Darren Shields 6 Time New Zealand Spearfishing Champion

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Darren Shields is a name synonymous with New Zealand Spearfishing. Darren is the managing director of Wettie – NZ’s premier spearfishing brand. He has featured in numerous spearfishing DVD’s and YouTube Video’s along with multiple fishing T.V shows in New Zealand. Enjoy this interview as Darren talks about his part in the New Zealand TV show Fishy Business, the 2014 World Spearfishing Championships in Peru and what he is most passionate about nowadays with spearfishing. As usual we cover off some how to get started spearfishing questions, tips and advice along with plenty of laughs. Having started spearfishing at 5 y/o with his Dads hand-me-down equipment, Darren has a very pragmatic approach to spearfishing equipment.

Noob Spearo Podcast Darren Shields

Darren Shields and a cracker New Zealand Snapper

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Interview Times Quick-Guide

3:45 First Yellowtail Kingfish, 12 years old on a high school elective

6:00 Pulling his best mate of the bottom of the ocean drowned

10:00 Looking after what we have, over-fishing and being wise with what we have

13:00 Chasing the last fish in Croatia – Comp diving craziness

14:00 Darren Shields New School Spearfishing Comp Concept

17:00 ‘Fishy Business’ Darren’s spearfishing segment in the show + advice about scripting vs going with the flow

20:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs – some Darren Shields Gold for guys starting out spearfishing


Darren Shields Noob Spearo Podcast

Darren Shields with a couple of cracker Fiordland NZ Crayfish


Here is a brief transcription from part of the interview

Shrek: What were some of your biggest obstacles you faced starting out? You had plenty of guys to dive with because of your dad and his network of friends. Did you start with hand-me-down equipment like the rest of us?

Darren: Yeah, I was going to say, equipment was the hardest thing. These guys today are spoiled for choice and you  get guys that go overkill with gear and they  get too carried away. Whereas the old guys, I still remember Dad and his mate making me a little neoprene vest and it was the first real piece of equipment that was mine. And it was only a little vest and I thought I was made, swimming in the wintertime with that on when I was about six or seven but that was that. We didn’t have access to the good gear like nowadays.

Shrek: Yeah, I’ve seen some of your gear tutorials. In fact, we’ve got a bit of a getting started video guide going on on our website just for people starting out in the sport. You’ve got some great tutorials out there Darren, just kind of an overview on the different components of spearfishing gear, you have a very pragmatic approach to gear, so I have put some of those YouTube video’s up on our website until we have our own content up, but great videos.

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