Interview with Travis Hogan


Manufacturing some of the toughest gear in spearfishing, Travis Hogan from Aimrite Australia gives us a good rundown on DIY speargun modification. He shares a phenomenal personal story about shooting a 250lb marlin from a trailer boat as well as a scary moment 60 miles out to sea. A fellow crew member was bitten (badly) by a reef shark and had to be taken by helicopter into Cairns Hospital. If you like listening and talking about all the facets of spearguns then this will be a great listen for you. We have a targeted discussion about trying and testing spearguns, personal preference/bias, budget considerations, shooting styles, common struggles and mistakes people make with spearguns. Listen in and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Travis Hogan Aimrite Spearfishing Australia

Travis Hogan with his first Dogtooth Tuna – smile says it all

Time Stamps for Travis Hogan

03:00 Travis introduction and background starting spearfishing

05:00 Early lessons learned and transferable skills from his military background

10:00 Memorable fish

16:00 Favorite spearfishing hunting technique. Pelagic planning for North Queensland

21:00 Targeting Dogtooth Tuna spearfishing tips

23:00 Toughest situation in the ocean. 6P rules

29:00 Veterans Vault – Speargun modification and maintenance

  • Speak to your gun manufacturer before you start speargun modifications (for several reasons)
  • Roller speargun modification do’s and dont’s
  • Discussion about experimenting with different spearguns and finding what suits you
  • Discussion about preference and budget
  • Aluminum vs Carbon barrels
  • Tips for changing speargun setup
  • Orthodox shooting style vs Intuitive shooting style
  • Using the right speargun for the right conditions
Travis Hogan Aimrite Spearfishing Australia

Travis Hogan Aimrite Australia

53:00 Funniest Moment

55:00 Spearfishing divebag

  • Aimrite Fins (made by  Penetrator)
  • Aimrite dive socks
  • Aimrite dive suits (made by Yazbeck)
  • Rubber weight belt
  • Mack dive knives
  • Aussie Speargun reels
  • 85/105/115 Aimrite roller speargun
  • Blue water speargun
  • Sportstube and proper travel insurance
  • Perspex flashers – Aimrite’s own style
Ribbons Reef Travis Hogan Aimrite Spearfishing Australia

Ribbons Reef, Travis Hogan Aimrite Spearfishing Australia

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65:00 Spearo Q&A

  • If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?
  • Who has been the most influential people in your spearfishing?
  • Can you describe what the spearfishing experience means to you in one sentence?
  • Where can people come and find you?

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