Inhale – The Azores in one breath

Have you heard of the AZORES? Me either until now and I’m stoked I learnt about it. Shrek sent me a link to a short film a couple of days ago shot in the Azores by a bunch of very talented videographers and Spearo’s hitting big depths and punishing some big fish. Inhale – The Azores in one breath was shot in a little known Archipelago 850km west of Portugal. The Azores and consists of nine islands with incredible structure and fish life. The teaser is spectacular but these guys need our help.

“Inhale is a 90 minute, 12 chapter journey through the Azores archipelagos. Its aim is to introduce people to the sport of spearfishing as the most sustainable way to bring healthy food to table. Filmed solely while free-diving, this story focuses on the marine species of most reference, from the more coastal fish to the kings of the blue water. Through testimony of great personalities in our sport, each chapter focuses on the best fishing spots, techniques, culinary traditions, seasons, ideal conditions and biology of fish for all skill levels. From the amateur to the most avid spearo, you can find all the information you could ever want on spearfishing in the Azores in this documentary. It is our hope to transmit our passion for this sport and this place in a way that it might ignite that of others.” – From the ‘Inhale – The Azores in one breath’ campaign page


Inhale - The Azores in one breath. Inhale - The Azores in one breath

Azores Spearfishing Noob Spearo. Inhale - The Azores in one breath

Shrek and Turbo proud sponsors!


To fund the Azores spearfishing project they are crowdfunding. That’s where we as spearo’s can help out by donating some money to their cause. Even better than

this we can donate 15Euro and are guaranteed to get the first of the DVD’s when they’re finished!! There’s a bunch of other options for Blu-ray and t shirts so give

them a helping hand and yourself something to do on the next 25kt weekend. You can get all the details at Indiegogo, Azores

Inhale – The Azores in one breath Update!

This campaign was successful. Here is what David Ochoa who we recently interviewed had to say;

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who helped support our project, with the INHALE Documentary done, and we are currently selling DVD’s through our facebook page and the Inhale – the Azores film is also available on demand here on Vimeo


Azores Spearfishing Andres Domingues. Inhale - The Azores in one breath

Andres Domingues Portugal champion spearfisherman features throughout this DVD

Cheers guys, Turbo out

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