Guide to Submitting a Recipe Here including IMAGE requirements

Q2. Is it OK to supplement additional photos with beautiful spearo photography (e.g. the hunt/the adventure/the dive/the kelp/etc) to bolster our submissions?

Yes, 100%

Q3. Hey Shrek bro, did you guys need photos with the recipes we submit or just the recipe? I have a few but don’t have photos at the moment?

You have it right , photos are pretty important and you can’t even submit the recipe unless there is at least 1 photo. The good news is that submissions are open to Aug 30 so you have plenty of time to get some together if you have a chance to spear and cook. We have 39 submissions as of 13.07.2021 so far:) – Shrek]

Q4. I’m having trouble uploading photos to the link. The error message says my photo files are not compatible. What can I do?

Sending photos through the submissions form helps us out with the editing process. However, if you are having trouble sending them, don’t worry: we’ve got your back! Send us your files via WeTransfer or Dropbox to [email protected].  

(Please make sure you use the same email in both the recipe submission and the WeTransfer/Dropbox, so we can identify your photos)


General FAQ

Q1. Many of our recipes are super simple, like the scallop ceviche, or the dry aged sushi, but there is one aspect of the meal that requires time (e.g. making tapioca pearl chicharrones is suuuper easy, but takes about 3 hours to dehydrate before frying… or aging a fish is literally leaving it in a bag on ice for 2-4 days… or making sushi rice is really easy, but rice takes like 45 min to cook… or making fish stock takes 30 min but you can work on other aspects of the meal while it renders). Are these recipes OK to include and submit?

Yes, 100%


Q2. What happens if you get too many Ceviche Recipes or Baked Fish Recipes?

We will communicate through the Noob Spearo Podcast, Noob Spearo Community on Facebook and Instagram, how our recipe categories are tracking. Check for updates there!


Q3. Would you be interested in a section of your book for staples that are used in many recipes like a standalone section for how to make sushi rice or fish stock or how to make rad looking garnishes that are easy and make any meal look 100x cooler? Then in the recipes for say a sushi roll, instead of adding all the text on how to make sushi rice, you just say refer to page xx.

Yes, I’m super keen on this. I am going to have some dedicated sections for cornerstone content like a guide to smoking fish then 3 smoked fish recipes. I’m super keen on your idea for this.


Q4. Who do I put as the Spearo Chef Author if I am part of an Organization?

Name, Organization for example; Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly, Noob Spearo


Q5. Can I sign up to get an early copy of the first book?

Yes, sign up here to register your interest!


Q6. Will you change or edit my recipe?

Yes, we have an editing and design team doing their best to make sure the recipe is presented in a way that readers from everywhere can read and adapt to their area. We also have design and space limitations!


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