North West Spearfishing ClubWA, Pilbara region, Port Hedland and Karratha. 

Australia Spearfishing Clubs


  • Name of Club: San Souci Dolphins
  • Location: 
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Size: 60+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: Long list of experienced divers, welcomes new divers, regular competitions and meetings.


  • Name of club: Port Hacking Penguins Spearfishing Club
  • Location: Port Hacking, South Sydney (meetings at Gymea Tradies Club 7pm third Tuesday of every month)
  • Contact details:  Website | Facebook | Instagram 
  • Size: 30+
  • Summary of club activity: Our club caters to all levels of spearfishing from beginner, to the experienced and junior through to the Master diver. We all love the ocean and the diversity it offers. We have a great and experienced member base and we are keen to share our knowledge with our new members. As a member of our club, you can then also become a member of the Underwater Skindivers and Fisherman’s Association (USFA) which will get you insurance when you dive. They are the spearfishing state body that looks after our insurance and works tirelessly to maintain and keep our fishing areas open. The Port Hacking Penguins are affiliated with the USFA and are involved in Sydney spearfishing competitions and social events throughout the year.

Sydney (North Shore)

  • Name of club: North Shore Underwater Club
  • Location: Sydney (Northern Beaches)
  • Contact details: Website |  | Private club facebook group | Public Facebook Page
  • Size: 80+ members
  • Summary of club activity: Monthly club meetings, training presentation at every meeting, friendly competitions, plenty of newbies, all welcome!

 Sydney (St George)

  • Name of club: St George Dragons Spearfishing Club
  • Location: Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking, Woolooware 2230. (Meetings 3rd Monday of every month from 7pm)
  • Contact Details: Website | Instagram | Facebook
  • Size: 80+ active members
  • Summary of Details: St George Dragons is one of Sydney’s oldest Spearfishing clubs having been established back in 1956 and is active in both Competition and Social Spearfishing. The club regularly competes in the Taylor Shield Spearfishing competition once a month and has a large social scene within the club. We regularly hold Social days at different locations to accommodate any level of diving and hold an inter club social competition which is far more relaxed than traditional competitions. We welcome any new divers no matter your experience to attend our meetings, join the club and enjoy spearfishing with great club of like minded people

Coffs Harbour

  • Name of club: Coffs Harbour Bluewater Freedivers
  • Contact details: Facebook
  • Size: Small group of dedicated spearos
  • Summary of club activity: Usually dive from boats although we do have some good rock-hopping options. Host the Australian Bluewater Classic Competition.

Central Coast Sealions Club

  • Name of club: Central Coast Sealions Club
  • Location: Breakers Country Club, Dover Road Wamberal (Meetings 4th Thursday of every Month at 7:30pm)
  • Contact details: Facebook
  • Size: 30-40 Active Members
  • Summary of club activity: The Sealions are a very sociable club and participate is a large range of fun and social activities with about 30-40 active members.  Whether you are new to Spearfishing or snorkel ling we would be happy to show you how to dive and spearfish safely. We also host one of the oldest spearfishing competitions in Australia, the Annual Canada Cup out of Terrigal every February as well as monthly Club competitions. We offer Social Memberships for those who are more interested in the social aspect of diving.


  • Name of club: The Newcastle Neptunes
  • Location: Newcastle, NSW.
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 30-40 active members.
  • Summary: The Newcastle Neptunes is one of the oldest spearfishing club in the country and boasts a membership active in both competitive and social spearfishing. The club holds monthly meetings along with a number of competitions each year including the Australian Pacific Coast Championships, many members also attend various major competitions up and down the coast. We also hold a number of local and away social events each year along with an annual challenge competition for those unable to attend or less inclined towards traditional competitions. Whether you’re looking to dive into competition spearfishing or just meet up with some like minded people the Neptunes is a pretty good place to be!


  • Name of club: The Lowey Moweys
  • Location: Newcastle, NSW.
  • Contact: Facebook
  • Size: 5 members (started this year 2021)
  • Summary: Our clubs activities are social and mostly shore dive with an average one day a month on the boat.


  • Name of club: West Australian Undersea Club (WAUC)
  • Location: Perth
  • Contact details: Website
  • Size: 350+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: Oldest Spearfishing Club in Western Australia. Welcomes new divers, regular competitions and meetings

Western Australia. Pilbara region, Port Hedland and Karratha.

  • Name of club: North West Spearfishing Club
  • Location: WA, Pilbara region, Port Hedland and Karratha.
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook Group | Email: info@nwsfc.com.au
  • Size: 80+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: We have 6 competitions every year plus social events and weekend trips. We are trying to bring entertainment and camaraderie to our spearfishing community in this isolated part of Australia. 

    As a club we strive for a strong membership base with members from all WA that have spearfishing goals and dreams at heart. The club is based on values of integrity and honesty. We abide by WA fisheries and the Department of Transport Marine rules.

    Our club is a community orientated organisation so please feel very welcome to join.

Gold Coast/Tweed

  • Name of club: Tweed Gold Coast Freedivers Club
  • Location: Gold Coast/Tweed. 
  • Contact details:  Website | Facebook | Email: tweedgoldcoastfreedivers@hotmail.com
  • Size: 35+ Active Members
  • Summary of club activity: We meet the first Thursday of every month at Palm Beach Currumbin Sports club at 7pm Qld time. We have organised dives/comps every 2 weeks mainly run from Fingal Head boat ramp on the Tweed River near the NSW/QLD border. We also organise an annual live aboard charter and family camping trips. Other activities include Clean Up Australia Day with cleaning up the Tweed River and novelty comps too.

Sunny Coast Skindivers

  • Name of Club: Sunny Coast Skindivers Club
  • Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Contact Details: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 60+ members
  • Summary: Club Meetings: 1st Thursday of every month @Kawana Waters Hotel 7:30pm-9:30pm

    We are a recently formed Spearfishing club (est 2020) that promotes sustainable fishing and safety in underwater activities. Our club holds a variety of events including monthly meetings, social events and competitions. We are always open for new membership for all ages.


  • Name of Club: Bundaberg Skindivers Club
  • Location: Bundaberg, Queensland
  • Contact Details: Website 
  • Size: 30+ members
  • Summary: The Bundaberg Skindivers Club is a member of the Australian Underwater Federation and has been around since 1960. Its members enjoy both social and competitive activities in spearfishing and underwater hockey. Please visit our website for contact details and more information on the club.


  • Name of club: Cairns Spearos / Cairns Underwater Association
  • Location: Cairns
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 60+active members
  • Summary of club activity: Annual spearfishing competition, recently hosted the Queensland spearfishing championship, monthly meets, tilapia days, social comps, meet and greets for people interested in finding out more about joining.


  • Name of club: Mackay Down Under Skindiving Club
  • Location: Mackay
  • Contact details: Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 50+
  • Summary of club activity: The MDUSC club has been low key for the past few years but with a group of keen younger people getting on board the last year we are hoping to get the club out there and see how many like minded spearos we can find in our area. We host club meetings once a month. We run club dive days when weather permits. All year running comp for members. The club hosts the annual Cloughy Challenge. Come and join us on Facebook or Instagram!


  • Name of club: Townsville Skindiving Club
  • Location: Townsville
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 40+active members
  • Summary of club activity: Hosts to the annual North Queensland Bluewater Invitational, NQBI. Have hosted several Qld Titles competitions and many NQld Titles.Consists of many very experienced members, past Australian champs and several time Australian representative spearfishermen. We run twice weekly pool training sessions often lead by certified freediving instructors.We meet on the first Tuesday of the month to discuss club activities, spearfishing, freediving, and photography, and are always happy to welcome fresh faces.Get in touch with us via our social media.


  • Name of club: Club Spearfish
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Contact details:
  • Facebook
  • Size: 60+ active members
  • Summary of club activity: We meet at ocean suits in Hallam on the first Thursday of every month. Free BBQ and get together, dive equipment raffles, talk about conditions, catches, trips and more. We discuss fishing regulations and changes in the area + organize club dives.

South Australia

  • Name of club: Gulf Skindivers South Australia
  • Location: Adelaide
  • Contact details:  Facebook Instagram 
  • Size: 70 active financial members
  • Summary of club activity: Gulf Skindivers is a South Australian spearfishing club which enjoys Safe, Sustainable, and Selective spearfishing in many of SA’s waters. From local Adelaide waters to KI, South East, Yorke Peninsula, offshore islands, and the remote West Coast. The majority of our diving is conducted in either Gulf St Vincent, or Spencer Gulf, hence the name Gulf Skindivers South Australia.
    While we enjoy the thrill of catching fish, sustainability and caring for the environment is also very important to us.

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